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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to wrestlingnerd in Askren in the transfer portal   
    I see it more as blocking Rudis than making up for Willie. I for one went from only listening to Flo podcasts when Askren and Rowlands had their show, to not listening to any podcasts, to only listening to the Rudis podcasts. I thought the Rudis podcasts were the best wrestling podcasts ever so I'm bummed they will end. Matt Dernlan was a very solid partner to Askren.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to boconnell in Too many teams/wrestlers ranked   
    If it's a problem for you then stop reading after 12 and don't watch Session 5 at NCAAs.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in Penn State and Wilkes Open   
    Based on Mark's interviews it sounded like he's going to compete a full folkstyle schedule and if he wins NCAA's, make the decision then on whether he wants to throw his hat in the ring.  
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in Penn State and Wilkes Open   
    I think Penn State has essentially made the Wilkes Open their 16th competition date. I am no expert on the competition date rules  but I think if 6 or more wrestlers compete attached then it is a competition date and that seems to be the case at the Wilkes Open on December 22nd. Seems like all the meaningful wrestlers will be competing there, some attached and others not as they are in redshirt except a few wrestlers headed elsewhere. Shakur Rasheed is registered for Wilkes, but at 184. I wouldn't make too much of that. Brady Berge will compete. Even Matt Lee representing the NLWC will be there. Carter Starocci, Joe Lee and Seth Nevills as well. Even Mark Hall who I had previously thought would be at the US Open, he is registered too. 
    US Open: Nick Lee, Vincenzo Joseph, Aaron Brooks, and Anthony Cassar
    The Southern Scuffle: Michael Beard
    It almost looks to me like the Wilkes Open is a wrestle off opportunity for 125 and 149.
    One other interesting note, Adam Busiello is competing at Wilkes at 149. 
    A thread on the PSU board lays all this out. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Cruiser94 in Iowa is peaking too early   
    Iowa is wrestling very well. They are a very good team.
    It is a little early into the season to be worried about peaking to soon.
    Should be a great tournament. Iowa should be the clear favorites right now.
    If PSU gets some guys back, they can make things interesting. However, with their light schedule we really won't know what they have until halfway through B1G duals.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to russelscout in Iowa is peaking too early   
    Maybe, but plenty were making that pick. I dont think it was a huge surprise, but thats just my opinion.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in Iowa is peaking too early   
    Iowa will break the all time NCAA scoring record this year. They might have 7 or 8 Champs! Book it. 
    Nobody is even close to being in their league. Hawkeyes rule. 
    Just so long as they don't shoot themselves in the kneecap. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to nom in A peek inside grey-shirting   
    Redfan - pls - stop.  Facts are not welcome  when people enjoy putting down programs or people.  Freakin unbelievable.  (Eyeroll)
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to nom in A peek inside grey-shirting   
    You likely didn’t notice the mention of two Princeton wrestlers since it doesn’t fit with your narrative. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to VakAttack in Best 125/133 Iowa combo...   
    Probably 2010.
    125:  McDonough
    133:  Dennis
    141:  Montell Marion
    149:  Metcalf
    157:  Kerr
    165:  Morningstar
    174:  Borschel
    184:  Keddy
    197:  Beatty
    HW:  Erekson
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to russelscout in Sorensen   
    That hurts. Brandon is really a great guy and has been such a hard working, humble, and positive person all around. I'll definitely be thinking of him. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TFBJR in Sorensen   
    Bad news for a class act.  Best of luck to him. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in CKLV   
    Their 157 field is stacked. Flo had projected seeds that would pit Teemer against Hidlay in the quarters. I think that will be rough on Jacori. They also have Colin Purinton projected to the 1 seed. What?
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to uncle bernard in Brands vs Smith   
    Joe is more talented, but Nelson has a fight in him that you can't teach. Give me Brands.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Billyhoyle in Russia 2020   
    The athletes will still be able to compete, just not officially under the Russian flag. It's not really a penalty that matters at all.  
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to nhs67 in Russia 2020   
    Looks like Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia just became the three favorites for 2020.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in Penn State should "punt" this season   
    The way their line up eligibility falls, there are no punts in PSU's foreseeable future. Next year's class will; have used both their grey shirts and redshirts, and there isn't another Olympic redshirt for 4 more years. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in “Dark horse” champ   
    Best he's ever looked.  CKLV will be telling for him.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in “Dark horse” champ   
    Outside of the top 5....
    Tariq Wilson
    Real Woods
    Boo Lewallen
    Sammy Sasso
    David Carr
    Shane Griffith
    Trent Hidlay
    Dakota Geer
    Anthony Cassioppi
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to NJDan in Does Koll care about streaks   
    Hammerlock is referring to a national  title. Koll, it seems, may be sacrificing the team's success this year by ORS-shirting guys in order to have a  great team next year or even the year after.
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    Nicky_Pipes got a reaction from TBar1977 in LOL @ Penn State   
    First and most important, great win for ASU. It was amazing to see the enviroment at the sun devil venue, AZ wresting is growing in popularity year over year and it is great to see. 
    As far as why Cael wanted to move the dual, i can only speculate...but here is my thought. I think Cael had full intensions on making the first semester  as "easy" as possible so his athletes could focus on chasing an olmpic qualification spot, and get healthy. Cenzo, Hall, Cassar were all expected to split time with folk and free this year (Hall no longer) and based on the current PSU schedule, this dual was the only real test for them until late January. instead of using Olypic redshirts, Cael tried to minipulate his schedule during the first half of the year so his athletes could focus on Freestyle a bit more. on top of that, I'm sure Cael new Shakur woudn't be available and that Berge would be coming off of a u23 summer and we saw the effect that had on Hidlay early last season. 
    No Scuffle, Midlands or CKLV for PSU this year... without that ASU dual, the top competion prior to the new year would have been Lehigh on 12/6. PSU will not  even see a solid b10 school untill the end of Janaury. i think there is no doubt that the schedule was strategiclly planned to get the team healthy and ready for the US open... then the focus on the NCAA team title. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to spladle08 in Make your Olympic team picks   
    I'll play. 

