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    Love it. I agree with flo, and others that say ESPN does kind of just pick up the best part of the year - but with the resources and everything that ESPN has to broadcast/stream I definitely prefer it this way. Like pamela said earlier, flo's coverage compliments it so nicely, and then you've got the NCAA wrestling social media accounts that have been lights out so far this week. Then there are tons of others who are covering to various degrees. Obvously just as well individual programs posting results and various forms of media are always great at NCAAs.
  2. From the sound of his interview on flo (https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6380576-2019-ncaa-championships/videos?playing=6401735&limit=60) no bad blood on his end. Likely the same on VA's end, especially since it seems as though he went to VA to be with Gavin. I doubt anyone had to fight very hard on this one.
  3. Does anyone have the interactive bracket google doc? Im on the one from last year but cannot find this years.
  4. Whoever runs their sound booth for FRL was a D1 wrestler. Bratke wrestled at Ohio. Then theres Velliquette, but he's not exactly part of the FRL crew.
  5. I really enjoyed the article. Everyone who I recommended it to (who actually read it) also enjoyed. Some points I really liked: Singlets- No need to debate, but yeah. Conference finals- I didnt agree at first, but the more I thought about it the more I'm on board. There can be spectacle and ceremony for the consolation finals, they deserve it and they're awesome- but a conference championship deserves its own stage.
  6. I dont. He's said before he loves the small school deal and he's doing pretty well. Plus admin is locked in to helping the program succeed.
  7. I wont pretend that I called it or anything, but I've been thinking that this was coming for about a month now. Since his surgery Gross has been pretty silent on social media. Not much interaction with team social media or anything. Idk, something just seemed off. I think Hahn will be/do just fine. Give him a few seasons to get his system rolling, and to get his recruits going. Different approach than Bono and that's fine. Just gotta give it some time.
  8. Isnt he in school for game design or something? I have no clue what school(s) have good to decent programs for something like that. I gotta think most state universities would be able to get him in a good masters program to supplement that career path, though. Good fit? Im not sure stylistically what mold you consider him. He clearly has a high ceiling in any case. Who can develop/enhance talent in a short amount of time? Wisconsin? NC State? PSU?
  9. This is my most common stress dream. I havent competed since 2012 lol.
  10. I dont really watch soccer and I've been saying this for years to people who tell me we have the best following in the world.
  11. Jake Herbert later down the line was world class, maybe not at the time. Before they wrestled in the NCAA finals they were considered "equals" before Askren Majored him. The only year that Ben was the 'clear' favorite was his senior year. Even though in hindsight he was pretty far away from the field in both his Jr and Sr years.
  12. I agree, but based on how things have gone at Iowa im just thinking they'd keep moving that way. At least with one more hire.
  13. I think Perry would step in. I'm fairly certain thats why he hopped on the RTC job. Would he do better, or even well? Who knows. Illinois had solid results while he was there and they trusted him enough with HWC, so I gotta think they'd be willing to give him a shot. Or Morningstar, I guess. I just lean someone who is both younger, and was a Hawkeye.
  14. I just don’t agree at all. Other than the fact that brute shoes are/were trash. To me it looks like you searched/ are searching for negatives. The ones you've found are more based on opinion than anything else. Ill keep. subscribing to what I find to be a great product, and I’ll keel recommending it to people. I’ve had little to no issue with it, and until something better comes around it’ll likely stay that way. Sorry that bugs you so much.
  15. You know what, screw it lol. I’ll give you that one- call it an excuse if you like. I call it common sense, or a rational explanation.
  16. What excuses did I make? Lol. I gave you my opinion, and my experiences with the product vs what you said was “fact”. An excuse would be me placing blame for something on things beyond the control of Flo. Or putting the blame on you. All I’ve said from the start is that the majority of what people complain about is situational/opinion. So then I give my situation and opinion and explain my experience. I can’t really do much more. If they aren’t spending money on improving their infrastructure, I agree with you there. They should. I have no clue what they spend their money on though. I do know that typically the streams I get are solid.
  17. Didnt see your edit. I dont like the yearlong lock-in either. Im in school, and there are times when I struggle financially and I wish I could cut out Flo for part of the year if I had to. Shoddy streaming- See some of my other posts. Irritating personalities- matter of opinion that I dont totally disagree with (a couple of the people annoy me here and there but I like them all most of the time) but, I also get very annoyed by people on ESPN, Track, GOhio, etc. Its not just at FLO. Bad customer service - never dealt with them, so I wont speak on that. I've not heard great things though, I admit.
