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  1. Yeah I hear ya and was thinking the same thing. And thinking being the guy to really get things going at IU might be very attractive. But if RTC is important, and there’s an RTC calling with two Olympic champ coaches and that just bagged four Olympic medals…..tough to resist. 

    I’m praying to all the gods and everyone that them having Bartlett steers him away from there lol but you’re right. Time will tell just want him to at least announce a date he plans to commit or some update it’s killing me lol

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  2. I've always thought IU had to be at the top of the list for him because of his hometown connections with "DaRegion".  But that top tier RTC part....

    Yes my exact thoughts and the fact he has been being coached by the tsirtsis brother and Escobedo for years now. The rtc part does scare me but hell he might just look at their rtc and say they fit his needs. He does have 3 solid guys (Escobedo, tsirtsis, Jordan) to train and mentor from and they are on the uprise of getting more and more talent there. Just wish he’d commit already so I can stop wondering lol

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  3. Would have liked to see him and Christian Carroll both stay in Indiana and lure the Lee brothers back home while they are at it :)

    Wonder what made him choose Illinois. The Midwest rtc is ran by Fleeger who’s Purdue guy and he’s up in The Region area which is Escobedo hometown. The lee brothers won’t come back but maybe Allred or seltzer or others could! Would be awesome to get the borders more locked down

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  4. There has been alot of top Indiana Kids going to IU after Escobedo took over.

    Besides donnell Washington and asa who else really? I know a lot of Indiana names have yes, but not elite or big ten ready kids imo. If iu wants to ever not be placing in the last 3 spots of big tens then landing someone like Mendez and keep developing Washington and others would be major points. Plus I really like Escobedo as a human being n coach and want him to do good.

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  5. I would really like to see him at Purdue, Méndez can be a program changer. They got some kids in the back up by his weight that if Méndez can get his hands on he could make the greats as well. (Dustin Norris)

    What you said but at IU and with Escobedo as a lightweight/middle guy and tsirtsis n Jordan too to work with. He would be a huge program changer and help possibly to get more elite kids to come more

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  6. My guess on Nebraska's Lineup:
    125 - L Cronin is back - # 13 seed 1-2 @ NCAAs
    133 - Boo Dryden, D Serrano, A Thomsen & J Parrish will fight it out. 
    141 - Chad Red 3X AA
    149 Ridge Lovett  or B Hardy - surprisingly the Roster shows RL as 133 still - that is a mistake. He could RS
    157 - K Davenport
    165 - Peyton Robb - will contend for AA in deep weight
    174 - M Labriola - 2X AA could beat anyone in weight. Should be preseason # 4 or 5
    184 - T Venz - AA as freshman # 8 seed last year Also have Hass who probably RS
    197 - E Schultz - #2 seed and B10 RU is back - Also have S Alred who can RS
    Hvwt - C Lance - Good heavyweight but probably not good enough to AA in a very deep weight.
    This is a very experienced and dangerous team.  They have a lot of guys that are capable of making deep runs at the NCAAs.

    I saw on their roster site that Allred was listed at 165, surely that’s a typo right??

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  7. If Nato gets taken up on his tweet and he moves out of Columbus, who is left in the OhioRTC as far as senior level contenders and even competitors? Martin, Moore, ... Bueller?

    J’den cox, amar dhesi?, bo Jordan and Logan Steiber, Dennis hall a coach? And Martin and Moore too

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  8. A producer or director really could rake in some big money if they made a documentary movie on Anthony Robles. Would also help spread the wrestling brand. Surprised nobody has done it yet or maybe Anthony won’t let them do it?..either way I would pay big money to watch it if directed right.



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  9. Their non-con dual schedule includes...









    .....not exactly the toughest competition

    But they wrestle in conference Penn State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Iowa, Rutgers and Minnesota...will have tough matches with Northwestern too...also go to Midlands and compete in Big Ten tourney...god for bid they make their out of conference schedule a little less tough for their first year at the school and getting out of rebuilding ASAP



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  10. Oklahoma for giving us John Smith.

    Iowa for giving us Dan Gable.

    California for the Schultz Brothers.

    Utah gets an Honorable mention for Cael Sanderson. A State so bad with wrestling opportunities they shoved great wrestlers out of the State. So theirs is a backhanded slap as a 'complement'.

    And isn't DT originally from Utah as well?



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  11. 125- McDonough - Iowa (JR 2012)

    133- Juergens - Iowa (SR 2001)

    141- Stieber - Ohio State (SR 2015)

    149- Metcalf - Iowa (SR 2010)

    157- Dake - Cornell (JR 2012)

    165- Perry - Iowa (SR 2008)

    174- Askren - Missouri (SR 2007)

    184- Ruth - Penn State (SR 2014)

    197- Sanderson - Iowa State (SR 2002)

    285- Snyder - Ohio State (JR 2017)

    By any chance are you an Iowa fan? Lol



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