    I'm a homer and Love FIX but I think its a toss between he and Gilman. 
    Gross looked great and I understand the love from everyone, but he was 1 second from losing to Suriano, if he doesn't get that tilt, is the hype train still at the station.

    Yainni..... JO, Zain, Frank are all great, but I see him as the most complete of our reps.  JO is similar but has 0 gas tank, and mentally or whatever refuses to wrestle 6 minutes. 
    Zain remains Metcalf Junior, solid enough to win domestically but meh, not many expectations due to limited attacks. Frank is frank, also limited attacks but small, and tough to score on. 
    I think Yainni is our best bet at a medal, but one bad/good weekend opens the door for any of these 4. 

    JB... as much as its fun to say Dake has gained this tremendous confidence by beating Jabril Hasanov, I've watched JB go to war with Chamizo and Sidakov, and elite elite. people, either winning or losing by the slimmest of margins.  i know the stigma of a non olympic weight can be blown out of proportion, but Hasanov would legit be 4th domestically. I honestly don't see him having lost a step, and apparently i don't see Dake in this new majestic light everyone else, does. He's had some close matching with Valencia and RInger over the last 2 years and I think most would agree JB is better than them. I think it's a war but i like JB to hold serve. 

    Cox: I still believe he goes down. DT has been on the shelf so that puts him a little further back, but honestly I wouldnt favor a healthy and active DT, much less one coming off the bench.... Cox wrestles this weight and puts up a memorable performance come the Olympics. 

    SNyderman: I think Nickal could add some intrigue and I genuinely wouldnt be surprised if he pulls the upset.  If Bo goes down.  Obviously there is 0 intrigue and its as clear cut as it gets.  but predicting against SNyder seems foolish. 

    Gable. We've see the Gwiz show. and it's been close with Gable to this point..... i think a year of wrestling men, and concentrating FS. willl give ole Gable to little bit of separation he needs. I don't think we have a chance of beating the top 2 guys here, but whoever we send will be capable of a Bronze. 

    THats my story and I'm sticking to it. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to pamela in Bigger Ringer   
    No different from Taylor, I suppose. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Sublime607 in Anthony Echemedia Commits to Ohio State   
    Talk of hiking trips and priests all in 1 thread never has a happy ending 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to ptz305 in Blair?   
    Good point, I'm not really sure how to define it, maybe as perennial top 20-25 programs on the National level. Not simply dominating in state, but producing national level heavy hitters throughout the line-up. 
    Suriano - Yes. 
    Ashnault - No, but I could be wrong. While South Plainfield is very good, I think their national success during his time was more of the result of a monster senior class. Again, could be wrong. 
    Lewis - No, I don't think Bound Brook is a perennial top 25 team in the country, though they have an awesome program, they don't show up in the rankings every year. 
    Valencia - No, SJB does not appear regularly in the rankings, though some of their individuals do and they are stacked right now. Either way, his brother serves as the counter argument. 
    Nickal - Maybe, but again, this seems like a team that pops up on occasion and not year after year after year. I can't really think of any other D1 type guys from this school. 
    While all of these programs are awesome, they have not been on the same level as Blair, BC, SPG, Sem, St. Eds, DCC, Montini, for years and years on end. 
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