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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to pamela in Stop sending Zain as our rep   
    I'm rooting for Oliver, but I thought Zain looked pretty good yesterday. He wrestles kind of open and loose, which is why he got caught, but his shots looked crisp and he scrambled pretty well. Looked strong and explosive. As @spladle08 mentioned in another thread, Zain would have won that match 9/10 times.
    Speaking of JO, I am so nervous for him rn. He's had some tough setbacks in his post-college wrestling career, and if it would be heartbreaking if the Olympics are canceled or the weight not qualified.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to GranbyTroll in Stop sending Zain as our rep   
    Metcalf was our best and it didn't matter. It's the world's toughest weight and you have to be pretty good. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to spladle08 in Thomas Gilman: Great American or Greatest American?   
    You make some valid points. It's hard to counter with any actual facts. Strong strong argument!
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to VakAttack in Thomas Gilman: Great American or Greatest American?   
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Mphillips in Flowrestling   
    That doesn't happen in full screen mode. I had the same issues some years ago when I first started and didn't realize I needed to click the little square that symbolized full screen
    [   ] Looks something like this. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Coach_J in Under the radar...   
    The job Ryan Ludwig has done at Northern Illinois.  They place 3rd in the 15-team MAC behind Missouri and Central Michigan (they actually beat CMU in the MAC dual) with Ludwig being named co-MAC Coach of the Year.  Three NQs, a soph and two frosh, with Brit Wilson taking the MAC title.  More programs like this, please.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Perry in Who is the biggest threat to Iowa at NCAAs?   
    Big 10 is not close to being the same tournament as ncaas. Penn state is the only answer but I wouldn't count on it.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Gantry in Differences in Tom Ryan and Cael   
    I don't think that's right, I think Synder had to win by like 12 or something because the tiebreaker was going to be match points.  Could be misremembering though...
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to MDogg in How far could Spencer Lee go up and win?   
    He took multiple loses to Rivera at 125 last year. I think it’s 50/50 he wins 133 and no shot he wins higher than that. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to JHRoseWrestling in Best Legger Ever (Where is Zain in the discussion)   
    Mitch Clark was the best leg-rider I've ever seen.
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    Nicky_Pipes got a reaction from jsmalls131313 in Has there ever been a team with 10 guys placing in the top 4 or 5 at NCAA's?   
    Nope. Only 1 team has ever placed all 10 wrestlers and that was the 2001 Minnesota Gophers. They Placed:
    125: 3rd
    133: 8th 
    157: 4th 
    165: 4th 
    174: 4th 
    184: 5th 
    197: 3rd
    HWT: 3rd 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to nhs67 in OTT brackets for 74kg and 86kg   
    Go to Askren's Twitter page.

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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Antitroll2828 in Kobe Bryant   
    Bc he’s a guy that has an impact on people and athletes all over the world, if you don’t think there are tons of wrestlers (and football, baseball, soccer, etc) that apply the “mamba mentality” and have been inspired by his non stop work ethic it would be foolish. He was one of the fiercest competitors ever ,regardless of sport, why do you have an issue with his tragic accident being acknowledged here?
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Lurker in Cox tweet   
    I always have had this theory that I think relates here.  It goes that pizza and sex are similar in that, even when it’s bad.....eehhh...it’s still kinda good. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to treep2000 in Current top three   
    Your Top 3 is pretty tight/solid.  No glaring issues... If you don't mind, I'll add a darkhorse to each weight:
    57kg - Gross.  His style, including that little knee pinch dump that gives the cheap 2, is something to watch out for.
    65kg - Mckenna.  His recent results place him right on the outside, looking in, and could snag a win with the right conditions from the top 3 (already has)
    74kg - Nolf.  If healthy (actually healthy), I think he could make it competitive, and he's the best of the rest.
    86kg - MyMar.  With his win over Ringer, he established himself in Tier 2, and is the literal definition of "darkhorse"
    97kg - Moore.  Kollin is closing the gap on Zillmer, and I think he's officially 'better' than Gadsen.  
    HWT - Parris.  I think he's improving at a faster rate than anyone else at this weight, and will be considered #3 very soon, and not just "darkhorse".
