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  1. 14 hours ago, DocBZ said:

    Flowrestling has been a sketchy organization from its inception with their rampant overcharging of its customers. I always attributed it to their founder but it seems they have reared their ugly heads yet again.

    My understanding is Martin's issues were running the business with whatever model they had - thats fixed now by what is largely (to my understanding) a model where the individuals making content make their money/get their support directly ~ again, just my understanding. Could be totally wrong!

    Who is to blame for these recent issues (In regard to the past weekend)?

    1- Obviously who ever asked for the photos. No brainer. Bye creep. (The issue here could run deeper obviously. Time will tell)

    2- ...I dont know... truly, who do you blame for not offering an enticing enough compensation for female wrestlers to participate on your card? For not trying hard enough? Seems like they went after some of the most popular ladies, and low-balled them. If they (The approached female wrestlers) arent feeling low-balled then how could they justify paying less popular female wrestlers that same amount? They clearly didnt try hard enough to get a womens match on the card. Is the whole company to blame? Just the wrestling division? Just the FRL team? Just Pyles? I have no clue lol. I hope that they are transparent on this because there are so many questions that NEED to be answered. 


    In regard to the women - They women deserve MUCH more coverage across the board. No doubt. A LOT of money to be made there and a lot of great stories to be told. Whoever fully invests in that and promotes it all properly is going to hit a jackpot. Rudis has a head start already.

    In regard to the wrestling world/culture - All the little fish in the... reporters (?) pool/world are frothing at the mouth right now, and it shows. Youve got the pat mineo dude (probably) making troll accounts and having conversations with himself lol. Its a ****show right now. They all have this obsession with Christian Pyles, and everyone calls him/ the flo crew weirdos basically because a few of them werent successful wrestlers (at least it comes off that way). I find that more strange than someone who likes watching a sport and makes a career out of it. 

    I doubt flo is going anywhere, and if they did we'd be left with like 8 or 9 individuals who would suddenly start charging for their content, very little of which is worth paying anything for right now (Aside from people like Willie Saylor - Id probably subscribe to his rokfin or whatever honestly.) simply because they are mostly "reporting" on wrestling "world" (more like just the U.S, honestly) Drama, and/or stirring the pot. 


    In any case. Im interested to see how this all plays out, as is everyone else. 

  2. Absolutely. 

    He still will have had an insane career that he should not hold his head down about, and PSU has been very lucky to have him. Any fan, coach, teammate...etc would never say that him going there was a mistake, or anything of the sort. 

    That all being said, him only winning 1 title is definitely below what anyone would have projected. Especially after winning is his freshman year. One could argue that bookend titles are still a bit of a disappointment. All this speaks to his level of skill though. He has had a career that most people honestly dream of having, and it potentially could still fall short. I kind of think of it like Cary Kolat, except Mark has not necessarily been screwed out of achieving his goals like Cary was. 


    All of this coming from someone who doesnt really like him all that much. I have a ton of respect for him. Winning 1 title would definitely be a disappointment given his potential. Having someone in your weight like Zahid does not excuse this, especially given the composition of the weight now. Even though he has a loss to Kemerer I think most people agree he should be able to get the win when it matters. 

  3. Potentiall Tariq Wilson, but who knows. I think he low AA's this year but if he catches fire he obviously could snag a top 4 placement. 

    Bryce Andonian is also going to AA I think. Or, he will at least knock off a few bigger name guys and make a deep run at NCAAs. One could argue that because of the depth of the field it wouldnt be a surprise but I have to disagree. When you talk about title contention at the weight you really do kind of narrow it down to about 8 guys. As such, you narrow AA contention to those 8 as well, with maybe a few from 8 to 14. Andonian is currently unranked. 

  4. On 2/12/2020 at 6:38 PM, Housebuye said:

    It would be much better to get UGA or event Georgia State. GT isn’t going to attract most of the good Georgia high schoolers. 

    What makes you say that?

    Not being rude, I am legitimately curious. I dont know much about the GA HS scene or Tech as a school. 

  5. The ACC is my second favorite conference to follow anymore. NC State is my second favorite program to follow in the country. Not far behind is Pitt. 

    I would love to see the conference bring back at least a few programs. 

    Has Georgia Tech ever had a program? With HS wrestling very quickly getting very good in the state that would be a great program to bring into the fold imo. 

  6. You could just tell that Hall wanted to go out there and put the dual away easily. When he didnt get that Headlock he wanted to do anything he could to silence the crowd/embarrass Kemerer. 

    By the time he realized he needed to put his ego aside for his team it was too late and he was pretty obviously rattled. 

    With that being said, I'll (sadly) take Hall at NCAAs.

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