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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to ionel in When is the match?   
    maybe a pig tail in the World bracket?  ;_;
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to jeffrideal in Junior Worlds   
    Brutal leglace, that kid was limping. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to The Genius in Junior Worlds   
    Carr. Wow.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Housebuye in Junior Worlds   
    Russia up 90 to 70 going into the semis today. 
    Only 1 head to head in next session (Hidlay). This is a must win as it is +10 for USA and caps Russia at only 5 more point at the weight. 
    Russia still has 2 finalists (10 potential points), 3 going for bronze (15 potential points), 2 maybe in repachage (30 potential points) and 2 in semis (30 potential points) for a total of 85 points up for grabs. 1 guy is eliminated.
    USA has 1 finalist (5 potential points) and 5 in semis (75 potential points), so 80 up for grabs. 4 guys are eliminated. 
    If Hidlay wins his semi vs Russia, that means:
    USA will be down by 10 (instead of 20) and be able to score an additional 65 points. 
    Russia will be up by 10 (instead of 20) and will be able to score an additional 75 points.
    If USA sweeps the semis and Russia loses both semis:
    USA will be beating Russia 120-90
    USA will be able to score an additional 30 points 
    Russia will be able to score an additional 65 points
    If USA sweeps the semis and Russia only loses the Hidlay match, that means:
    USA will be beating Russia 120-100
    USA will be able to score an additional 30 points 
    Russia will be able to score an additional 65 points
    USA essentially has to sweep the semis to have a chance at winning. The most important match is Hidlay vs Russia. 
    We also are heavily relying on Germany to take out Russia in the semis at 92 (would reduce Russia's point potential by 10)
    Iran to beat Russia at 125 (would reduce Russia' point potential by 10)
    Most importantly, outside of the US winning their matches,, the US needs AZE  to beat UKR at 61 KG (would reduce Russia's point potential by 15)
    This is just a review of USA vs Russia. Iran is still in the race, but with a a few wins (with the right combination) in the semis, USA will lock up 2nd place at a minimum. 
    If the USA does sweep the semis, it will by far be our best performance at junior worlds ever. We've never had 6 finalists. It would also be weird to have nobody even wrestling for bronze, but 6 wrestling for gold. on top of that, the most credentialed American (brooks) would not be one of the medalists.
    Realistically, the US is a heavy underdog, but in play. A top 2 finish after yesterday's performance would be a major win in my opinion.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to spladle08 in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    Real talk though. Timing, as many of you have speculated is likely the main hindering factor.
    But injury is a tasty secondary option.

    Guess we will see how arbitration goes.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to justafan in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    With the hearing being August 8 and Pan Ams Aug 7-10. Zain couldn't go to Pan Ams then lose arbitration and have Yianni Aug 17 in Texas.I think he wins arbitration.But I understand him not wanting to risk it
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to spladle08 in Yanni vs Pico   
    Solid analysis. Well thought out and thorough.... I see youre newer to the boards, hope you enjoy em.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to spladle08 in Poland 74kg   
    Just checked it was 86kg with Naifinov winning it and Kurugliev taking Bronze.

