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  1. iGranby

    Cassar vs Stevenson

    Yes, but he never wrestled in the tournament to have a chance at placing top 8. Thats what I was getting at.
  2. iGranby

    Gavin Teasdale update

    You only need 12-14 or so (depending) to be considered full time. In the right college of a university you can definitely do that every semester and graduate on time (with summer classes I'm sure). I gotta think that so long as you're a full time student, attaining the required GPA, and are on track with your graduation plan and eligibility clock then you'd be good to go. Obviously we're talking about athletes here - but if you're not an athlete, or on scholarship/financial aid, etc you could take even just 1 class/3 credit hours a semester. I dont believe theres a minimum credit hour requirement at most schools if youre willing to pay out of pocket.
  3. iGranby

    Iowa ISU Lowdown from Mudlfap

    Yeah, I think comparing ASU and Oklahoma is a bit much. You can see a fair improvement on the program since Zeke took over. With Oklahoma you're now seeing one individual who emerging as an AA threat. Whereas the Sundevils will more likely than not have a finalist, and 2ish other AAs - give or take 1. I guess I can see a pattern of building and results at ASU - even if its a bit slower than we all anticipated with the talent theyve brought in. At Oklahoma though it just seems like theyre constantly struggling.
  4. iGranby

    Cassar vs Stevenson

    Thats whats I was getting at lol - neither have had the chance. Clearly a poor attempt at a joke. Oh well.
  5. iGranby

    What's up with the video's on Flo?

    Same problem, I pretty much exclusively use chrome. Both on my Personal Macbook, Work PC and work chromebook. SIdebar: Videos flat out wont start on my Chromebook. Just sits there as a still image. Anyone have any ideas on that? Not a flash issue, because the images come up and im not getting any kind of error with flash or anything.
  6. iGranby

    Cassar vs Stevenson

    Gable till proven otherwise. Neither HAVE EVEN AA'd! ;)
  7. iGranby

    Iowa ISU Lowdown from Mudlfap

    I think he takes the stance of being a hardcore Hawks fan. If youre a fan of a program and it isnt preforming to expectations you question the coach. I love his posts lol.
  8. With some preseeds not entering the tournament I'm sure they had to move some things around - but you'd think that would have been fixed at this point.
  9. iGranby

    OSU vs. Wyoming

    Old thread but idc Fix has shown early on that he can dominate a high level opponent (Lizak) and he can gut out a win vs a high level opponent (Bridges). At this point I cant imagine him finishing lower than 5th. I think Tariq Wilson is the lowest ranked guy I can see Daton losing to. Maybe Pletcher, but honestly I think Daton takes that one too.
  10. I wish rather than CKLV be so loaded - that all 3 of the big tournaments (Scuffle, Midlands, CKLV) had a more even spread. Seems like at least Scuffle will be up this year, but I havent been overly interested in Midlands for a few years now. Anyway, I think 157 will be one of the most telling weights at this tournament. Guys like Deakin, Monday, and Rahmani (to a lesser degree than the other two) could make pretty significant jumps. Pantaleo, and Hayes are guys that could go down here to the likes of the three I mentioned before. I think Berger brings home a title.
  11. iGranby


    If things cant work out at PSU, and he can keep it together/better himself Lock Haven would be a good home. That being said, I really want it to work out for him at PSU. Im a fan.
  12. iGranby

    Nebraska vs Wisconsin

    Im a pretty big Zeke Moisey fan, but I gotta think Brown defaulting was a gift for him. He has not looked sharp for 6 full min yet this season. Think he'll be on point in march (Mid AA) but we'll see.
  13. iGranby

    Flo is on fire w content!

    My favorite thing they seem to be doing more of now is the campus visits. I'd love more facility tours to go along with them - wrestling room and locker rooms obv. But it'd be cool to see the coaches offices, and maybe special amenities that really set programs apart from each other. I've never regretted getting a subscription.
  14. iGranby

    Fix vs Gross/Lizak this weekend

    Right. My point was just that he (Gross) isnt as deficient on his feet as perceived.
  15. iGranby

    Iowa vs Princeton

    No doubt, Ill definitely be tuning in.