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  1. As you can imagine, all of us in Kentucky are very disappointed that the best high school wrestler out of Kentucky and the greatest 220 of all time did not score a point at the NCAA's. I was especially disappointed knowing that he is as old as my kids were as redshirt juniors. We expect better things out of him next year If you would like to know what MACtruck really thinks about the Olympic champ, below is a quote of his from the Kentucky site. "SNYDER WAS NOT.HURT LOL he grabbed his.rib because he was gassed and Kroells was working him on top .Did he grab it later after he launched Medberry ??? Nope .Did OSU ever say he had a broken rib ???NOPE." "Lol hes hardly injured no one made fun of him and.as he was strolling the streets of st louis afterwards he looked in fine health." He also doesn't think much of their new heavyweight recruit. "Lol being a 4x NHSCA finalist double AA and 2x Freestyle AA at 220 and.heavy going undefeated all 3 yrs at nat duals DOUBLE OW WINNER AT CEN REG and wrestling a bunch of non.ranked ohio wrestlers is the same right ?Of course if eds would have been so.happy with their prosepects they wouldnt have tried so.hard to get Austin even after he came to KY .When your an ohio jr high ow winner youth tulsa champ NHSCA wrestler of the year and.flo champ in.the same.week 4x undefeated state champ . Do.you really sweat a 1 x champ who got pinned 3 x in one week last yr from a state that you dominated since you were 6 .Im.sure he will have fun at 197." "It will take.campbell about 2.5 seconds to decide he is a great 197 lber thats about how long it takes to view Austin and.that trash talk he throws around on social media will only earn him the ass beating of his life if he goes that route with Austin lol ." -2 This guy has been a cancer everywhere that he has went.
  2. Well the rest of the wrestling world finally got to see who Mac Truck, Achilles, Phenom X2, Massive, etc., etc. etc. really is. I am pretty sure he is PD II's brother separated at birth. The biggest difference is PD III, is actually pretty good. Being from Southwest Ohio / Northern Kentucky we have put up with his ramblings for years. Any time something doesn't go his way there is always an excuse. Let's look back at some of them. Coaches, injury, racist ref, son's girlfriend, coaches, wife, horses (spent too much on their medication), coaches, cheating ref, rankers, coaches. Anyone see a common theme here? Wherever he has taken his sons, chaos has ensued. Took his poor kids to 4 different high schools. Moeller OH (left because of coaches), Reading OH (left because of coaches), Grant County KY (left because of coaches) and finally Campbell County KY. Stayed there, not sure why. Maybe because there were a lot of parents there that cared about all of the kids and supported his family tremendously. That he would come on here and throw out allegations about a team that gave his son a shot just may be his lowest point yet. I can guarantee you Sammy knew exactly what he was doing when he agreed to his release. Mac Truck may have know what he was doing as well. His son does not make it to the big show coming out of the Big 12. Kind of like why he moved to Kentucky. Both son's were very good in high school, but would not have been a 4 time undefeated state champ wrestling in Ohio. So I ask the wrestling community to not look down on Southwest Ohio and Kentucky wrestling because of this one individual. There is another kid from his same high school who is very humble, hard working and his dad makes no excuses. His name is Sean Fausz and wrestles for NC State. You also have Joey Ward from Cincinnati who wrestles for North Carolina. Please look at these guys when you judge the area, not some lunatic.
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