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  1. Well. Chad Red has made me consume my own text. That was a fun 20 seconds.
  2. Fair enough, I could see that. I think I might be projecting what I hope as opposed to what is most realistic. In any case I'm excited still. Nothing wrong with a good chess match.
  3. Has red winning 8-7. Ill take the 1 point margin the other way, with a higher score. I'll call it 12-11for Tariq. Cannot wait for that match.
  4. It was posed to me by a friend that the Bucks were kind of training through this dual in preparation for vegas. Im inclined to believe that, as Pletcher looked gassed similar to Sasso which is not typical of Pletcher. In any case, better now than in March. Im pumped for Vegas.
  5. I honestly spaced on the fact that Rokfin pays in Crypto currency.
  6. I think that Rofkin could have a tremendous impact/be highly valuable once College athletes are able to make $ off of their name likeness. If the language is correct (pretty vague right now to my understanding), an extremely popular wrestler could make their own profile, and provide exclusive content through their platform. That could be extremely valuable. Once that starts, I think you could potentially see some dominos fall and see some coaches do the same- that could potentially happen sooner even. Right now though, I personally cant see a reason why one would choose Rofkin over Flo for wrestling content. Sure, if you have the money maybe do both but I certainly dont have that kind of spare change.
  7. Who does it benefit more for them (Bull/Wick) to not wrestle? I gotta think Wick - he's not a one-trick pony by any means, but he is good in all positions, and very good on top. Bull is solid in all positions. I cannot imagine Bono gaming the dual like that, especially when they will need a win by Wick to win it.
  8. Fair enough. I guess I just expect/expected more offensive output. Closing the gap mainly via pushouts against JO as opposed to looking for a takedown is also something I kinda shrug at but thats also just part of the freestyle game. So it is what it is. I guess just as well - I agree with your perspective of his past performances. So to see him act the way he does when he is not able to do it is probably what's given me a bad outlook on the guy. Risky game, and when you're a high level athlete (which he is) you probably realize this is not a productive strategy long term. Idk.
  9. Hahah, ding ding ding. I did not. I had it up for school work while watching. So it's on me obviously.
  10. I definitely dislike him. He also did not looks good relative to his past performances.
  11. I guess it depends on the formatting of programs. If there is womens wrestling at say tOSU, NC State...etc. and they are marketed as well, or well enough then sure. A lot of the time youre a fan of an institution. So if your favorite institutions have a womens program and you enjoy the sport, I'm sure you'd follow it at least casually. I would, or at least I'd like to think I would.
  12. 57 - Gross is going to be a problem, especially as long as he keeps the weight cuts to an absolute minimum. NATO and Suriano are going to be close behind, and lets not forget about Lee, Fix, and Gilman. Plenty of other guys as well. 65- JO looked very, very good. McKenna looks much improved from the last time we saw him in FS. Henderson was impressive as well. Molinaro, even with a runner-up finish didnt look good imo. Plus, per the usual when he was not able to pull it together to win a match that was completely within his grasp he goes juice head and starts whining about something (whether it be the ref, the other guy, whatever). 74- This weight was fun to watch for sure. If the gap between IMar and Burroughs is as close as we think, where does the rest of the heap sit? Tommy Gantt was right there in the semis and looked solid all tournament. Nolf was seemingly putting it on Cenzo until the injury. Cenzo looked damn good as well. Massa looked solid. Im a bit puzzled by Marsteller, hope to see him on the mat more. When he is on I think he adds some serious depth to the weight. Other stuff: I cant remember if I've heard Bray's commentary before, but I enjoyed it yesterday (It was him, right? like 99% sure it was). Like him on FRL as well. I appreciate what Mike Malinconico brings to the table for Flo, the dude clearly loves the sport and has a wealth of knowledge in regard to the technical aspects. Behind the dirt is always fun/cool. He is someone who would be great for live radio commentating because he describes matches so well as they go. With that being said, I really do not enjoy his chatter or especially his interviews. Something about the way he talks to coaches/athletes. This is why I never listened to his podcast when it was going. I cant quite put my finger on it, but it's just a preference thing I suppose. Im sure plenty of people like the guy. Just not me. SImilar to how some people dont like Pyles, or Nomad or any individual. Who knows. Not a huge deal, just mute it when he's commentating obviously. My problem, not Flo's lol. The stream was really good. Had no issues. I will say though - it really bugged me that a match would start, I would literally watch two guys shake hands - then the screen goes black and I hear... "OOOO---OOOHH, LALALALALA" - The damn insurance(?) commercial pops onto the screen and I miss the first 10 seconds of a match. Whats up with that? I get that the ads are necessary, even if when you have premium but cmon. Over all - the Farrell was sick.
