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  1. 125: Lee 133: Gross 141: Pletcher 149: Sasso 157: Hidlay 165: Cenzo 174: Kemerer 184: Valencia 197: Moore 285: Parris
  2. I like keeping an eye on any local schools. I also have a pretty big interest in SF State as I was a very big fan of Jason Welch when I was in HS. I'd say d2 is my favorite outside of D1
  3. What makes you say that? Not being rude, I am legitimately curious. I dont know much about the GA HS scene or Tech as a school.
  4. The ACC is my second favorite conference to follow anymore. NC State is my second favorite program to follow in the country. Not far behind is Pitt. I would love to see the conference bring back at least a few programs. Has Georgia Tech ever had a program? With HS wrestling very quickly getting very good in the state that would be a great program to bring into the fold imo.
  5. Idk why but I never thought Michigan really was going to get him. He will be very fun to watch at PSU.
  6. You could just tell that Hall wanted to go out there and put the dual away easily. When he didnt get that Headlock he wanted to do anything he could to silence the crowd/embarrass Kemerer. By the time he realized he needed to put his ego aside for his team it was too late and he was pretty obviously rattled. With that being said, I'll (sadly) take Hall at NCAAs.
  7. 1- Idk if you're right or not. I dont really care. 2- He didnt. He won. 3- Didnt matter. They lost the dual anyway.
  8. What!? How is Kemerer not the outstanding wrestler, wtf.
  9. Man, I dont blame Mark Hall for not going back out there after his match. He doesnt get Carver'd and they win the dual.
  10. Bruh both these bears are working harder than Lugo and Warner combined.
  11. Oh no, that stache. Yikes.
  12. Really wanted to see Iowa let this one slip, simply because I do not like Telford. Seems like it's theirs to lose now, though. Oh well, at least Hall took an L.
  13. Doesnt really seem like Warner is interested in putting a nail in this one.
  14. If warner loses we're going to get an all-time great reaction out of him I think.
  15. I would be a very nervous man if I were an Iowa fan and this dual were to basically come down to the stability of Warner.
  16. I'm so happy. Hall is the only PSU guy I dislike, and I really like Kemerer. Hall with Bookend Carverings!
  17. Kemerer gonna need 1 more TD to win. Hall down by 2 or less with time is bad news
  18. They cut to RBY clapping at the crowd and there was a chubby fella who was seemingly particularly annoyed by it. Chubby man started pointing at him and yelling, RBY kept clapping and laughing
  19. RBY trolling that chubby Iowa fan hahahahahahaha
  20. Idk what the PSU bench is waving off. Clearly 2 reversal before time goes out.
  21. Going to the well too much. That'll be it.
  22. Both teams need the win here. Very spicy.
  23. Ok, I've heard that before now that I think about it.
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