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  1. You're right! I make this mistake sometimes. I bet more people say PIN number than just PIN. But the point of the thread is still a good discussion area.
  2. Completely agree. I'm not sure why Flo generates such visceral reactions. How can anyone argue with their expanded content - partnership with BTN, numerous duals, replays, interviews, films for $150/year - compared to other subscriptions for streaming, a bargin.
  3. Notable names missing, Spencer Lee, Vincenzo Joseph, Michael Kememer. Do they not have enough matches?
  4. At least the same room can be used for women.
  5. Agree. I once heard John Smith say some years ago that he was having trouble recruiting because HS wrestling in OK had gone down in quality and he said college wrestling recruiting was mostly regional. I keep hearing about HS programs in FL and GA, that is a good sign.
  6. How is BIG able to do it? Granted, traditionally all the original schools in BIG had wrestling and the schools they added already had wrestling programs. But many of the schools in the ACC did once have wrestling, such as Syracuse and Clemson.
  7. I agree. It would be great if Syracuse and Clemson reinstated wrestling. They have good histories.
  8. I agree that the six teams is great for the sport. But the ACC could send a big signal if they mandated that all schools have a wrestling program.
  9. I watched the Virginia/Pitt dual on the "Friday Night Duals" on the ACC Network. They made the statement that the ACC is the second best conference for wresting. I say, if you want to approach the status of the Big Ten, every school in the ACC needs to add wrestling, just like BIG.
  10. What drives me crazy is when the ref calls stalling on the bottom man when the top guy sits on top with a parallel ride.
  11. Agree 1000% https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6568185-2020-oklahoma-state-vs-wyoming-ncaa-wrestling/videos?playing=6693656&limit=60
  12. I don't think it is good to compare college basketball overall fan noise versus college wrestling. Basketball is made for loud crowds because there is so much scoring. College wrestling in on the rise. Let's be happy about that.
  13. Flo, BTN, ACCN, Pac12, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, FOX Sports There is wrestling all over TV/streaming. I believe Flo has had a big influence on other stations. Their deal with BTN is great. I also had the chance to watch the "Friday Night Duals" (great name) on ACCN, Well produced, great crowd, good announcers, good graphics and replays. Very professional. It's only going to get better.
  14. I think the PSU coaching staff does a good job at both.
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