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  1. Pardon my ignorance, but does the FF play into any rankings/points gamesmanship? Like, would there be no benefit for them to wrestle Yianni, win or lose? With the USA spot being up in the air I guess it just makes me more skeptical/curious about these things. I know ive read/heard a lot of the top-top guys dont care about points/seeding, but at a weight like 65 where there seems to be more then 2 legit title contenders I gotta think it could be more important.
  2. Agreed. He's clearly reached another level and idk if this is even "it", gotta think theres more to come still
  3. He does not. Yianni is better on his feet and is just as, if not more efficient in scrambles both offensively and defensively. The only question is the true mat wrestling, which is a big one. You're talking about an individual is is virtually automatic on top- turns very elite wrestlers with little resistance relative to what it would require to actually top him on top. The exception being Cory Clark, and that was a fair amount of time ago. An antidote to this would be high level explosiveness/athleticism from the bottom, which is not Yianni's way as far as I know. With all of this being said, and more being not said - Gross has not wrestled someone like Yianni in college as far as I know. Keep in mind that Yianni took out Meredith 2x, who handed Gross his only loss on the year. This was at a weight disadvantage mind you, but it was a match. I agree that Gross will be a poor matchup for Fix - see Micky Phillippi, who failed to AA (but still had an amazing season, and blood round at that weight is as solid a performance as many AAs at other weights) Gross could go undefeated on the year, without "ducking" anyone - if he is healthy. Hodge contender if he does all of that.
  4. 1 champ, 3 AAs Gross - Champ. I think he navigates the field. His biggest hurdles will obviously be Suriano, and Fix. I'd say an optimized Tariq Wilson will still also pose a substantial threat to not only Gross, but the field at large. I think Gross just has a matchup advantage against Micic. Fix is the big winner of the Gross transfer, as he is alone in the Big 12 - as far as legit title contenders go. Wick - AA, very likely 3rd place finisher. Id be shocked if he fell lower than 5th somehow. Right drawm right weekend he "could" win it. Hilger - Mid to low AA. People seem pretty low on Hilger, and idk why. The field will be tougher next year, yes but he is still a returning AA and will have even more experience/refinement come next March. Moran - low AA. I think he'll get it done this go-around. 6th-8th. Wouldnt be shocked if he missed the podium though, obviously.
  5. Agreed on both of your points here. People just dont like him and cant accept he's the second best guy at the weight right now. It's silly.
  6. Fix - Bronze (Gilman also a top 3 guy, obviously) Colon - Bronze Yianni - Gold Green - Silver JB - Gold Ringer - Silver (If Dake is healthy he will be the rep and repeat. If he's off a beat ringer can get him) DT - Gold Cox- Gold Snyder - Gold (I like him over Sadulaev in any match that doesnt end early) Gwiz - Silver (Gable could be a top 3 guy as well if he wins the spot.)
  7. Watched this about a month ago. Its pretty good. Not quite as good as "Takedowns and Falls" if you're looking for something that's a bit more focused on the actual wrestling. The narrative that "Wrestle" provides is very good though.
  8. Im fairly certain they are - the event hub just might not be up yet I guess? Im sure some of the crew assigned to the event will start getting there early this week. A bit off topic, but Im so jealous of anyone going. Raleigh is such an awesome town, and NC State has a very cool campus. Went there for Vacation last August and it was so much fun. Throw in one of the best (talent wise) tournaments of the year and It'll be lights out.
  9. Gilman Colon Yianni Nolf JB Dake DT JDen Snyder Gwiz
  10. This was an extremely competitive match. could have gone either way had it gone 6 full min. Tagg and his brother were lights out for Brecksville. He's jumped levels. Im really interested to see how he'll stack up vs Phillippi, Wilson, etc. in folk.
  11. Yeah, thats what I was getting at ultimately. I think Nolf is the one domestic threat to Green currently. I think internationally Green is out better option right now, but that could change fast. I think Green holds the weight down this year. He'll only continue to peak come Final X and World.
  12. Nolf made 1 mental error (first noticeable one I've seen him make in 3 years) and it cost him. Had Green dead to rights. Gotta give Green credit though. Kept coming, was very savvy. I would wager anyone else in the weight would have lost to Nolf in that situation. Idk if Nolf takes the weight this year, but he's coming. This is going to be great rivalry.
  13. I think that both McKenna and Yianni would both be very difficult matches for frank.
  14. I think RBY could make some serious jumps but the weight is just so deep.
  15. Yeah, relative to wrestling. In Ohio. It's a pretty big number youth-HS. He will have no shortage of athletes wanting to learn from him.
  16. Might be a bit of down-talk in there, but you are correct. The market Logan will serve in Columbus, and Ohio in general will be huge.
  17. Clemson would be a good hire. Win/Win on all parts IMO.
  18. Look at Askren, and David Taylor's models/facilities. This is moreso how it is in Ohio as well. I imagine he will have a standalone building of some kind at some point. With a name like his it will certainly be lucrative. There are individuals who are far less reputable in the area who make good money doing stuff like that, and without a facility of their own. Add that with his oRTC salary, and keep in mind this is doing something he is very passionate about. I'd say he will be fine with his choice. With all of that being said, to say he'll make more money than if he were in the corporate route might be a bit of a stretch lol.
  19. He's sticking around in a position with the Ohio RTC.
  20. He's joining the Ohio RTC staff. Now, if you really want to reach/read tea leaves... Jaggers rumoredly applied for this job. Whether he got it or not, Logan joining the coaching totem pole at tOSU/oRTC would make a little more sense if someone was on their way out soonish.
  21. This. Just didnt want to type it out. I understand the allure of a big ten job, but its not everything. Another example: NC State. (1.) Pat Pop did/does not need a Big Ten School to be successful. (2.) That job will now be highly sought after once it opens up.
  22. Ill take JB by either tech, or a 3ish point win.
  23. Lewis already qualifies for trials right? I wouldnt be shocked if he waited. Gives it a shot there. Then hits U23s again if he doesnt make the sr team.
  24. Or he got a face to face look at the situation and wants to hold out for something better. I dont think thats out of the question.
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