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  1. It may be a good story to tell to children, but in reality, this is a case of health mismanagement of a young adult probably on scholarship. If he were JB or some other adult professional athlete, fine, play on stilts if you want. But Lee is a junior in college. Aren't coaches supposed to look out for student athletes' wellbeing?
  2. Won't that create a logjam with recruits?
  3. He just beat #2 but Kemerer is tough...
  4. It might also mean the end of folk style.
  5. Separate. D1 schools keep dropping programs. Plus, with COVID we see different clubs organizing matches to stream.
  6. Even without Covid, doesn't it seem that D1 wrestling is headed to a club concept like Europe and others?
  7. Totally agree and I have watched most of the recent events including the NLWC events. But they're not the same as a college dual. And if they can do the NLWC events, why can't colleges just follow the same format? There has to be some planning in place now, otherwise there won't be college wrestling this year.
  8. There is nothing on the boards of any value about college wrestling. Nothing from the schools except the bad news about another program being dropped. Why aren't the coaches at least releasing information about what they know about the upcoming season, how everyone is doing, etc. Even Flo is sucking wind right now.
  9. Anyone know when they go on sale?
  10. I get very frustrated when watching Gross wrestle. The constant ankle "hang on" and dive throughs, again grabbing ankles is kind of annoying. I know scrambling is part of the sport, but I find it hard to watch.
  11. Stalling discussions are just too circular. All wrestlers stall when they have to.
  12. I went to Penn State years ago and have always followed them as my team.
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