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  1. You mean... ??? ThE RidDleR!?!?!? >;D ????
  2. What point? I asked a question lol.
  3. Just curious - do you have to have other vaccinations to be employed at NU? I know it is common practice to be required to have all standard vaccinations at most public universities as a student. Not sure about employees.
  4. Just because something is better doesnt mean it is good persay. To each their own, but like others have said just depending on who flo has on the mic I mute. It is simply a matter of opinion.
  5. You hit the nail on the head lol.
  6. Yeah I always mute when malinconico is on the call
  7. I have always thought if they wanted to hire outside they would surely try to get Popolizio.
  8. **Whoosh** - I had to unsub for financial reasons when my time to reup came. I love flo, but I wont be resubscribing, at least for the time being. Mainly because of the lack of college content, even though I am a FS+Women fan.
  9. As far as the recent docs go - I cant speak to the James Green one, have yet to see it. The Penn State doc I thought was cool, but I do agree its a bit odd that you would do a doc on a team that allows you exactly zero access lol. In regard to the podcast, Im open to recommendations - I listen to quite a few and I still find Flo to be the best (again in my opinion).
  10. Gotcha - if thats the case then yeah why not. I agree, at the end of the day the coaches are there to try to win - and why not try to get an NCAA champ added to your squad? I alluded to that in a later post but didnt specify OSU I suppose.
  11. Yeah no doubt - my point is vaguely posting "Dont count out OSU" isnt exactly some big splash thought. You dont exactly need an inside source to speculate that all the High profile schools go after him maybe outside of Iowa, and PSU - hes a national champion lol.
  12. Personally - never had issues with streaming aside from the two biggest issues they ever had - US open (forget what year that was, or maybe it was WTT), and PSU/OK St the one year. I wont speak for others, but again, Ive never had major issues aside from those. Liking people/staff from Flo is personal opinion, and my favorite one left (Bratke) - so I mean idk how to answer this lol. In fact, Id say there are far more of them that I dislike - which Ive mentioned on here several times. Youre not wrong about the camera work - that being said I have seen this issue with essentially every service ive ever streamed wrestling through, and more frequently elsewhere. Their documentaries are great - you cant get better anywhere else in regard to the volume of what they have and the stories theyve covered. Their store of matches is also second to none, as well as the amount of live coverage they offer - again second to none. FRL is still also the best wrestling podcast out there imo, especially now that they got Nomad, and Ollie off of there. I have my issues with them clearly, and I dont even currently hold a subscription - I miss it dearly. Simply couldnt afford it at the time my resub came up. Still think its great overall and worth it (if you can afford it)
  13. He literally knows nothing. "Whats a high profile school that he could slot into that I can get some buzz from?" Aside form filling the slot well he doesnt exactly fit the culture at OSU in my opinion.
  14. To be fair I think Flo does most of their stuff great, and can be worth the money but the advertisements interrupting live action is pretty inexcusable lol. Wouldnt consider that part of the horse thats long been dead.
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