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  1. kgschalhoub

    Why Did Sanderson Leave Iowa State For PSU?

    And what about Bono going from SDSU to Wisconsin? Same thing. Coaching is like any other job. You find the best situation for you. There has not been loyalty in employment since the eighties and that includes coaching.
  2. kgschalhoub

    Why Did Sanderson Leave Iowa State For PSU?

    This argument is old and a waste of time. College coaches move around all the time. What did Franklin do to Vanderbult when he left to coach PSU football? How about Sabin? Was Alabama his first and only job? If ISU had really wanted to keep Cael they would have tried harder.
  3. kgschalhoub

    Dual Meets on ESPN

    What will grow the sport is lobbying college ADs. There is no excues for Clemson, Syracuse, the entire SEC and the Pac12 not having wrestling. I suggest a big push to get women's wrestling at these schools, then Title IX is not a factor.
  4. kgschalhoub

    Highest Pace Wrestlers?

    But not high-paced.
  5. kgschalhoub

    Iowa wins Big Ten dual championship

    Forget divisions. They are not working in FB because of the huge imbalance between the East and West. I would just prefer having a mandatory open weekend at the end of the dual meet season and have a final dual between the two best teams that year.
  6. kgschalhoub

    If Suriano had transferred to Iowa instead of Rutgers

    He did not feel comfortable in central PA. Imagine what RBY feels! Suriano wanted to be with his "Jersey boys." So all he's wrestling now is New Jersey wrestlers in the room instead of a more diverse room like PSU and Iowa where he would be challenged more.
  7. kgschalhoub

    Suriano vs Micic

    Suriano has not grown as a wrestler since his freshman year. His shots are still straight on. All he has is tough defense. He does not have the technique to beat Micic
  8. kgschalhoub

    Joseph vs Marinelli

    Once again, for the second year, Joseph gets no respect. All he does is win when it really counts.
  9. kgschalhoub

    Joseph vs Marinelli

    Never count out Joseph.
  10. kgschalhoub

    PSU third period conditioning

    Totally agree. But I also want to add that the physiology of muscle efficiency is largely genetic. I think Cael's team looks for that characteristic when they recruit.
  11. kgschalhoub

    PSU third period conditioning

    I saw this in the tOSU match Friday, and have seen it through Cael's years. It just seems that PSU wrestlers usually out-conditions their opponents and have a distinct advantage in the third period (even Schnupp). How much is it their basic phisiology as athletes and how much can be attributed to the PSU coaching staff's conditioning program?
  12. I believe Title IX had something to do with reducing scholarships.
  13. Weren't scholarships reduced from when Iowa had their run? Might be harder to do it now.
  14. The problem with this argument is that it is very hard to unseat a GOAT. Just look at Jim Brown and Michael Jordan. Cael has been labeled the GOAT and it will be hard to unseat him.