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  1. They need an ivy-league alum with a big name and some coaching chops. I have no clue who fits that bill currently and is open to a HC job though.
  2. Really cant disagree that they have the potential to do so.
  3. My money is on ASU. Before he announced he would not compete in college I was pretty certain he would commit there. That being said, I don't think they would have landed Tsirtsis had Pico ended up there. Either that or A.Valencia would not have a starting spot this coming season.
  4. Also an interesting thought. Can he beat Kelly? I don't think he'd want to get back down to 125 - and I don't really know that he'd beat Laney at this point. When Jose is on he's a mid AA contender IMO, wherever he lands will be lucky to have him.
  5. I'd be a little surprised if he doesn't end up there now that you raise this point.
  6. Cox until proven otherwise, unfortunately. I'd love to see DT get his shot sooner rather than later.
  7. I think the reason people keep saying "fight shorts" is because its a pretty recognizable term. When I hear that term I definitely think of the shorts worn in MMA matches (in general) I think that exact language better differentiates between the shorts they want used as opposed to just a pair of gym shorts. "shorts made for wrestling" is simply too broad of a term, I don't think the actual range of shorts allowed are that broad.
  8. Totally forgot about this. I laughed for a solid 20min when I heard Herbert talk about it on Akren's podcast. As for the over all topic - Whenever a wrestler is willing, I really like watching interviews with them after a loss. Always interesting to hear what they have to say.
  9. You cannot sincerely think the gap is that wide? I mean it's one thing to think Suriano is better, or would win - I dont agree but I could understand that.You're talking about a 3x AA who has never placed lower than 3rd, and a wrestler who has not competed at the NCAA tournament (Not his fault, and I do understand he very well could have won it, and likely will win a title before its all said and done.) If you truly think the gap is that wide in either wrestler's favor you must have some hawkeye in your blood somewhere up the line. On a side note - I'm interested to see where Rodriguez lands. Where could he go and slide right into the lineup?
  10. iGranby


    I'm not a big fan of Molinaro, but I give the guy props. He won on the day it mattered.
  11. iGranby


    I guess what I was getting at is more of what Fanboy said in post #34. Not aggressive as in shooting or creating offence persay but holding position and countering. Dake did the same and also had more active offence until the last bit of the match. The win slipped away from him because of it.
  12. I was just really getting into wrestling at that time, being approximately 10-11. Anyway, I agree. If you cant get your hardcore fan base to buy in then its set up for failure. I thought for sure FPL would catch on, but obviously that was a flop. I'm hopeful but not optimistic about a pro league in the future.
  13. It will be interesting to see where all these kids land. Who will remain at PSU and be a starter, who will stay and be a backup, who will transfer after a year..etc. The way they're loading up would it be crazy to see someone sit the bench for 2-3 years then come out and win a national title? I'm sure we will have many interesting story-lines emerge from this if nothing else. (EX. Bubba Jenkins)
  14. I actually never watched. More so what I meant is a pro league that stays around/doesnt go under.
  15. I'd be interested to see a hybrid model. In a perfect world where we could have a legitimate professional wrestling league maybe they would use some kind of hybrid that incorporates both styles IMO. That being said, I'm not under the delusion we will get a legitimate league any time soon or that a hybrid style would serve our freestyler's well as they prepare for international competition. Although, an escape time rule would be interesting - you have X amount of time to get out to earn a point. After that time is up if you get out your escape is not awarded a point and maybe riding time would start when you miss escape time - idk, I'm just rambling at this point.
  16. Hahah, I figured. My apologies, I'm new around here!
  17. I could go on forever about how I've been trying to post here for months but couldn't get verification to log in for some unexplained reason, and I couldn't even post until recently when my 5 posts before that one were approved, but that would be off topic. You'll just have to take my word for it that I have no affiliation with them. I'm honestly a big fan of their site, and have been since it first launched so I'll admit my bias lol. I've piggy-backed off of my old HS coach's account until recently when I bought my own sub, I can honestly say I've never had issues with events I watched on his account or on my account now - although I've only watched the one event on mine so take that as you will. Like I said, this is all just my experience. I'm not saying no one else if having issues, or even that the majority of people have had issues. Just saying mine are few and far between. I hope they improve things for people like you, it would be a shame to see such a good idea bite the dust IMO.
  18. Haha, I'm not Martin. Just putting my opinion out there.
  19. I didn't miss a second of any match I watched live. Watched Taylor/Perry, Hildebrant (Hope she has a speedy recovery!), Gadson/Burak, Gwiz/Rey, and Dake/Burroughs. That's just the finals too, I watched plenty of consos and early round matches. I'm not saying that any of you or anyone else did not have issues, or that you're wrong for complaining (if you ever pay for something and are not satisfied, youre completely justified in complaining imo) - but I am saying my issues with their services have been few and far between. Just one person's experience with their services! I find it to be worth the money I pay.
  20. iGranby


    I think if he actually wrestles for 6min he can knock JB off. Don't think it'll happen, but Dake has all the tools. Burroughs stayed aggressive for the entire match, and Dake started to pump the breaks. Frankly, that was Dake's time. If he was going to do it and finally get the upper hand (sitting in the finals) it was going to happen last night. Burroughs really did not wrestle well in that match, and I'd definitely argue it was due to having a full tournament under him.
  21. The day before this happened I was actually just talking with a buddy wondering if the Bucks ever go for Juco guys or if Ryan is "against" it. I was at one point a Juco guy and our coach told us that some D1 coaches just dont typically go after Juco wrestlers. Reason being that usually theyve been "burnt" by one too many.
  22. I think by March Darmstadt will be the Kollin Moore of the year - he will be a top 4 guy IMO, as well as many others opinions.
  23. iGranby


    I'm not really sure if his time is "now", but he will definitely be a threat at the international level at some point. IMO, more time between competition will only up his game, especially if he's willing to make the sacrifices weight-wise.
  24. I think these stats prove a better average consistency, and not "tOSU is better" - this coming from a Buckeye.
  25. I don't really understand this. Escape point makes sense to me IMO. Yeah, you reward someone for improving to a neutral position - they were just being controlled. You are awarded 2 points for taking control of our opponent - Take down, reversal. You can improve on those two points via nearfall. If you are being controlled and you escape that control you are given 1 point, which is half of the value given for taking control.
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