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  1. mostTD

    Iowa’s New Head Coach

    I thought Terry was coach in waiting.
  2. mostTD

    Dave Schultz/Royce Alger Story

    Speak for yourself
  3. I second this idea. Have Greco a month after freestyle trials.
  4. mostTD

    Tech too easy?

    10 point tech is great. Usually ends in a flurry of scoring which means great action. Also 10 is the perfect number- NO math required by the viewer. For me, wrestling was pretty much unwatchable during the ball grab era. The current rules are so good. Really close to let's freeze them for a century like baseball. Just my 2 cents
  5. mostTD

    Flo is Da Best

    I'm listening and I like what you are saying.
  6. mostTD

    Flo is Da Best

    Roku user here. Streamed perfectly for both events. [specific to Roku] The Flo ap does use a ton of system resources. It will slow down and go crazy if there is other heavy traffic on my router. For example, sister in law sending a hundred useless pictures from a birthday party I skipped out on at the same time I'm trying to watch Flo. Solution: make the rest of the family turn off their wifi when something important like final X is on.
  7. mostTD

    Russian nationals 2018

    Thanks Abdul- Can you post a line up when you find out? Will it be streaming again?
  8. mostTD

    Why NAIA?

    Was meaning to start a thread about this last month. Did anyone watch the NAIA finals on ESPN? Had to be in the top 5 best televised wrestling events I saw all season. Elevated mat+ boxing lights+ shoulder operated cameras+ big crowd+ long walkout+ on mat interviews+ Iowa crowd = wow
  9. mostTD

    Should they cut 79 and 92?

    6 made it easy for me to recall the lineup for a bunch of countries. 10 was pretty hard to keep track of in my head.
  10. mostTD

    Big Ten Videos

    Big10 Network youtube channel had them all up last time I checked
  11. mostTD

    Russia lineup for World Cup

    March 22- 25, 2018 Bulgaria • Sofia Dan Kolov - Nikola Petrov https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/dan-kolov-nikola-petrov-3
  12. mostTD

    Prowl explained...

    This cuts to the heart of the matter right here. Since Novogratz is donating to USA Wrestling he seems to have leverage on their decisions. There is a strong appearance that this leverage is causing USAW to select a TV deal in favor of Novogratz's relative... If you are going to be a major donor to USAW should it come with strings attached? Should billionaire donors expect USAW to behave in a certain way? Should philanthropy come with strings attached? When you donate to the local kid's wrestling club do you expect a seat at the table when they decide their schedule or when they choose a vendor?
  13. mostTD

    Prowl explained...