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  1. I dont know what that signal/call is relative to the position aside from the Illegal hold sign. Looked like Andonian was using a forearm (his own) lock/hold to try and break down Gomez' right arm. This really confused me live as well.
  2. guys just watch the watch party - its totally sick. Just as good as watching it live.
  3. Cyon Williams is better on the call than Mike Mal. Also, FloArena not working is super cool.
  4. Off topic - but do you think if/when Jaggers takes over that it will be an improvement? No hidden connotations or anything of the sort. Just curious what the outlook of that situation is from someone who is not a fan of Ryan.
  5. This is cool A guy local to me (Columbus, OH area) - named Sam Shalvey does something similar with his social media. I don't look too closely into it, but his posts that I see are pretty good/interesting. He wrestles for Otterbein university.
  6. I thought that Sarah Hildebrandt lived in Colorado, and trained at the OTC.
  7. Sure - My point is simply that if anyone has a chance it is Sammy. How good is his chance? Dont know, not my point. Your point/quesiton is - how can he win? My comment regarding coaching was simply that Tom Ryan is a better coach than me and probably has a better plan than I could think of. Thats all.
  8. Maybe - They also arent competing in a coaching test against one another per say.
  9. Dont know - maybe you cant. Tom Ryan is a better coach than me and Sammy is a better wrestler so Id imagine they have a plan or something. Just saying if I give anyone any shot its Sammy.
  10. I agree - that being said. Similar to how I felt with McKenna, if anyone can do it is our guy.
  11. Not so much quality of content, I think that is a matter of opinion to a degree - but I'll provide I guess an observation on the transformation of the site from my specific perspective. I am sure there have been many similar anecdotes. I was on Flo since roughly 07 or 08. It was super bare at the time compared to now, but it still felt like so much to me. Id honestly credit Flo with helping to restore my love of the sport, as I was super burnt out at the time. I think it helped me become a fan of the sport - not just a wrestler, if that makes sense. I also remember when I found out there were other sites, such as FloSwimming, I thought that was extremely cool. A buddy of mine was a state champ swimmer, and I watched an interview with him on there, it was great. Anyway, I remember just before I first signed up for pro years later, there was still a solid amount of content I had access to that was free - I had the money though, and the premium content at the time (I believe most if not all live events, the films, and the technique were the main selling points of premium/pro) were definitely worth it - still are imo. I simply cannot afford it on my budget to pay the fee all at once. Things though like video interviews, college visit series, some match clips (I think NCAA clips required a sub? Dont know), and even a solid amount of full matches and a few tournaments were all still free at the time, and were great to be able to watch. Just as well, seemed a solid amount of articles were still free as well. Especially in the off season, when I am was not so much "in" the sport - even having a little something to read/watch was solid. So, when it came to pass that I had to cut it from the budget, it was a tough choice - but considering (at least I believed at the time) I'd still have access to some good articles, a decent amount of content on Flo- I could wait out the time until I could swing paying for it. This is no longer the case. I was honestly shocked by how little you all offer for free. It really stinks, being such a big fan of the sport - and your platform being clearly the primary provider of content currently. I am not looking for justification/reasoning/or validation - you cannot/should not offer your entire site for free. Just doesnt make sense, it is fair enough. Just saying, it was a shock lol. Seems the majority of articles, and every maybe 8 out of 10 videos posted require pro. I now visit the site maybe 1x a week only to see what events are happening, simply because I feel there is nothing for me there now as someone without a premium account. I could go on about what I think should be free/shouldnt, site layout...etc, but that really isnt my point. Just providing a view I guess You all are not in the business of handouts, and that is not what I am suggesting you should be - just giving a point of view on how the site has changed over time. Thanks anyone for reading the wall above if you did, if not - whatever. No harm no foul.
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