    But like you I want to see that Sidakov match, its going to be close, will be interesting if he doesnt make the team.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to The Genius in Day 1 Draws for Cadet Worlds (link)   
    Congrats to McGowan for winning Gold at 45kg. He deserved the win.  
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to leshismore in Toughest High School tournament   
    Eastern States.... NY ETC...
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Joe Williamson in Toughest High School tournament   
    MO - Kansas City Stampede
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to knowgangs in Kushti Wrestling in India - an experience like no other   
    In May we returned from a training trip to India.  What an absolutely crazy, amazing out of the box experience!  We spent the bulk of the time in Delhi however we also ventured to Agra and Jaipur.  We encountered elephants a heard of wild monkeys where one of them stole a cell phone from one of our coaches leading us on a 30 minute game of cat and mouse.  Our group encountered homeless orphans as young as 8 years old living on the streets and some of the most extreme poverty imaginable.  
    I've taken groups all over Europe for wrestling but the Kushti wrestling experience was like nothing we've ever experienced.
    Virtually all wrestlers in India start their wrestling career in the mud/dirt pits.  It's an ancient style of wrestling that goes back over a hundred year (some locals say the style has been around for thousands).   We were there in May and the temperature was over 100 degrees.  
    The first Kushti club we visited was a very traditional club.  Unless you were wearing the uniform, you were not allowed to go near the Akhara (or competition area).  We arrived around 4:30 PM for their evening session.  They pretty much follow the same training schedule every day.  Wrestlers live at the club, sometimes as many as a dozen staying in a room that fits maybe one queen size bed and little more.    On that day, like all others, their wrestlers got up at 3:00 AM and trained.  They did squats, these press-up things that are a common exercise there and they also run, climb ropes and use homemade weights.  It's not uncommon to do thousands of exercises each morning and run several miles.  A few hours later they start their morning wrestling session.  The Guru watches the training/live matches and the largest/most experienced wrestlers start first while the others wait for their turn.  The matches can go on for 30 minutes until one of the wrestler's quits or the Guru tells them to quit.  By mid morning they rest, give each other massages and take naps until the afternoon session.
    Wrestling Kushti in India can be very rewarding.  The better wrestlers can win enough money to make a nice living for themselves.  India is still very much separated by the class system.  Kushti is one of the few things that makes them all equal whether you are rich or poor.  Unlike most countries where our wrestlers want to lose weight to compete, in India the goal is always to get bigger and stronger.
    Wrestling Kushti is treated like a religion.  A traditional Kushti wrestler will follow his training schedule with precision, will eat a very specific diet and they abstain from all worldly pleasures including alcohol, dating/sexual relationships.  Their only focus is training/competing.  Their tournaments can draw thousands of spectators.
    At every Kushti club you'll find statues of their god Hanuman.  You'll see wrestlers praying and giving offerings to Hanuman before competing.  Even the competition area is blessed prior to the wrestlers start wrestling, all under the watchful eye of the Guru, making sure everything is done as it should be.  Wrestlers don't do anything without the Guru's approval.  He makes decisions on who can enter the club, who competes, how long the wrestling continues and more.
    When we arrived are wrestlers were taught how to put on the proper Kushti uniform.  I called it a loin cloth but the proper name was kowpeenam.  Coaches were only allowed near the pit if they were bare foot.  To walk near the area with your shoes it was considered extremely disrespectful.
    We watched as the dirt pit was carefully prepared for the session.  Selected wrestlers carefully prepare the area while all the other wrestlers quietly watch their progress.  After it was blessed wrestlers were picked to wrestle and they started out with the largest/oldest wrestlers first.  The technique was absolutely crazy.  There is little rules in Kushti.  The key to winning is a touch pin.  Anything pretty much goes.  Grabbing the kowpeenam was OK and actually a major part of their technique.  Blood and sweat is handled by your opponent throwing dirt on you to help maintain better grips.
    It's hard to describe the entire experience but it was absolutely an amazing opportunity for our wrestlers.  Here's a few pictures of our experience.  I look forward to returning in 2020!


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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to gowrestle in Good Teasedale article/interview   
    Glad he is back on track. Kudos to the Iowa staff for giving Gavin this opportunity. Hope he wins a national title before he is finished. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in Yianni/Zain Ruling   
    The first flo mention of this stated that the arbitrator was one that both sides could agree on, so this suggests the Zain side is at least somewhat involved. There is also one other issue. In Koll's interview with Dernlan he made comments regarding what the Zain side, NLWC, must have believed during the final sequence. If that made its way into his reportedly 18 page letter then I think this brings NLWC into play to offer up their own commentary about their state of mind, something Koll can't truly know. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to spladle08 in Jason Tsirtsis   
    Hell yeah! If he can rub off on those middleweights, there could be some serious 1-1 double overtime battles in their future. Huge get for Indiana
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to rpm002 in 2020 Dark-Horse?   
    The Olympic year doesn't have final X.  It will be single elimination until the finals, as it was when 9th seeded Frank beat 1 seed Metcalf in the quarters in 2016.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to nhs67 in FRL   
    Pretty upset over this as well...
    I've been having to listen to music and be productive at work.
    The nerve.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Ogalthorpe Haywood in What we learned at Dogu   
    I bet you were in the Frank has no shot at a medal camp in 16. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to ConnorsDad in Bo Nickal   
    I agree with pretty much everything everybody here said and I know you were waiting on my approval. However, in Bo's case, he's not beating David Taylor or Jden Cox. I do think if Jden were to cut to 86 Bo has a small chance because it's a huge cut for Cox. He's obviously not going to beatCox or Kyle up at 97 and in non-olympic years he's also got no shot at beating Cox at 92. After watching everybody that was in Turkey, I think Jden looks like the best pound-for-pound wrestler in America.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to spladle08 in What we learned at Dogu   
    That match gave me less confidence overall in my dear sweet sweet Yianni.

