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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to pamela in Bigger Ringer   
    No different from Taylor, I suppose. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Sublime607 in Anthony Echemedia Commits to Ohio State   
    Talk of hiking trips and priests all in 1 thread never has a happy ending 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to ptz305 in Blair?   
    Good point, I'm not really sure how to define it, maybe as perennial top 20-25 programs on the National level. Not simply dominating in state, but producing national level heavy hitters throughout the line-up. 
    Suriano - Yes. 
    Ashnault - No, but I could be wrong. While South Plainfield is very good, I think their national success during his time was more of the result of a monster senior class. Again, could be wrong. 
    Lewis - No, I don't think Bound Brook is a perennial top 25 team in the country, though they have an awesome program, they don't show up in the rankings every year. 
    Valencia - No, SJB does not appear regularly in the rankings, though some of their individuals do and they are stacked right now. Either way, his brother serves as the counter argument. 
    Nickal - Maybe, but again, this seems like a team that pops up on occasion and not year after year after year. I can't really think of any other D1 type guys from this school. 
    While all of these programs are awesome, they have not been on the same level as Blair, BC, SPG, Sem, St. Eds, DCC, Montini, for years and years on end. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to BobDole in Mergers and Acquisitions   
    Everyone hates Duke and Christian Laettner.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to 1032004 in Mergers and Acquisitions   
    One other that would make sense geographically (and where there are already 2 separate clubs) would be NC State/Wolfpack and UNC/Tar Heel.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to CoachWrestling in Penn State / Navy vs. Ohio State / Stanford   
    Stanford is much better than Navy. Like MUCH better. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Frank_Rizzo in FLO's infatuation with Seth Gross   
    Jordan Kutler will beat Mark Hall this year.  Hall peaked his freshman year.  
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in FLO's infatuation with Seth Gross   
    This will all sort itself out. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in Iowa: Undisputed Portal Kings of College Wrestling   
    Iowa is powered by PA guys and transfers.  Makes you wonder about the quality of Iowa homegrown wrestlers.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Iowa: Undisputed Portal Kings of College Wrestling   
    You know what... fair play to Brands.  
    For someone that's so seemingly old school, he's been the most successful early adapter of the "portal era."  I would not have guessed that a few years ago.  
    Iowa was already looking great next year... now they could be:
    125) Lee
    133) Teasdale
    141) DeSanto
    149) Eierman
    157) Young
    165) Marinelli / Brands
    174) Kemerer / Brands
    184) Assad / Brands
    197) Warner
    285) Cassioppi

    Woof.  That is a salty lineup. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to pamela in Jaydin eierman   
    Murin should transfer to PSU.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in Jaydin eierman   
    Pretty sure he's at 74Kg for NYAC. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to calot in Willie at Flo   
    Rokfin is similar to YouTube you put up content on Rokfin and are paid for your content in RAE tokens.Willie has his own company called MatScouts and his content will be put on Rokfin.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to yonz_g in Iowa: Undisputed Portal Kings of College Wrestling   
    He announced it officially. Transfer still pending.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Lurker in Iowa: Undisputed Portal Kings of College Wrestling   
    Is Eireman to Iowa done?
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to pamela in Jimmy Cinnabon   
    Zain wins worlds, then the next day a guy named Johnny Krispy Kreme comes along and starts trolling the boards.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to cjc007 in Adam Busiello enters transfer portal...where to?   

    Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk

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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in U23 Discussion   
    Stay on A and you'll get Greg Kerkvliet too.
    The next match on A is the guy who has to win to bring back Berge.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in U23 Discussion   
    Mat A has semi finals right now.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in U23 Discussion   
    Bo's next opponent won U23 Gold last year and finished 3rd at Yasar Dogu this year. He lost to J'Den Cox at YD. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Sublime607 in ASU wrestle off   
    Busiello I think struggles in college. It seems like he has had a hard time adjusting to jumps in weight classes the last few years and I just dont see much of a ceiling as I once did.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Housebuye in U23 Discussion   
    Didn’t he have a 4 pointer? I wasn’t counting but I thought he has criteria 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Ogalthorpe Haywood in What does an athlete make at a RTC?   
    They can stay on their parents health insurance until they are 28 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to FishfinderAK in 2020 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Trials   
    Stubhub has about 150 tix left. I checked that tickmaster link provided, shortly after the went on sale, and they said sold out already. But bought ours on stubhub.

    I’ve been keeping an eye on the price and availability. Similar tix to the ones we bought are now 3x as expensive.

    My son and I have nvr been to a big tournament. We’re coming down from Alaska and super excited!
    There’s gonna be unbelievable matches all day both days!

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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to tbert in Who's #1   
    Poor challenge...he had santiago gassed
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