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  1. Cary Kolat - Hoping to see some blue chip recruits make their way to the academy under Kolat
  2. Nope. Only 1 team has ever placed all 10 wrestlers and that was the 2001 Minnesota Gophers. They Placed: 125: 3rd 133: 8th 141:8th 149:6th 157: 4th 165: 4th 174: 4th 184: 5th 197: 3rd HWT: 3rd
  3. Mohammadian looks so good today, his attacks have been so clean and at a crazy converion rate. prior PED users for me are always a hard pill to swallow, i will always question if they are currently clean. Either way, i hope we get to see Sadulaev vs. Mohammadian in the near future.
  4. I’m hoping to get some clarification on how the USA determines their representatives for qualifying the remaining Olympic weights. What I know: 74kg & 97kg are qualified for the USA Top 2 at Pan-Ams and the Champion at Last Chance Qualifier are the ways to qualify the weights for the Olympics What I don’t know: Has the Pan-Am team been selected yet, is it going to be the 2019 world team members? Has a date/location been set for Last Chance qualifier? Hopefully it is after WTT so our true rep can attempt to qualify the spot. How will USA determine who to send to last chance qualifier if we can’t get the job done at continentals, and WTT still haven’t taken place? Quick Glance at Qualifying via Pan-Ams: 57kg: Pan-Ams are taking place March 6-9th so you would have to assume Spencer Lee is out of the equation. Is Fix the guy until further notice or would we send Gilman instead? I think both can make a push to the finals and qualify the spot. It will be interesting with a tough Cuban in Ortega, and Seabass representing Puerto-Rico here. 65kg: I assume Zain is the guy right now for good reason, he is the returning representative with a decent amount of international experience… but man oh man JO is looking better than ever. Bonne Rodriquez will most likely be up at this weight from 61kg, is there any other sleepers that can keep the US from not qualifying this weight? I have heard rumors about Pico trying to qualify the spot for Mexico, anyone have more detail here? 86kg: Downey is the returning representative but I think most would agree that DT is the more comfortable pick to Qualify the spot. Mendez from Columbia wrestled for a medal at worlds last year, the cards were laid out perfect for him to make a run to the Semis. Can Downey make a push to the finals? It seems to me that he is more engaged and focused on wrestling than ever. If not, then I think we have to send DT to Last Chance. 125kg: Gwiz should be able to get the job done here, he has convincing wins over the Canadian and Cuban. Last chance is going to be much more difficult for our rep if Gwiz can't get it done here.
  5. FRL said he is in as of yesetrdat. This will really shake up the seeding as i see him moving into the #2 seed and everyone dropping down a seed after that. by the looks of it we could see a vito/suriano quaters.
  6. keep in mind that the top dogs at 74kg are on the tail end of their frestyle career. Mark will hopfully be on the freestyle curcuit for many years so i can see him getting his time at the weight if he decides to stay with it.
  7. I think Darmstadt is a 6-8 guy at both weights so i agree to bump him if Dean is back. How about Vito, Do you see him back at 125 or up to 133? Do you think he has a better chance beating Lee or the field at 133 to win a NCAA title?
  8. 184 has something like 8 out of the top 10 in the bracket. Love to see Hidlay get a shot at Zahid
  9. From what i gather and this is only vetted from a quick reading on NBC sports, Russian athletes may have the opportunity to compete in Tokyo under a nuetral Olympic flag, and not represent the Russian flag. If this ban is passed, Russian teams will be out of the 2024 games as well.
  10. this has to be the most random comment for a PSU "Punt" year thread....
  11. How can you punt at this time of the year? if PSU was going to "punt" they would have used redshirts on Lee,Cenzo, RBY and Hall. There is alot of talent on this squad and plenty of potential to win a team title at NCAA. I don't see any chances of winning a B10 title.. but we have seen that play out the same way in the past.
  12. First and most important, great win for ASU. It was amazing to see the enviroment at the sun devil venue, AZ wresting is growing in popularity year over year and it is great to see. As far as why Cael wanted to move the dual, i can only speculate...but here is my thought. I think Cael had full intensions on making the first semester as "easy" as possible so his athletes could focus on chasing an olmpic qualification spot, and get healthy. Cenzo, Hall, Cassar were all expected to split time with folk and free this year (Hall no longer) and based on the current PSU schedule, this dual was the only real test for them until late January. instead of using Olypic redshirts, Cael tried to minipulate his schedule during the first half of the year so his athletes could focus on Freestyle a bit more. on top of that, I'm sure Cael new Shakur woudn't be available and that Berge would be coming off of a u23 summer and we saw the effect that had on Hidlay early last season. No Scuffle, Midlands or CKLV for PSU this year... without that ASU dual, the top competion prior to the new year would have been Lehigh on 12/6. PSU will not even see a solid b10 school untill the end of Janaury. i think there is no doubt that the schedule was strategiclly planned to get the team healthy and ready for the US open... then the focus on the NCAA team title.
  13. Hall had a dominant win over Zahid last season... and we all know how good Zahid was last year coming off that amazing freestyle summer - bad take
  14. Sorensen has been on the senior level scene at 70kg and is such a tweener in my opinion. I can't see him competing with the guys up at 74kg and im not sure how the cut would be down at 143lbs.
  15. will he be heading to Iowa immedilty to start training with the HWC? This move makes perfect sense for the senior level as well. HWC has no one at 65kg
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