    Musukaev is a fine wrestler, but man there are some hammers out there and he isn't one I had penciled in....
    I know we've seen Yainni get one off Bajrang but man.

    This weight just has too many opportunities to lose.

    I dont think any wrestler in the weight is greater than 15% to win it. Draw is going to be soooo important
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Housebuye in What we learned at Dogu   
    65 KG - Yianni, if he is the world team member (could be with either the appeal or Zain injury) has an outside shot at gold. His craziness works against world medalist threats. We didn’t learn anything about Zain unfortunately. Hope he is alright. 
    70 KG - Green is pretty unlikely to medal it seems. He has taken losses to guys he shouldn’t. Hoping he turns it around, but I went from pencilling him in for 5th or 3rd place points to DNP. We need him to score some points to win worlds. The good news is the weight is a bit weaker than expected. 
    74 KG - JB looked like he has for a couple years. He doesn’t have the same pop but he keeps improving. He will be on the same side as Sidakov. If he wins that, he wins worlds I think. I think he wins a bronze at worst. 
    79 KG - Ringer looked excellent. Whoever our world team rep is has a good shot at gold, especially with Russia falling apart here and it being a non Olympic weight. It would be crazy for Ringer to win gold...we would then have another world gold trying to win the 86 kg spot in 2020  
     86 KG - I thinking downey has improved. He has two tough matches against guys he could see at worlds. While neither is likely to medal, I wouldn’t be shocked if either of those matches were a bronze match if he gets the right draw. It is still very unlikely for Downey to medal, and he is probably out 4th or 5th best guy at 86, but a lot can happen for a talented athlete like Downey being focused for the first time in his career. We need at least 1 win from him to stay in title contention. Going 0-1 isn’t an option  
    92 KG - wow. Killed everyone and didn’t give up a point. This weight is also not great this year. Jden I expect will win gold, which would be incredibly impressive, putting him at 4 medals in a row. There is a fairly large drop off from 3 to 4 medals and from 1 to 2 gold. 
    97 KG - Snyder always gets challenged at these tournaments. His weight was fairly good and he wasn’t at much risk of losing, although he was challenged. I’m skeptical anyone can beat Sadulaev if Sadulaev is at his best, but if he is not Snyder is the guy to beat him (cardio for days, big strength advantage, quick finishes...if he can tire Sadulaev he can win)
    125 KG - Gwiz was outclassed but he performed way better than the last time he wrestled Aghul. Taha is absolutely amazing. His reattacks for a guy his size are mind blowing. I think Gwiz has dramatically improved his late match tactics and is all but a lock for world bronze unless he gets a terrible draw. I think there are only 2 guys who beat him most of the time.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to spladle08 in What we learned at Dogu   
    You get no disagreement here. #WellDone
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    Nicky_Pipes got a reaction from Katie in Yasar Dogu 2019 Day Three Bracket Reactions   
    Great breakdown  by the Flo's Nomad. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6528603-yasar-dogu-2019-day-three-bracket-reactions
    JB: JB starts off with the young Hungarian Csaba Vida, a Junior Euro bronze in 2016 and 2017. A win there puts him in the quarters against Taimuraz Salkazanov, originally from Russia but now competing for Slovakia, where he was U23 world champ last year at 70kg. His semi should be against Yakup Gor of Turkey, a world bronze in 2015 and silver the year before down at 70kg. He was Yarygin runner-up earlier this year and bronze at the Kolov, but did not face Burroughs at the latter.  
    PD3: Very interested to see PD3 against the younger talent in the bracket. Starting in the quarters against Deepak Punia of India. The 2016 Cadet world champ and 2018 Junior world silver has a good deal of international experience despite being just 20 years old. A win there puts him in the semis against 2016 Junior world silver Osman Gocen of Turkey.
    Cox:  J'den has already locked up the 1 seed for worlds. In the semis will be either JR world bronze Erhan Yaylaci of Turkey or U23 world champ Shamil Zubairov of Azerbaijan. The likely finals opponent is Ibrahim Bolukbasi of Turkey, a 2016 Olympian who was third at the Kolov this year.
    Snyder: Placement for Snyder gets him the 1 seed at worlds. Possible finals opponent for Snyder should be  Aslanbek Alborov (AZE), who is 2-2 all-time against him.  Alborov always wrestles Kyle tough and slows down the pace of the match, hopfully Kyle opens up and gets to his leg attacks. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Keisha_Phillips in Zain should do the right thing   
    Stay on the college board Cinnabon