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to freestyle_fan in Matteo Pelicone Rome Olympic Ranking Tournament   
    Wow, nicely done by Mohammadian (IRI), he dominated the field (11-0, 10-0 (Bo), 8-0(pin - snyder), 11-0 and 9-0 in final). Now, I am eager to see how he fares against Sadulaev
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    Nicky_Pipes got a reaction from ConnorsDad in Matteo Pelicone Rome Olympic Ranking Tournament   
    Mohammadian looks so good today, his attacks have been so clean and at a crazy converion rate.
    prior PED users for me are always a hard pill to swallow, i will always question if they are currently clean. Either way, i hope we get to see Sadulaev vs. Mohammadian in the near future. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to BigTimeFan in Matteo Pelicone Rome Olympic Ranking Tournament   
    Thanks for that. He looks phenomenal. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in Bekbulatov and new country   
    Ilyas Bekbulatov got Uzbake citizenship and won Yasar Dogu at 70 kg, Magomedkhabib Kadimagomedov (Russian champ 2017) is about to represent Belarus. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Eagle26 in Criteria vs. Overtime - what's better?   
    I like watching freestyle best and enjoyed competing in freestyle more, but I still like the idea of OT. I agree you can’t argue that criteria creates great action at the end of a match... I just can’t get over the fact that a world championship could be decided based on who was put on the shot clock last. 
    Maybe there is a way to have the best of both... have a one minute sudden victory period and if no one scores, the winner is declared based on criteria? I know it doesn’t solve the problem of a tie match, but it at least gives a whole minute for someone to score to break the tie.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to treep2000 in Criteria vs. Overtime - what's better?   
    6 and 7 years ago respectively... Nice
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to OBXWrestler in Criteria vs. Overtime - what's better?   
    Criteria is better. Encourages more action during the 6/7 minutes. Plus top and bottom during OT freaking stinks. So boring. 
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    Nicky_Pipes got a reaction from jon in Qualifying The Remaining Olympic Weights - A Few Questions   
    I’m hoping to get some clarification on how the USA determines their representatives for qualifying the remaining Olympic weights. 
    What I know:
     74kg & 97kg are qualified for the USA
     Top 2 at Pan-Ams and  the Champion at Last Chance Qualifier are the ways to qualify the weights for the Olympics 
    What I don’t know:
    Has the Pan-Am team been selected yet, is it going to be the 2019 world team members?
    Has a date/location been set for Last Chance qualifier? Hopefully it is after WTT so our true rep can attempt to qualify the spot.
    How will USA determine who to send to last chance qualifier if we can’t get the job done at continentals, and WTT still haven’t taken place?
    Quick Glance at Qualifying via Pan-Ams:
    57kg: Pan-Ams are taking place March 6-9th so you would have to assume Spencer Lee is out of the equation.  Is Fix the guy until further notice or would we send Gilman instead? I think both can make a push to the finals and qualify the spot. It will be interesting with a tough Cuban in Ortega, and Seabass representing Puerto-Rico here.
    65kg: I assume Zain is the guy right now for good reason, he is the returning representative with a decent amount of international experience… but man oh man JO is looking better than ever. Bonne Rodriquez will most likely be up at this weight from 61kg, is there any other sleepers that can keep the US from not qualifying this weight? I have heard rumors about Pico trying to qualify the spot for Mexico, anyone have more detail here?
    86kg: Downey is the returning representative but I think most would agree that DT is the more comfortable pick to Qualify the spot. Mendez from Columbia wrestled for a medal at worlds last year, the cards were laid out perfect for him to make a run to the Semis. Can Downey make a push to the finals? It seems to me that he is more engaged and focused on wrestling than ever. If not, then I think we have to send DT to Last Chance.
    125kg: Gwiz should be able to get the job done here, he has convincing wins over the Canadian and Cuban. Last chance is going to be much more difficult for our rep if Gwiz can't get it done here. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in Top 5 Predictions   
    That is I Mar. For the life if me I have no idea how I typed Ringer. I blame the egg nog.
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