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    cowboychuck reacted to pamela in With these recruits is it "do or die" time for John Smith?   
    Iowa has Gable-era fans with sky high expectations who don’t think Brands is on the hot seat at all. Smith has arguably produced a similar range of results, still pulls big name recruits, puts seats in the stands, gets along with his AD, manages a solid APR and has lower expectations from his fanbase and he’d be on the hot seat why? Oh also he’s a 6 time world/Olympic medalist, hall of fame inductee, had a Hodge winner just a few seasons ago and owns the Big 12 & Oklahoma. Now I see why you’re asking.
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    cowboychuck reacted to Lurker in Fix should have been on the backside   
    Correct. Your two instances a few years apart, and nothing more, is pretty much what I meant when I said we’ve seen it 1000 times before. 
    I noticed you conveniently skipped over the question of whether or not you have ever reffed. 
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    cowboychuck reacted to jammen in The Piccininni   
    That would be the Lee:
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    cowboychuck reacted to scramble in Chandler Rogers Odd Man Out....   
    It also seems that the way it is being looked at is if Smith will let Rogers go up and wrestle off since he let JoJo wrestle Chandler for his spot.  It also keeps being implied he did it because it was his son and he wanted to get him in lineup.  My question is if it wasn't his son would he have just made a coaches decision like often happens in college.  
    He sees those guys every day in the room.  When coaches make those moves they are usually pretty confident if what the outcome will be.  For that reason many times there isn't even a wrestle off.  If JoJo wasn't his son would he have just put him in over Rogers.  These things happen.  Look at Nevils situation. Maybe he had the wrestle off to give Chandler an opportunity.  A opportunity he wouldn't have had if it wouldn't have been his son.  To me John didn't just hand JoJo the spot.  He had to get the weight down and win a 2 of 3 wrestle off.  It seems to me he put extra barriers in place that JoJo had to get around that others wouldn't have had to go through because it was his son. 
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    cowboychuck reacted to ionel in Why do people hate Cael?   
    well except for the fact that he is cheating, so thus according to you then sorta is the same 
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    cowboychuck reacted to boconnell in Mckee/Brock style   
    Brock is coached by youtube highlights is one of the greatest pieces of wrestling analysis I've ever heard.  
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