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  1. Most positions at universities do require a bachelors degree yes. Not sure about assistant positions though.
  2. This is a good point - I think it can be curved by having the right assistant(s), though. I understand a lot of people arent fans of Mark Perry - but if you watch his doc on Flo, you have Delgado saying the reason he went to the schools he went to because of Mark Perry - who was an assistant.
  3. I like it when coaches at "smaller" schools make the jump up to the big dogs. Who fits that? I also think Stiener would be a good option with what is happening at Fresno. If things cant be solved at Stanford, maybe Borrelli?
  4. Its funny you say that - I had a sentence typed out about Telford but deleted it lol. He is definitely worse than Eierman.
  5. Yeah - it is hard to say. The Stanford HC said Shane is currently training with the team, and al indications seem to be that they would all prefer to stay at Stanford.
  6. Ah ok - thank you for the clarification! I still personally cant afford to add that at this time, but that is a lot more affordable than how it had been explained to me previously. The first FRL he was on they broke down who he was, what he would be doing...etc. I only remember that he was an upper-weight when he competed, and that he at one point Coached at the High School level.
  7. For sure. The ACC is so good man. Its really exciting to watch
  8. Im a Buckeye - so a lot of the time everyone seems like a rival. This year obviously we were not as competitive as in years past, which is ok - it happens. I feel we still had a solid NCAAs and I still really respect Ryan, and the rest of the staff. Jaggers was one of my all time fav wrestlers to watch as I was growing up. Looking forward to next season already, and hopeful that we can do the coaches clinic at the Covelli Center again! Always a blast. I really admire Penn State. Specifically I am a huge fan of Nolf and Taylor, and I really like RBY. Cael of course as well but I feel like that goes without saying. Most of their guys are really likeable generally. Not a fan though of Nickal, but he is very good and exciting to watch. Iowa... meh. I have a lot of respect for the program as a whole, as far as the history and everything goes, and I do like Tom and Terry. I am not a fan of really anyone else on their staff. I like Lee (who doesnt), and Kemerer. Cassiopi is starting to grow on me as well. I do not like Eiereman - but similar to Nickal I wont deny how good he is, or how exciting he is. Rarely do I turn off a match he is wrestling. I just find him to be a bit Cringe. I was happy to see them get their chip this year. Maybe it was because they got outshined a bit still, but who knows. TTUN (That team up north - for the un-initiated) - Man I despise that school, and their fanbase...aside from wrestling. Again, I really admire their team, and coach Bormet. I was a big fan of Micic, and I like watching the Mattins. Paris I like watching, but I honestly got a bit turned off of him when he tried to troll Gable on twitter for "Ducking" - he was put in his place, though. I was also never really a fan of Coon's wrestling - he was boring. Im a fan of the two Amine brothers who are currently competing as well. Side note: I am so very pleased that they keep throwing Jim Harbaugh absurd amounts of money to have mediocre seasons, lose to us, and lose in their bowl games. Keep the contract extensions coming! Also a big NC State fan. In regard to the wolfpack... I really dislike Virginia tech - but am a big fan of Andonian. I also like Latona quite a bit.
  9. Gotcha! Good for him. North Carolina (as in the state) is great. He'd be a hammer in the ACC, and if the rumors hold true of him going up to 174 then we could see him vs Hidlay what - 5x?
  10. North Carolina? Seems out there. Is there a connection or something?
  11. I still really enjoy FRL, but I also do not like the 2 latest additions to the show - "Host"-wise. They just dont really seem to add much to the conversation outside of repeating what has already been said, and the occasional joke that is hit or miss (for the viewers). If they feel it helps the show though, more power to whoever decides who is on. I cannot speak to the other content that they provide to Flo. I like Askren generally, and on the show honestly. I think he digs his feet in the sand a lot and even when he is clearly "wrong" or at general odds with the other hosts it just gets old sometimes I will agree. I do miss Willie's insights - just cant afford Rokfin unfortunately. Hoping that next year maybe I can do a few Rokfin subs! I'd love to see some collaboration in the future there, but unfortunately that does not seem to be likely with the state wrestling media is in generally, and the issues between Willie and Flo. I am also not a boomer, so don't quote me with a lazy insult - I'm just giving my opinion.
  12. ... Does someone want to tell him? lol
  13. 4th retirement, impressive. Maybe 3rd**
  14. I think Marsteller has a dark horse shot. He definitely seems to be at his best right now so who knows. He alluded to, in an interview afterwards, that he recently had gotten into some trouble and Kolat has kind of got him moving in the right direction. Im happy to hear even though his struggles have not stopped he has been able to continue moving forward.
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