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  1. X2 Happy Birthday. I love every one of your posts.
  2. My house has watched every daily installment on the big screen. This is a fantastic gift to the wrestling community. Thanks
  3. I'm sure USA Wrestling own a vast archive of classic content. This is long overdue Great Job USA Wrestling!
  4. Went to our local NAIA school to see Cam in a dual. All eyes were on him from warmup till he left the building. Was a real treat to see someone that good. He won a NAIA title.
  5. I watched the Nickal match. Came away with the firm belief that BJJ is the stupidest thing ever.
  6. Quiet down with your logical common sense question, earthling.
  7. Is this event available online? where are you watching it?
  8. Aleksandr Bogomoev Golden Grand Prix Ivan Yarygin 2020 Krasnoyarsk 61 kg 2015 Krasnoyarsk 61 kg 2016 Krasnoyarsk 57 kg 2011 Krasnoyarsk 55 kg 2018 Krasnoyarsk 61 kg
  9. Completely agree, with a few volunteers from this board we could gather some very interesting data. Might be a good reason to establish a sub-group somewhere on the board and begin a project. I'm in
  10. At our house my wife serves Totinos 7-10 times per week. But it's the Red Baron she does for thanksgiving...Only special occasions.
  11. Legendary class. Looks like Nate Carr had a special hat with him. Maybe he's lurking here to reminisce.
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