  18. I wont make excuses because I dont work for them or anything. This is just my view, etc. "50% "- I watch Flo A lot. No way that my feed crashes half of the time. Both at work where my internet connection is great, or at home where it is average. I cant/wont say thats the case for everyone, but I've been on Flo since 2008ish, and been a subscriber since 2016ish(when I could finally squeeze it in the budget). I get crashes here and there, but it is definitely not 50% of the time. It's a very low number. Not sure what you've got going on and I'm sorry youre dealing with that, lol. "ESPN" - Yes. No doubt. Im willing to bet they have more people working events, equipment, etc. They've also been doing it a lot longer. Thats just kind of a fact. Not making excuses, just stating some common sense IMO. "Before Flo's contract" - I didnt know that, and I wont argue that because I do not know. Probably didn't know because I couldnt/never saw it on the guide or anything with my basic cable subscription in Ohio. Im not being smart, just pointing out that if I did have access to it, I did not know and did not watch it. Now I do have access. I knew about the dual, and I did watch it. All because of Flowrestling. I'll continue my subscription until something better comes along. Do what you will with your money.
  19. I'm confused, whos begging? I've yet to see a sr level athlete being made to beg for an account, lol. If at all, I see them just simply ask for an account on twitter and it's met with a "shoot us a DM" or something to that degree. I wont disagree that maybe they should offer them out as opposed to waiting for the athletes to ask, that sounds reasonable all things considered I guess. But I also dont know the logistics of something like that, and I wont pretend to. Is it "Steep"? That's a matter of opinion and situational. For me personally? Yes, definitely. But its also worth it to me because I love wrestling, and they provide the widest array of coverage to the type of content I want. For others? Im sure it's no problem. I'll tell you right now, comparatively I consider Track steep when I see the cost vs what they offer. Again, its situational and a matter of opinion. Talking trash? In reference to what? I'll assume youre talking about Pyles yesterday. He was basically telling people to stop whining and asking for free service - which is fair and true lol. People claiming it would be "free on espn" - that is stupid. You pay for a cable subscription to get espn, or you pay for one of their streaming service (all of which dont give wrestling anything close to what Flo, or even Track offer). If you're referencing other trash talk, you should say what exactly you mean and maybe others could give their thoughts on that. Flo as a whole doesnt do what it claims? I dont agree. Large amount of content. Constantly something to read or watch that is relevant to the sport day to day. Again, matter of opinion I suppose, but I just dont see where you're coming from there. Not a good thing for growing the sport? Lol. This is the only thing I'll straight up say you're wrong about. Go ahead and seek out any interview with a Division 1 college head coach (or even our senior level coaching staff) where they talk about Flo, or the media at large- it's either praise for what they do for the sport(Most coaches) or they slight the media as a whole (The minority- example: Cael) Most of what you addressed is opinion based, and as others have pointed out- simply dont subscribe then. I like what Tobus Rex said "Vote with your money"
  20. A well placed banana peel in Pittsburgh.
  21. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But this is funny.
  22. Easy there punisher. Just speculation lol. Do I think it's likely? No. Is it something I had fun typing out and thinking about? Yeah. For sure, I would assume someone with D1 experience would land the job. I dont think anyone would realistically assume otherwise.
  23. I agree. My suggestion of Helen though was in the role of the head RTC coach. Sorry, should’ve been more clear there, ha.
  24. Would he be a solid candidate for the job if it were to open up? IMO...If he is already able to pull guys into a his program, and he has a good eye for the landscape of HS wrestling in MD then why not give him a shot if he wants it? Assuming he has all of the organizational/administrative qualities needed.... Have that, then pull in some of his former wrestlers as assistants or RTC athletes (I doubt he'd do it, but what if Myles would consider coming back closer to home?). Shoot, get Helen in there. She could be the damn Head RTC coach! Then get some other young, hungry wrestlers with recognizable names as assistants and you'd give the program a shot at least. Idk. Like the FRL guys say, the program makes me sad and I'd like to see it do well. No Big Ten team should be that bad.
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