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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Ryan-Warner in "John Smith was My Hero" - Tom Brands   
    Hey guys,
    Here is a podcast I recorded with Coach Brands two weeks ago. He drops a ton of stories on Gable, the Steiners and his run at Iowa, but two of the most interesting were:
    Brands talking about his respect for John Smith and Brands' rivalry with Alan Fried.   Here is the link to listen.
    Ryan Warner
    Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to JBluegill133 in Freestyle Day Two discussion thread   
    Tough one for Burroughs.  How about that shot/lace defense by Cox?!  I read a stat that he hasn't been taken down in over a year.  
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to wrestlingnerd in Japan’s Lightweight Depth   
    Thank God the Japanese are too patriotic to represent other countries so we only ever have to worry about one per weight. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to ConnorsDad in Japan’s Lightweight Depth   
    Yep, and it is even worse on the wonen's side.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to maligned in (DAY 6) Mensah-Stock, Miracle and (men) Retherford, Fix   
    Likely opponents in order at 65--just to get to the final:
    I'm sorry...that's a terrible draw.
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    Nicky_Pipes got a reaction from spladle08 in (DAY 6) Mensah-Stock, Miracle and (men) Retherford, Fix   
    That caught my eye as well... this bottom side is unreal
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to maligned in Day 5 (women)...Burkert, Ragan, Molinari, Gray   
    On we roll...Day 5 draws:
    Burkert has Hockova of the Czech Republic, then probably 2018 U23 5th place from Russia, and finally #1 Rong of China in the quarters.
    Ragan has Lysak of Ukraine and then #2 Morais of Canada. 
    #1 Molinari gets Nguyen of Vietnam and then potentially 2-time medalist Mattsson of Sweden.
    #2 Gray has a young Italian first round followed by the winner of two previous 69/70kg bronze medalists up in weight.
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    Nicky_Pipes got a reaction from Housebuye in Best anticipated matches in Nursultan   
    Hopefully Zain is drawn into the top side of the bracket. I like his style match-up vs. Bajrang and the top side is going to have far less competitors in it. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to 77again in Schedule and Streaming   
    Those times are Kazak time. Subtract 10 hours for EST. Preliminary rounds will begin at 1am on east coast and run until 6am. Stock up on mountain dew.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to GoNotQuietly in PrEDictions   
    I like what you did with the title there, and definitely Geduev was suspect
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Husker_Du in How does Flo not hire ...   
    i remember when everything on flo was free and you still said we sucked lol 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to jchapman in Accept Yianni for what he is,   
    Schultz was way more hairier than Yanni.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to TBar1977 in If Rob Koll had become the Penn State Coach?   
    In hindsight, surprised Koll didn't file a lawsuit over National Duals. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to wrestfan in Examples of clearly ridiculous calls   
    Franklin Gomez vs Ikhtiyar Novruzov. the same Olympics. the same day. the same video review Russian guy.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to freestyle_fan in 2019 World Championships - Top Contender, Challengers and Underdog   
    Hi All,
    I know we have 6 more weeks to go for 2019 World Championships, but why not share our thoughts on contenders, challengers and underdogs. I took a first stab at, this is just my opinion, your thoughts/comments are welcome!
    Few Disclaimers before i start:
    * Yianni vs Zain on 2nd Sept
    * My underdog picks more specific to winning GOLD.
    Top Contender: Nurislam (Artas) SANAYEV 
    Challengers: Zaur Uguev (RUS), Yuki Takahasi (JPN)
    Under Dog: Daton Fix (USA)
    Top Contender: YBR (Cuba)
    Challengers: Magomedrasul IDRISOV
    Under Dog: Tyler Graff (USD), Rahul Aware (IND)
    Top Contenders: Bajrang (IND), Otoguro (JPN)
    Challengers: Akhmad Chakaev/ Rashidov(RUS), Haji Aliyev (AZE)
    Under Dog: Zain/Yianni

