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    websterk149 reacted to GranbyTroll in Pat Downey To Iowa Official   
    College matches are 7 minutes
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    websterk149 reacted to VakAttack in Pat Downey To Iowa Official   
    *sticks head in refrigerator and repeatedly slams door*
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    websterk149 reacted to nyum in Suriano, the move is off?   
    Gladly.  First, drive to nearest bridge.  Next, jump off. If that doesn't work for ya let me know.  
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    websterk149 reacted to PD2 in Pat Downey To Iowa Official   
    This is all very entertaining...PD3 is a genius...a world class chess and checkers player. He never robbed and/or beat up a drug dealer...all charges DROPPED (after destroying his senior year of football and wrestling, but boy did he make up for it...winning NHSCA Sr Nats, Fargo, FILA Jr Nats (vs Storley in the finals), JWWT and a Jr World Silver.  People ask why he hasn't yet graduated...because he spent 1.5 yrs at the OTC.  He doesn't need Brands or anyone else to straighten him out...he just needs an environment, culture, and room as tough as him.  Has he made some bad chess moves along the way, sure...haven't we all?  But make no mistake about this Irishman...he will never quit, and none of you will ever break him.  p.s. He will beat Nickal, Martin, Weigel, Moore...the weight doesn't matter. p.p.s. Nickal got a gift at the Open.
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    websterk149 reacted to Billyhoyle in Pat Downey To Iowa Official   
    I like them more for this move. Think about how fun the ISU Iowa dual will be with downey AND Dresser in Ames. 
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    websterk149 reacted to tec87 in Pat Downey To Iowa Official   
    This really is an upside all for Downey and relative low risk-high reward for Iowa since they would have him for a short time. Downey appears to be driven to win an NCAA title and as a result and the restrictions placed on him to try and attain that goal, it's forcing him to get his butt in gear school wise and get his undergrad completed first. Say what you want about him or his dad(I'm not the biggest fans of their actions or their posts online) but it would be good to see the kid ultimately get his degree at least.
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    websterk149 reacted to hammerlockthree in McKenna Transfer   
    i heard he went to the refrigerator for a sandwich and forgot to decide.
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    websterk149 got a reaction from maolsen in For those still skeptical of Nato going 125 this year...   
    He's not even on the roster.
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    websterk149 reacted to TobusRex in Stall Camp   
    A little surprised Derek St John or Tsirtsis didn't give the stall lesson! Pretty funny vid, I guess :D
    A personal anecdote: When I wrestled in the Army I stalled my ass off quite a bit, waiting for the other guy to make a mistake. I was too out of shape to wrestle 100% like when I was a kid. Worked well for me, was 12-1 before the coach kicked me off the team (for never, even once, attending practice).
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    websterk149 reacted to tec87 in Stall Camp   
    Greg Warren is great!!! Always love his bits about wrestling and great to see all the notable wrestler cameos in the video too.
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    websterk149 reacted to scribe in Rob Koll   
    Koll can coach another 50-60 years. Even if they have to weekend at bernies his body mat side.
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    websterk149 reacted to Plasmodium in Coaches Wrestling Their Wrestlers   
    I think we will all be in agreement that Belichick live scrimmaging against 300 pound players wouldn't work out well for him or the Patsies.  
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    websterk149 reacted to cornercoach in Rutgers Coaching Staff   
    ......north korea may have nuke warheads that can reach the US mainland.........
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    websterk149 reacted to JHRoseWrestling in Eric Guerrero leaving Ok St   
    I am pleased to see that Eric Guerrero is finally being held accountable for the disparity in classification of high schools between Texas and Oklahoma.
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    websterk149 reacted to MSU158 in Joey Silva to Michigan   
    Absolutely.  I listed him at 197.  Mattin, Freeman, Van Anrooy, Embree and Davison make for a very strong class and they added some nice depth besides.  Throw in Silva from the next class and they are doing quite well.
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    websterk149 reacted to Medicine_Man in How Big? Cael's contract   
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    websterk149 got a reaction from nyum in How Big? Cael's contract   
    Yeah but who tf wants to go to those places when you've got cold beer, sandy beaches and hot babes in the middle of the state?lol not to mention my post was a joke and all in good fun lol
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    websterk149 got a reaction from TobusRex in How Big? Cael's contract   
    IMO I just think kids want to wrestle for Cael, and Pennsylvania LOVES their wrestling so the coming of Cael to PSU and the idea of greatly talented Pennsylvania kids getting to stay in state and wrestle d1 for one of the best wrestlers in American history is a no brainer. But, I truly think wherever he went he'd still find great success. Maybe not 7 titles in 9 years or whatever it is and rewriting record books success but I still think he'd win some team titles wherever he went. Say he did go to like Cal or even Arizona state or somewhere on the west coast, you can't tell me kids wouldn't linger out there. Maybe not every Midwest and east coast kid like he's got going for him now but he'd still get a handful simply cause he's Cael Sanderson and whenever past wrestlers of his get interviewed about what it was like to wrestle for Cael they always say great great things and it always seems like he's the type of guy to reward kids for their hard work with games and fun stuff (yes we all know PSU has FUN). And if you want an example, isn't David Taylor originally from the same town or close to the same town as Cael? And hasn't he said he came all the way to st. Paris and chose PSU to be close to Cael and get coached by Cael? That there makes me think he'd have kids follow him or come to him wherever he went. Sorry for writing a book.
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    websterk149 reacted to denny in How Big? Cael's contract   
    Well written. I like it
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    websterk149 reacted to denny in How Big? Cael's contract   
    And...move some mountains and roll back the sea ? Oceans ?
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    websterk149 got a reaction from redblades in How Big? Cael's contract   
    And who doesn't love cali weather 365 days a year, no winters and he could probably help save the water crisis in cali
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    websterk149 reacted to redblades in How Big? Cael's contract   
    I agree, West Coast!  PA wrestling would do just fine without Cael, but if Cael went to Cal - now that would be doing something to save wrestling!
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    websterk149 reacted to headshuck in How Big? Cael's contract   
    I think he should head back west and start a program from scratch.
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    websterk149 reacted to BigTimeFan in Future international star alert ...   
    David Carr. He's in my opinion going to be one of the best. He's an exciting and talented wrestler. Just won his third Ohio State championship with his dad and 3x NCAA champion and world bronze medalist Nate Carr in his corner. He's hardly a secret but man I've been watching his matches at Fargo (and have watched him before) and he's got so much talent. AND he has a serious par terre game. Another thing l like about him is he is a guy who knows how to come from behind and win. It may seem odd to say it but he's not going through tournaments winning 10-0, 10-0 etc. He's putting himself into positions where he has to scrap to win. And as such he's learning to be a clutch player. It could be that he's in a tougher weight class, up a weight (looking at him he's wrestling 160 pounds at Fargo  and won states at 152. He looks small for 160) or maybe not as dominant but any which way I see gold in that fellow's future. Also doesn't hurt to have a dedicated father who knows how to win in your corner.
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    websterk149 reacted to Tofurky in Suriano Theory   
    Hahahaha! North Lawndale is VERY, VERY different than Elmhurst... but lemme see what I can do for the kid. I got a guy... ;)
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