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  1. Totally agree. Who really cares? Plus, many times their streaming issues are really yours for not having adequate internet speed.
  2. I wrestled in HS from 1964 to 1968 and see no substantial improvement from the headgear I wore then. What the NCAA should do is hire an industrial designer and start from scratch. There are many ways one could design a device to protect the ears and not come off. Sometimes a creative design from scratch is the best way.
  3. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/college/2019/06/27/ncaa-wrestling-rules-changes-hair-shorts/1581354001/ Interesting that wrestling made it to a mainstream paper and not just on the sports page, but on the main page.
  4. Now that the NCAA has given women's wrestling a D1 emerging sports status it will be interesting to see who jumps on board. I would like to see the Big 10 endorse it as a conference sport to force the entire conference to add it. Nationally, that would say a lot.
  5. Thanks! Did not know they went to 2 3 3 for a while.
  6. What year did college matches change from 3-3-3 to 3-2-2?
  7. Usually, when people have issues with Flo, it is their wifi, not Flo. I never have a problem with them at home because I have a good system. I watched BTS from a hotel and it froze/buffered a couple of times, but that was the hotel wifi, not Flo. I know this because even FRL stops when I watch from a hotel, but not at home. Streaming is a crap shoot because of download speeds from your provider and bad wifi. If it is important to you, then upgrade.
  8. When a guy is great, be as cocky as he wants. Remember, Askren was accused of being cocky in college, but he delivered. That is the way of sports today and I think it is great! Bulletin board baby!
  9. As a PSU fan, I was disappointed when he left. BUT, you have to give it up to him. The guy is tough as nails. Fix will not beat him. Give him a year at the Olympic training center with Jackson and he will be a world/Olympic champ.
  10. No one gave Bo a chance against Gabe Dean and he won. Different athletes peak at different times. This is especially true once an athlete reaches his twenties. Just because Bo never won any high level earlier FS matches does not mean he cannot do it now. On paper, yes, Cox is the favorite. But that is why they wrestle the matches.
  11. I have five extra tickets in the 200 level just off center. Selling at face value.
  12. The ACC has a great opportunity to make a real statement. ADD TEAMS!!!!!
  13. How about some padding?
  14. The rule does not work. The idea of half-implementing freestyle does not work. I heard Cael say in an interview this season when asked about changing the rule to freestyle that many people like the idea of wrestling on the edge. Until this mindset is eliminated, the rule will never be changed to mimic freestyle.
  15. I started this post to discuss the effect in the arena, not watching on TV. Of course it is not hard on TV. But try with eight mats, in nose bleed seats. That's the point. I get that Oregon started a trend that the young athletes like, but if no one can figure out who they are, then what is the point. And by the way, PSU, Iowa, Northwestern, and many others have traditional one style singlets and they have the same male wrestling demographic.
  16. To me it is all about the fan's ability to view a complicated visual experience at a large wrestling tournament. For duals, wear what ever singlet you want, but not for a three day event. Make it simple for the viewer.
  17. We were at the tournament. We did not have the benefit of ESPN announcers. Plus we were in the upper section. With eight mats it was tough. If not a rule, maybe a request.
  18. My friends and I found the constant changing of singlets annoying and hard to follow from session to session. I would like to see the NCAA make a rule that each team establishes what singlet they are going to wear and wear it for the entire tournament. Thoughts? Did anyone else find it hard to follow teams from session to session?
  19. Totally agree. And why embarrass the kid again when it wasn't necessary.
  20. This is the seating for the Final Four. Does not look like what Ticketmaster is showing for wrestling in 2020. https://seatgeek.com/ncaa-men-s-basketball-final-four-full-strip-tickets/ncaa-basketball/2019-04-06-3-30-am/4325020 I think we will need a telescope!
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