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  1. Nicky_Pipes

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    18-17 PSU with both RBY and Rasheed in the line up. Part of me thinks Cenzo can get the major but i going to leave it as is. It's going to be a great dual, hopefully tOSU fan base can fill the arena. The the last few home duals have been pathetic with attendance. 125: tOSU dec. 0-3 133: tOSU dec. 0-6 141: tOSU Maj. 0-10 149; tOSU dec. 0-13 157: PSU maj. 4-13 165: PSU dec. 7-13 174: PSU maj. 11-13 184: tOSU Maj. 11-17 197: PSU dec. 14-17 285: PSU maj. 18-17
  2. Nicky_Pipes

    70kg - Dave Schultz memorial 2019

    I'll be there as well. This venue is really cool, it's a small gym with only 3 mats, spectators sit mat side and basically have access to everything. I agree with you about the young studs, i look forward to match ups with them against Ness, Habbat and Sorenson as well.
  3. Check out this field, this bracket is going to be a lot of fun! We have a few seasoned vets attending and a few young up and comers. I'm going with a JO/Molinaro final but cant wait to see the early round match-ups. Anyone think Carr, Sasso, Teemer can make a run or take out Frank/JO? Field Brandon Sorensen Caleb Rutner Dave Habat David Carr Dylan Ness Elroy Perkin Frank Molinaro Jacori Teemer Jeff Wimberley Jordan Oliver Justin Deangelis Mario Mason Sammy Sasso Timothy Broadenax Ty Lydic
  4. Nicky_Pipes

    Tariq Wilson Update

    Since the Ohio State Dual, we haven't seen Tariq in the line up. Does anyone have any details on his injury or when he may return? when it happened, it kinda reminded me of Suriano's injury while at PSU. I really hope he is able to return. I think he has jumped levels since March and is a legit title contender at 133.
  5. Nicky_Pipes

    Wick vs. Cenzo

    It's going down this weekend at Rec Hall. Can Wick hand Cenzo his first loss of the year? In the past 2 seasons, Cenzo is good for a loss or two before NCAA's, can Wick get it done at Rec Hall? What are your thoughts on the match up and the two contrasting wrestling styles?
  6. Nicky_Pipes

    Cauliflower Ear Magnets - Do they work?

    I appreciate your input. He has been off the mat since Christmas eve, and we do not plan to wrestle him for a week or two. Lots of running and spin cycle.
  7. Anyone ever try the caulicure magnets and if so do they work? On of my athletes ear keeps filling with fluids so i'm hoping we can reduce the swelling without going to get it drained daily. Any comments or tips would be helpful - thanks
  8. Nicky_Pipes

    Askren Wrestling at Midlands?

    I Believe Ben In better shape now then he was when he wrest Q. Wright. I think Martin is the only one who can hang with Ben at 184, i hope he wrestles.
  9. Nicky_Pipes

    Pat Glory

    Earlier on FRL CP mentioned Pat Glory was potentially out for the season, then took back his statement as i think he meant to say out for midlands. The Flo team did not go into any detail because Cyon dropped in dressed as Santa. Anyone have any details on this? The Comment was made at 25:25 https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6293415-frl-340-midlands-best-matchups-lineup-changes-and-redshirts-pulled
  10. Nicky_Pipes

    Askren Wrestling at Midlands?

    Midlands discussion starts at 3:30 NC State's Rennan has jumped levels during the international season, although i think he is no match for Ben.
  11. Nicky_Pipes

    Askren Wrestling at Midlands?

    On the last episode of TheRudis Podcast, Ben mentioned that he is considering wrestling at midlands now that his UFC fight is postponed until March. Ben went into detail saying he would not make the cut to 174 on such short notice and would enter at 184 if he attends. So we wont see the anticipated Zahid match.... but is there anyone in the 184lb field that would present an interesting match with Ben?
  12. Nicky_Pipes

    The match that made them a 3x Champ

    Snyder, loss in finals to Gadson his freshman year.
  13. Nicky_Pipes

    All-Native State NCAA Team!

    Anyone want to take a stab at OH, NY and IL?