    Top Contenders: David Baev(RUS), Adam Batirov (BRN)
    Challengers: Zurabi Iakobishvli (GEO)
    Under Dog: Kaipanov (KAZ)
    Top Contender:  Sidakov(RUS)
    Challengers: Frank Chamizo (ITA), JB (USA)
    Under Dog: Yakup Gor/Soner Demirtas (TUR)
    Top Contender: Kyle Dake (USA)
    Challengers: Nabiev(RUS), Hasanov (AZE)
    Under Dog: Ali Shabanau(BLR)
    Top Contender: Hassan Yazdani (IRI)
    Challengers: Artur Naifnov(RUS), Boriz Makoev (SLV)
    Under Dog: Fatih Erdin (TUR),Deepak Punia (IND)
    Top Contenders: J'Den Cox
    Challengers: Sharifov (AZE), Jabrailov(RUS)
    Under Dog: Karimi (IRI)
    Top Contender: Sadulaev (RUS)
    Challengers: Snyder (USA), Aliaksandr Hushtyn(BLR)
    Under Dog: Gatsalov (Aremnia)
    Top Contender:  Geno Petriashivilli
    Challengers: Taha Akgul, RUS
    Under Dog: Gwiz
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in 2019 World Championships - Top Contender, Challengers and Underdog   
    nice! solid list. i think the olympic weights are going to be incredibly deep because Olympic qualifying spots are on the line, and that may cause some guys to change weights from where you have them, but they're all studs regardless. also Gadhzimagomedov at 79kg is done for the year and won't be competing in Kazakhstan. 
  17. Haha
  18. Haha
    Nicky_Pipes reacted to ionel in When is the match?   
    maybe a pig tail in the World bracket?  ;_;
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to jeffrideal in Junior Worlds   
    Brutal leglace, that kid was limping. 
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to The Genius in Junior Worlds   
    Carr. Wow.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to Housebuye in Junior Worlds   
    Russia up 90 to 70 going into the semis today. 
    Only 1 head to head in next session (Hidlay). This is a must win as it is +10 for USA and caps Russia at only 5 more point at the weight. 
    Russia still has 2 finalists (10 potential points), 3 going for bronze (15 potential points), 2 maybe in repachage (30 potential points) and 2 in semis (30 potential points) for a total of 85 points up for grabs. 1 guy is eliminated.
    USA has 1 finalist (5 potential points) and 5 in semis (75 potential points), so 80 up for grabs. 4 guys are eliminated. 
    If Hidlay wins his semi vs Russia, that means:
    USA will be down by 10 (instead of 20) and be able to score an additional 65 points. 
    Russia will be up by 10 (instead of 20) and will be able to score an additional 75 points.
    If USA sweeps the semis and Russia loses both semis:
    USA will be beating Russia 120-90
    USA will be able to score an additional 30 points 
    Russia will be able to score an additional 65 points
    If USA sweeps the semis and Russia only loses the Hidlay match, that means:
    USA will be beating Russia 120-100
    USA will be able to score an additional 30 points 
    Russia will be able to score an additional 65 points
    USA essentially has to sweep the semis to have a chance at winning. The most important match is Hidlay vs Russia. 
    We also are heavily relying on Germany to take out Russia in the semis at 92 (would reduce Russia's point potential by 10)
    Iran to beat Russia at 125 (would reduce Russia' point potential by 10)
    Most importantly, outside of the US winning their matches,, the US needs AZE  to beat UKR at 61 KG (would reduce Russia's point potential by 15)
    This is just a review of USA vs Russia. Iran is still in the race, but with a a few wins (with the right combination) in the semis, USA will lock up 2nd place at a minimum. 
    If the USA does sweep the semis, it will by far be our best performance at junior worlds ever. We've never had 6 finalists. It would also be weird to have nobody even wrestling for bronze, but 6 wrestling for gold. on top of that, the most credentialed American (brooks) would not be one of the medalists.
    Realistically, the US is a heavy underdog, but in play. A top 2 finish after yesterday's performance would be a major win in my opinion.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to spladle08 in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    Real talk though. Timing, as many of you have speculated is likely the main hindering factor.
    But injury is a tasty secondary option.

    Guess we will see how arbitration goes.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to justafan in This is Weird: Jaydin Eierman replacing Zain Retherford   
    With the hearing being August 8 and Pan Ams Aug 7-10. Zain couldn't go to Pan Ams then lose arbitration and have Yianni Aug 17 in Texas.I think he wins arbitration.But I understand him not wanting to risk it
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to spladle08 in Yanni vs Pico   
    Solid analysis. Well thought out and thorough.... I see youre newer to the boards, hope you enjoy em.
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    Nicky_Pipes reacted to spladle08 in Poland 74kg   
    Just checked it was 86kg with Naifinov winning it and Kurugliev taking Bronze.

    But like you I want to see that Sidakov match, its going to be close, will be interesting if he doesnt make the team.
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