  13. No clue. I agree, we never really know what we're getting. Could be a match up thing, hard to say. I will say this, though. Despite the perception that he has Choked/been inconsistent in the post season he does always show up. 3rd as a Frosh, 4th as a Soph (An under performance, sure but losing to the same guy twice, while also beating several very game competitors.) and 2nd as a Junior (losing only to Nikal) is really solid.
  14. Encouraging to see Moore do what he did, after watching Conel do what he did earlier in the day.
  15. Someone already brought this up, but if I were a "smaller" school in PA I might consider bringing him on to work recruiting in some way. Maybe not as involved a capacity as say Anthony Ralph at tOSU, but with the length of insight he has on guys from the time they first hit the mat to when they start trying to figure out what college they want to go to Willie could be an extremely valuable asset to a program.
  16. I liked Flo's general take on draws... When youre talking about winning the whole damn thing, absolutely you need to be able to beat everyone anyway. No doubt. This is the attitude most of our athletes have anyway. When youre talking about qualifying your country for the olympics, or even just wrestling for a medal, or maybe making the finals to prove that you are at least the 2nd best wrestler in your weight... the draw is so important. This is mostly the standpoint of coaches/fans..etc.
  17. Why is NBC showing a rerun? Are there not medal matches going on?
  18. Feel for JB, but its time for him to readjust and go get that freaking Bronze. As big a fan as I am of those who will be trying to take his spot at the Olympics I want him to have at least one more shot. JB > Everyone. Not too shocked about Green. I dont think he poses much threat to JB for next year honestly. Still bummed for him, love watching him compete. Im really bummed for Gwiz. Because I refuse to get a track subscription and NBC did not stream I didnt see what went on with him. Gotta think he'll get the weight qualified in one of the alternative routes in any case. Still a medal threat in Tokyo obviously. Im very excited to see Micic scrap for Bronze. Wish it was Daton though. Hope Mensah goes and gets a chip (and a new iPhone)!
  19. Do they have a club? Always a good place to start/test the waters.
  20. Yeah I gotcha - nothing wrong with your point/view at all.
  21. Fair enough, I still stick by the thought that Gwiz could create a scenario that makes the match winnable - but I dont think youre wrong either. Akgul allowed that to be a 5-1 match, couldve turned it up more in the 1st and got the tech maybe.
  22. If Gwiz can hold off the early storm, and Akgul doesn't improve his stamina at all then I think it's a winnable match for Gwiz honestly. Gotta wear him out in the first. Akgul is technically superior though, and a better athlete. Which is something Gwiz essentially never has to deal with as he is a great athlete himself. It was cool seeing the crowd get animated for their guy in any case.
  23. Right, to be fair it wasnt exactly fireworks before that either.
  24. I think for some of our guys that are offensive machines, it's important they know when they're still within striking range of an opponent ,and that it would be unwise tactically to continue to attack. I think it was fairly smart of Ringer to truly shut it down that last 20 secs. 4-0, you're still a solid counter away from being straight up down by 1, down by criteria, or in a 1 point match with time left. As to the rest of the match - yeah, boring.
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