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  1. AlexSteenTOM

    Mizzou...overrated yet again?

    I've been doing something similar using the placement of every seed since the weights changed to generate an expected value (both for likelihood of becoming an All-American and avg placement when they do) over time, then comparing each team each year to that standard. As you know, the larger sample size helps smooth over the impact of one particular wrestler. Doing that, Missouri is consistently (starting long before the current seeding methodology) one of the worst performing top teams at the NCAA tournament with the notable exception of 2017 when they dramatically over-performed.
  2. AlexSteenTOM

    Common Sense in Big 10 scheduling

    T-shirts and a trophy, what more could you ask for? https://bigten.org/news/2018/2/10/penn_state_claims_outright_big_ten_dual_championship.aspx
  3. AlexSteenTOM

    Common Sense in Big 10 scheduling

    No one is arguing it is significant, but it does exist.
  4. AlexSteenTOM

    Common Sense in Big 10 scheduling

  5. To get back to the OP, the Michigan camp is bringing in Sarah Hildebrandt. The more opportunities for women to get paid to do camps, the better. I also think once the NCAA recognizes the sport with emerging sport status, this conversation will be more relevant. As much as I'd like to see the big DI schools be leaders by establishing teams, these are not exactly institutions which move quickly or come anywhere close to the cutting edge. I know many of the DI coaches want to see teams at their schools, but they have no power to make that happen. If they can support women's wrestling in this way in the interim, I'm okay with them making a buck off it too.
  6. How many schools have added new men's and women's teams since the WCWA came about? How many current WCWA teams have no men's team at their school? The answer to the first question is a far greater number than the answer to the second. Keep holding your breath waiting for the SEC schools to resurrect their programs. I'll be over here supporting ALL of the teams from schools that have proven their willingness to support our favorite sport.
  7. AlexSteenTOM

    Oklahoma St

    In college Kaden Gfeller's wins in folk over DI AAs are: Nick Lee (Penn State) last year's Scuffle Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) dual this season In college Boo Lewallen's wins in folk over DI AAs are: Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) Reno 2 seasons ago Geo Martinez (Boise St/Oklahoma St) 2x last season Grant Leeth (Missouri) last season @Lindenwood Open Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) 2018 Big 12s and again at 2018 NCAAs Justin Oliver (Central Michigan/NC State) 2018 NCAAs
  8. AlexSteenTOM

    Demetrius Romero

    Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State) teched Kyle Conel (Kent State), 16-0 in 2:57 on January 21st last season. Conel beat Weigel 5-0 in the first round at NCAAs. Weigel was injured, but the way Conel wrestled the rest of the tournament, who knows?
  9. AlexSteenTOM

    Wrestle-Off Results

    Indeed it is. I have no idea what kind of shape he is in or how much he wrestles these days, but that certainly caught my eye.
  10. AlexSteenTOM

    Wrestle-Off Results

    Fresno State: Check the HWT result... Red (15) vs. Blue (12) 125: Justin Mejia (Red) won by fall over Joseph Delgado (Blue), 4:10 | Red 6, Blue 0 125: Jeremy Trinh (Red) dec. Robert Garcia IV (Blue), 5-3 OT | Red 9, Blue 0 157: Isaiah Hokit (Blue) dec. Jacob Wright (Red), 3-2 | Red 9, Blue 3 165: Brandon Martino (Blue) dec. Greg Gaxiola (Red), 5-1 | Red 9, Blue 6 174: Ricky Padilla (Blue) dec. Dominic Kincaid (Red), 4-3 TB2 | Red 9, Blue 9 184: Jackson Hemauer (Blue) dec. Angel Solis (Red), 8-3 | Blue 12, Red 9 197: Richie Brandt (Red) dec Danny Salas (Blue), 6-3 | Red 12, Blue 12 HWT: AJ Nevills dec. Ryan Flores, 7-3 (Exhibition) 149: Khristian Olivas (Red) dec. Lawrence Saenz (Blue), 8-6 | Red 15, Blue 12
  11. AlexSteenTOM

    Worlds Day 5 thread

    I attached them as of a few minutes ago. You can click the filter button at the top of the page on Track's team scores and choose WW from the Group drop down to get just women's freestyle.
  12. AlexSteenTOM

    65kg Meh...

    Adding to the Retherford piece...he lost to Batirov who was in the finals at 70 kg this year and nearly won. He is in that pool of guys who could make a run on the right day with the right draw, if he can hold off the domestic challengers.
  13. AlexSteenTOM

    Fun Adam Batirov Fact

    It would appear wikipedia is wrong here. The Cadet World Championships did not take place in 2004 (they stopped after 1999 and came back in 2010). Batirov was a Junior World Championship silver medalist in 2003 (Juniors also did not take place in 2004, it was every other year then) according to the UWW database.
  14. AlexSteenTOM

    Seeding all 33

    A few years ago when they got rid of the bye points for first round wins, the NCAA made the baffling decision to continue to award advancement + bonus to the pigtail winners which means drawing into that extra round does give those wrestlers a greater point scoring potential even ignoring the additional bonus point opportunity. It was only unseeded wrestlers that could get those draws (since the start of the 16-seed era at least) so it hasn't been as magnified, but the potential for a team race to be decided by this random chance does exist, though it is small. Now, only those seeded 29-33 will have the potential to draw in, limiting the advantage further. Regardless, it doesn't make sense. My article on the subject that first appeared nearly 2 years ago: https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/ncaa-waived-rules-set-stage-controversy/61463
  15. I believe 1973 Clarion would have ended up with 55 points, good for 4th as a team. They had 4 participants, but only their 3 champs scored. 1st place was worth 12 points, advancement one, falls one bonus point, and a superior decision (then a 10+ point win) was worth a half. Based on that I've got Rohn with 17, Schalles with 20, and Simpson with 18.