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  1. They cut to RBY clapping at the crowd and there was a chubby fella who was seemingly particularly annoyed by it. Chubby man started pointing at him and yelling, RBY kept clapping and laughing
  2. RBY trolling that chubby Iowa fan hahahahahahaha
  3. Idk what the PSU bench is waving off. Clearly 2 reversal before time goes out.
  4. Going to the well too much. That'll be it.
  5. Both teams need the win here. Very spicy.
  6. Ok, I've heard that before now that I think about it.
  7. Do they have Dip n Dots in Carver?
  8. This dude threw his arms up to the crowd after that. Hmm.
  9. Couple things - Carver seems to think that mat returns and Stall calls will motivate Lugo to go get Bonus here. Cant see that happening. Looks happy to get a 3 - 6 point win vs an unranked backup. Who got Iowa a team point deduction? Brands was on screen and didnt seem to do/say anything wrong. If it was Telford, and it costs them the dual I will be so happy. Idk why, but I dislike that dude so much.
  10. I could see Lugo not doing what he needs for his team herw. Not quite the bonus guy to begin with.
  11. What was illegal about that?
  12. Wrong. Not an Iowa fan but he visibly stopped wrestling the first time when RBY pulled his leg out form under him, well before he went for the cradle. Once he stopped wrestling RBY went for the cradle. Second time I'm not sure. Kid is hurt, though.
  13. Not a Carver if they're already the underdog.
  14. Didnt think that was anything malicious by RBY. Tough for DeSanto. RBY was wrestling great too
  15. FRL audio a bit ahead of BTN unfortunately.
  16. Gonna roll with FRL audio for a bit while watching. Interested to see how CP and Askren do.
  17. While I will neither agree, or disagree about the wisdom in the decision to start Decatur (we'll see in march) I will say that the Maryland wrestler scored 6 points in the first 20 or 30 seconds of the match, and did very little on top of that for the following 6min. So, I cant say I believe this is a great match to point to and say that Starting him was/is a mistake. Not saying he did not deserve the win, he got his hand raised and thats what counts. I will say that Decatur is likely the better wrestler, and for once was the one pushing in the end.
  18. Idk he's just such a riddler who knows what he'll do next!?!?!? So crazy!?!
  19. How long until it could possibly come back to Columbus? It was awesome last time in St. Johns
  20. yeah I think that was meant to be a sassy counter-point but its not a bad idea lol.
  21. Telford. dude is so cringe
  22. Two programs in the midst of a rebuild. One has taken pretty big leaps since its coaching change, and the other is still in phase 1 building its base. Yes, a shutout looks very bad but I'm sure no alarms are blaring at UMD. Again, MSU has made significant improvements. Brighter days are definitely ahead, for both programs.
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