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  1. Hall had a dominant win over Zahid last season... and we all know how good Zahid was last year coming off that amazing freestyle summer - bad take
  2. Sorensen has been on the senior level scene at 70kg and is such a tweener in my opinion. I can't see him competing with the guys up at 74kg and im not sure how the cut would be down at 143lbs.
  3. will he be heading to Iowa immedilty to start training with the HWC? This move makes perfect sense for the senior level as well. HWC has no one at 65kg
  4. Looks like Echemendia is exploring other options as he has decommitted from ISU and had an official visit with Tosu. His Story keeps getting more interesting by the day... The big question i have is Ryan Anderson... Anderson commited to the Cyclones as the #11 on the 2019 Sr. big board and now is enrolled at a D3 school in NJ. Anderson is alot of fun to watch and is going to surprise alot of d3 programs when his 5'4/149 frame walks onto the mat and cleans house... Anyone have any details on Andersons future plans? Does he have internsions of wrestling D1 any longer or is he planning on staying with Centenary? i hope the best for him, i was always a fan of his wrestling and his off mat interviews and persepctive on the sport. Really stinks for a Cyclone squad that is definetly one the rise... imagine how much fun the 1-2 punch of Enche and Anderson would have been!
  5. FRL mentioned Busiello coming down to 133.. Chlebove vs. Busiello is interesting
  6. At least the Russian's didnt get any easy draws in these two weights either. I think they are more likly to medal, but Uguev and Roshidov are going to have revenge some previous losses along the way to find the podium. No finalist for Russia at these two weights is a win for the USA in the team race in my opinion.
  7. Hopefully Zain is drawn into the top side of the bracket. I like his style match-up vs. Bajrang and the top side is going to have far less competitors in it.
  8. Great breakdown by the Flo's Nomad. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6528603-yasar-dogu-2019-day-three-bracket-reactions JB: JB starts off with the young Hungarian Csaba Vida, a Junior Euro bronze in 2016 and 2017. A win there puts him in the quarters against Taimuraz Salkazanov, originally from Russia but now competing for Slovakia, where he was U23 world champ last year at 70kg. His semi should be against Yakup Gor of Turkey, a world bronze in 2015 and silver the year before down at 70kg. He was Yarygin runner-up earlier this year and bronze at the Kolov, but did not face Burroughs at the latter. PD3: Very interested to see PD3 against the younger talent in the bracket. Starting in the quarters against Deepak Punia of India. The 2016 Cadet world champ and 2018 Junior world silver has a good deal of international experience despite being just 20 years old. A win there puts him in the semis against 2016 Junior world silver Osman Gocen of Turkey. Cox: J'den has already locked up the 1 seed for worlds. In the semis will be either JR world bronze Erhan Yaylaci of Turkey or U23 world champ Shamil Zubairov of Azerbaijan. The likely finals opponent is Ibrahim Bolukbasi of Turkey, a 2016 Olympian who was third at the Kolov this year. Snyder: Placement for Snyder gets him the 1 seed at worlds. Possible finals opponent for Snyder should be Aslanbek Alborov (AZE), who is 2-2 all-time against him. Alborov always wrestles Kyle tough and slows down the pace of the match, hopfully Kyle opens up and gets to his leg attacks.
  9. Yiani, Ringer, Gwiz on Mat C, All 3 back to back. Should be wrestling in a few
  10. if Yianni wrestles for gold then that means Zain is pulled back into repechage and will have a shot at bronze. Meaning there is no chance of going 0-1
  11. I agree with @lu_alum and think it will be hard to beat JB if he is sitting in the finals fresh, and i do believe that he is placing this year. I am very interested to see how Dake bounces back after this injury, and on top of that... also becoming a father. I got my money on JB until he leaves his shoes in the center of the mat, if he is still lacing them up and competing, then i know he still got it in him to win.
  12. If KS and Cox both medal this year, they will combine for 9 world/Olympic medals going into the final X match, along with 6 NCAA titles as well .
  13. His legs are massive in comparison to PD. I think Cox moves up next year as well. KS/Cox will be the biggest domestic wrestling match of all time.
  14. Taylor went under the knife and had surgery from what i understand... even with an extension he wasn't going to be ready.. best of luck to PD3... we are all supporters of USA wrestling, he's our guy now.
  15. i agree.. i'm interested to see what the winning point total will be for this as well. One wrong lock pick can cost you the contest which makes it really interesting. I like it @rpm002 nice work!
  16. correct... Gable is not eligible for a junior wrestle off at this time since he did not medal last year. He is at the very least a senior back up at this point so he will still have the opportunity to train at the OTC this summer and prep with the team which is great for him.
  17. I got Gwiz in two matches. Gwiz has multiple leg attacks and finishes quickly on world class wrestlers. Coon had 0 shots in two matches and Gable picked him apart. This is going to be a fun series at final X.
  18. Bajrang is traveling across the globe and wrestling 3 days after a very competitive competition, and Yianni has a 4 hour drive from Ithaca to MSG... I think this plays a factor in this match up. Overseas in a major competition, i'm taking Bajrang.... but in Yianni's backyard, i got Yianni D.
  19. Colon with a win over returning world champ this morning in Argentina
  20. I am unaware of the exact seeding criteria for the open but if recent college results come into play, then Yianni's win over Joey will really shake things up. I don't think the Eierman/Mckenna result changes much since Joey will rightfully be seeded higher then him anyhow with last years open results.
  21. I totally agree ! 65kg is always so deep at the world level, whoever we send this year is going to have an outside chance of making the podium. I do think Frank, Jo , or Zain are our best representative to end the drought for the USA though.
  22. Anyway this bracket is seeded is going to be insane. Its hard to say where JO will be placed since his last competition results are void and he doesn't have many results besides that. Also, Yianni has no senior level experience but is a Junior Medalist so i will be interested with where he is placed. Here is a guess based on previous Senior/Junior Level and results, not how i personally think it should be seeded. 1.Frank Molinaro ( 2017 Open Champ & WTT Runner Up / 2016 WTT Champ & Olympic 5th) Wrestled 70kg last year 2. Zain ( 2017 WTT Champion, Previous Junior Medalist) 3. Joey (Returning Open Champ & Final X Finalist) 4. Eierrman (2018 Open Finalist) 5. Yianni (Previous Junior Medalist) 6. JO (2017 Open Champ but results have been voided with the suspension) Either way this bracket is seeded, the 3/6 and 4/5 quarters are going to be really tough. I think this weight could be seeded so many different ways, like I said this list could be totally wrong.
  23. quoting my own post here lol - announced on FRL this morning, just caught it on the re-air.
  24. where has this been made official, anyone have a source? i haven't seen anything on it yet
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