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  1. I called ESPN support. The guy told me multi-view would be 2-3 mats with audio on one mat and they would be constantly switching. He didn't sound very confident so I'm not either. I will have 8 screens available but I was hoping I could possibly get a quad with the same mats (1-4) on a big screen tv and use 4 of the larger monitors for the other mats (5-8).
  2. Doesn't matter how big the screen is if it only shows 4 mats and ESPN changes them constantly. I have 8 monitors. I'll be prepared regardless.
  3. I only see one multi-view screen listed on ESPN + site.
  4. I watched Big 12 and there were only 4 mats total so a quad screen worked fine. They weren't switching any mats. If they use a quad screen with 8 mats I would think ESPN picks and switches the mats to whatever they want unless they use two quad screens with mats 1-4 on one and another with mats 5-8.
  5. How would that work? 2 laptops and 2 monitors/tvs doesn't seem like enough. I want all 8 mats at the same time. I have the ability to set up 8 different monitors connected to multiple computers but If I can get it done with less, I might do that. I am usually at the tournament so I have never streamed it and don't know how multiview works. I would assume they have 4 mats at the most and ESPN switches whenever they feel like it. I don't want that. Maybe I just don't understand how the multiview works since I've never used it.
  6. Jaroslav, I don't really care how the rankings play out. I follow flo rankings and sometimes have a different opinion but never feel the need to complain about it. I don't know the exact words you used but my understanding of what you said about an injury default not counting against a wrestler is that a lower ranked wrestler would not jump a higher ranked wrestler in the event of an injury default by the higher ranked wrestle and this would be applied consistently across the board. Maybe that interpretation is wrong. As a hypothetical situation, if the RBY/AD match was half way through the third period, there had been no indication of injury up to that point, and RBY was winning something like 12-2 or 11-3 (clearly in control), then the injury occurred. Would you keep the rankings the same?
  7. Track shows NATO as winner by tech
  8. Sorry, I didn't read much of the other posts on this thread but this event is a complete flop this year. I'm not sure I will ever have interest in it again. I definitely will not pay for it.
  9. https://www.nbcnews.com/video/ohio-state-wrestlers-share-emotional-descriptions-of-alleged-abuse-1275836995600
  10. I could be wrong but I don't think it is a full time job. Ohio State wrestling strength coach, Dustin Meyers, runs a gym 1/2 hour away from the Buckeyes training facility. I have no idea what Ohio State pays him but I'm pretty sure he spends more time at his gym more than he does with the Buckeyes.
  11. It's what plants crave. It's got electrolytes.
  12. I was wondering the same thing yesterday. I don't know the answer but i would think it was before high school.
  13. Toledo - Greg Wojciechowski http://www.toledoblade.com/sports/2012/07/01/1980-boycott-kept-Toledoan-from-fulfilling-his-dream.html
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