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  1. Correction: *Protests/riots: 1,450 No further comment.
  2. Are you deliberately ignoring the protests and riots that have been allowed to go on?
  3. I am in the minority group too. You probably mean well, but have some respect and decency please. I am a big believer that everyone should be held to the same standard. Thank you. Now let's talk wrestling.
  4. If you want to compare... Let's see: Marinelli beat Shield in a decision 4-1, while Josheph beat him in a major decision 11-2. Not in the same universe, if you want to compare. BTW, Wick had Marinelli beat in the last match until in the middle of the 3rd quarter until backpack couldn't hang on anymore, eerily similar to his 133-lb cousin vs. Fix. Just sayin...
  5. And Lee didn't duck Rivera either, right?
  6. Maybe because this might be the first time he will have a potential undefeated season. When you have a loss(es) in your record, the luster and intimidation disappear and people will think you are beatable, e.g., Lee.
  7. Lizak had a lot of majors, techs and falls too... So what's your point?
  8. I guess you don't see any similarities between Wick and Lizak then? Gotcha...
  9. Are you purposely trying to be annoying? Although not in the Big 10, Marsteller was a harder out than a one-trick-pony Wick.
  10. Nickal's Moonbeam (to Dan Gable) pin
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