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    websterk149 reacted to russelscout in Can Desanto be any more Unsportsmanlike?   
    If I remember correctly, Terry had a few incidents in his college years. It all ended up OK. 
    This has been said on here about Metcalf, Ramos, Gilman, and others and you know what? The world didnt end. 
    It turns out that a little extra fire on the mat does not mean you are bound to be an ax murderer upon graduation. Now relax, stop clenching your pearls and enjoy a pretty damn exciting athlete in Desanto
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    websterk149 reacted to Pinnum in Toughest High School tournament   
    I have heard the Afton Quadrangular in Missouri is one of the toughest...
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    websterk149 reacted to John Morgan in Top NCAA DI Wrestlers of the 2010s   
    Select your own dates but overall a very cool database

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    websterk149 got a reaction from TheOhioState in Netflix documentary - ZION   
    Enough to see the movie
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    websterk149 got a reaction from JasonBryant in schedules   
    But they wrestle in conference Penn State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Iowa, Rutgers and Minnesota...will have tough matches with Northwestern too...also go to Midlands and compete in Big Ten tourney...god for bid they make their out of conference schedule a little less tough for their first year at the school and getting out of rebuilding ASAP
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    websterk149 reacted to Husker_Du in FRL - Nomad is growing on me   
    pretty much nailed it Bob.
    and i'm ready to go on the record and accept the consequences.
    if wrestling fails it's because of republican country bumpkins like myself.
    but i have to represent who i am.
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    websterk149 reacted to Perry in 2019 NCAA Wrestling Championship Tickets Thread (Requests, etc.: Merged Topics)   
    A couple years ago in St. Louis a homeless guy came up to me and asked me for money right outside the arena. I didn't have any cash on me but I did have a half full cup of vodka and powerade that I hesitantly offered to the man. He looked at me confused, smiled, and happily took the drink from me. This story had nothing to do with scalping or purchasing tickets for NCAAs but I hope you enjoyed it all the same.
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    websterk149 got a reaction from Yellow_Medal in Flo's silence on the Ohio State accusations & Jim Jordan story   
    They actually spoke on it yesterday on FRL..
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    websterk149 reacted to nyum in How Can ASU Compete?   
    You do realize ASU had one of the toughest schedules in the country last season, right?
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    websterk149 reacted to Perry in Best Wrestling State   
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    websterk149 reacted to BigTenFanboy in Best Matches Ever- On Video   
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    websterk149 reacted to WildTurkey44 in NaTo hurt   
    What a pathetic thread
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    websterk149 reacted to LemonPie in Askren owes Willie an apology   
    Shut up
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    websterk149 reacted to MadMardigain in How Michigan wins a national title....   
    Journey has a perfect song for you.
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    websterk149 reacted to Peso in 1999-Current Tournament of NCAA Champions   
    I would pay an entire months wages to see the championship finals you have here.  Well done sir.
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    websterk149 reacted to MadMardigain in Hall vs Valencia at 174 in All Star classic   
    Huge if true.
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    websterk149 reacted to jchapman in Which state has had the most 3-Time NCAA champions   
    His favorite midnight snack was Taco Bell?
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    websterk149 reacted to TobusRex in State without an NCAA Champion?   
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    websterk149 reacted to WildTurkey44 in Why won't Iowa wrestle Northern Iowa?   
    Thanks for sharing. Great Birthday gift from Doug's wife. "It's hard to tell another man you love him. I Love you Doug Schwab"
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    websterk149 reacted to KTG119 in Beer and wrestling?   
    add in a few verses with truck references and about a girl lookin' fine in her - insert name of college wrestling team here - wrestling tee shirt and you got a nice country song workin'
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    websterk149 reacted to gowrestle in Beer and wrestling?   
    Beer is served in my house when wrestling is on!
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    websterk149 reacted to Housebuye in Pat Downey To Iowa Official   
    This is incredibly inappropriate. Don't use words like that. It is just as bad as using the N word.  
    You are an embarrassment
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    websterk149 got a reaction from rlw028 in Breakout stars - 17/18   
    Chance Marstellar? Has anyone said him? I'm excited to watch him. Another one I'm taking a huge leap for is Johnny Sebastian from Northwestern
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    websterk149 reacted to steamboat_charlie in McKenna Transfer   
    GOOD point. While we wast OUR time arguing, ISIS grows stronger every day. 
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    websterk149 reacted to headache in Late summer argument time ... Flo's Who's #2   
    Who do we compare the Snyder that lost to Burak to? How about the Snyder that lost five freestyle matches last year?
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