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  1. AlexSteenTOM

    Demetrius Romero

    Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State) teched Kyle Conel (Kent State), 16-0 in 2:57 on January 21st last season. Conel beat Weigel 5-0 in the first round at NCAAs. Weigel was injured, but the way Conel wrestled the rest of the tournament, who knows?
  2. AlexSteenTOM

    Wrestle-Off Results

    Indeed it is. I have no idea what kind of shape he is in or how much he wrestles these days, but that certainly caught my eye.
  3. AlexSteenTOM

    Wrestle-Off Results

    Fresno State: Check the HWT result... Red (15) vs. Blue (12) 125: Justin Mejia (Red) won by fall over Joseph Delgado (Blue), 4:10 | Red 6, Blue 0 125: Jeremy Trinh (Red) dec. Robert Garcia IV (Blue), 5-3 OT | Red 9, Blue 0 157: Isaiah Hokit (Blue) dec. Jacob Wright (Red), 3-2 | Red 9, Blue 3 165: Brandon Martino (Blue) dec. Greg Gaxiola (Red), 5-1 | Red 9, Blue 6 174: Ricky Padilla (Blue) dec. Dominic Kincaid (Red), 4-3 TB2 | Red 9, Blue 9 184: Jackson Hemauer (Blue) dec. Angel Solis (Red), 8-3 | Blue 12, Red 9 197: Richie Brandt (Red) dec Danny Salas (Blue), 6-3 | Red 12, Blue 12 HWT: AJ Nevills dec. Ryan Flores, 7-3 (Exhibition) 149: Khristian Olivas (Red) dec. Lawrence Saenz (Blue), 8-6 | Red 15, Blue 12
  4. AlexSteenTOM

    Worlds Day 5 thread

    I attached them as of a few minutes ago. You can click the filter button at the top of the page on Track's team scores and choose WW from the Group drop down to get just women's freestyle.
  5. AlexSteenTOM

    65kg Meh...

    Adding to the Retherford piece...he lost to Batirov who was in the finals at 70 kg this year and nearly won. He is in that pool of guys who could make a run on the right day with the right draw, if he can hold off the domestic challengers.
  6. AlexSteenTOM

    Fun Adam Batirov Fact

    It would appear wikipedia is wrong here. The Cadet World Championships did not take place in 2004 (they stopped after 1999 and came back in 2010). Batirov was a Junior World Championship silver medalist in 2003 (Juniors also did not take place in 2004, it was every other year then) according to the UWW database.
  7. AlexSteenTOM

    Seeding all 33

    A few years ago when they got rid of the bye points for first round wins, the NCAA made the baffling decision to continue to award advancement + bonus to the pigtail winners which means drawing into that extra round does give those wrestlers a greater point scoring potential even ignoring the additional bonus point opportunity. It was only unseeded wrestlers that could get those draws (since the start of the 16-seed era at least) so it hasn't been as magnified, but the potential for a team race to be decided by this random chance does exist, though it is small. Now, only those seeded 29-33 will have the potential to draw in, limiting the advantage further. Regardless, it doesn't make sense. My article on the subject that first appeared nearly 2 years ago: https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/ncaa-waived-rules-set-stage-controversy/61463
  8. I believe 1973 Clarion would have ended up with 55 points, good for 4th as a team. They had 4 participants, but only their 3 champs scored. 1st place was worth 12 points, advancement one, falls one bonus point, and a superior decision (then a 10+ point win) was worth a half. Based on that I've got Rohn with 17, Schalles with 20, and Simpson with 18.
  9. AlexSteenTOM

    Anyone Competing Again Before Worlds?

    It is only a ranking series event for WFS, thus no 3 entry per weight limit in MFS. This is confirmed in the pdf you posted. MFS's last ranking series event is the Medved.
  10. Some of this will be mitigated going forward as the previous year's World Championships/Olympics will factor into the points. So, unless a weight change happens, prior champs will be boosted to begin with. Also, Sadulaev is #2, but at 92 kg because he has been wrestling there. If he had wrestled those same comps at 97 kg, he'd be up there anyway. The location issue is a tough one. They tried to have a tournament in South Africa, but it got shifted to the Yasar Dogu because the registration numbers were low. I think they need to put tournaments in geographically different locations regardless, but it could further distort the point standings if the best wrestlers don't go. As has been alluded to here, you can only build a system like this, you can't force people to care about it.
  11. AlexSteenTOM

    Future of women's college wrestling?

    The bid has been in for a while: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2017/August/10/USA-Wrestling-helps-lead-coalition-seeking-Emerging-Sports-status-for-womens-wrestling It is a long process. I'm not sure which 20 teams (which can include competitive clubs) were cited, but I can add Emmanuel (moving to D2), Limestone (adding), Gannon (adding), Colorado-Mesa (adding), Fontbonne (adding), North Central College (adding), and Westminster (adding) to your list.
  12. AlexSteenTOM

    Future of women's college wrestling?

    The WCWA is a means to an end just like the AIAW was for other women's sports before the NCAA and NAIA got involved with them. It is almost assuredly going away eventually, though I'd guess it has a few years left at least. The NAIA granted women's wrestling invitational status in April which means there will be an NAIA invitational each year going forward as the sport works to fulfill the requirements for a full-blown championship. The NCAA is still in the process of considering whether to grant women's wrestling emerging sport status which would be another step towards an NCAA tournament, though it wouldn't be the last one. While the number of teams continues to grow and the sport continues to build towards an official NAIA and NCAA championship each year, I'd expect the WCWA to continue. In many ways, it will be a good thing when it is no longer needed, though it will be bittersweet given the WCWA's role in helping the sport grow. It will be interesting to see if they try to hold on and keep the sport united across the two major college sport organizations in the US, though history suggests that would be a losing battle.
  13. A good synopsis by the legendary Jay Hammond through 2004: http://www.wrestlingstats.com/ncaa/pdf/NCAA%20Bout%20Scoring.pdf
  14. AlexSteenTOM

    NFHS Rule Question

    Are you sure that isn't an old poster? That seems to fly directly in the face of the rule changes announced earlier this year. The committee approved two changes in Rule 5-11 related to falls and near falls. In 5-11-1, the shoulders or scapula of the offensive wrestler no longer must be inbounds to earn a fall. The committee agreed that wrestling should continue if the offensive wrestler’s supporting parts remain inbounds and no body part of the defensive wrestler goes off the mat. In 5-11-5, “unless any part of the shoulders or both scapulae of the defensive wrestler is inbounds” was eliminated. If wrestling is continuing during a match, near falls and falls will be awarded/earned regardless of the out-of-bounds line. In a related rule, Rule 5-15-2b, c was changed as follows: “Near-fall points or a fall shall be earned while the supporting points of either wrestler are inbounds.” “The committee agreed that offensive wrestling should be rewarded,” Hopkins said. “If wrestling is continuing, as allowed by current rules, and points for escapes and reversals are allowed, the ability to earn a fall or near fall should be there as well, with no deference to the out-of-bounds line.” http://www.nfhs.org/articles/alternate-two-piece-uniform-approved-for-high-school-wrestling/?utm_source=delivra&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2017+Wrestling+Rules+Changes&utm_id=482276&dlv-ga-memberid=14639184&utm_term=Wrestling+Rules+Changes&mid=14639184&ml=482276