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  1. Who is the top HS coach in the State of MD?
  2. They need someone like Popolizio. Obviously I would be shocked if he left NC State, and dont think it would be entertained but you get my point. Need a proven coach who can nearly overhaul an entire program. Its almost too bad that Beasley got in at GMU. He'd be perfect imo. Great recruiter who can get things moving with a vision for wrestlers to look to.
  3. Yeah, no doubt. I dont scoff when people around Columbus talk about the Bucks' Big Ten titles. It's awesome.Shoot, I still think one of the most impressive performances of last year was Joey McKenna's title run at Big Tens. I didnt mean to undersell the importance of the conference, but my point is just that these top teams understand that the ultimate goal is not to win the Big ten, as awesome/important as it is. After it's done, everyone heads back to the room to train for the real prize/goal and understands that what happened at Big Ten's isnt always what will happen at NCAAs.
  4. Michigan State is doing much better right now than they have in the last however many years. Despite what else has gone on at the university, I dont think a coaching change is needed at all.
  5. Right. Im sure they want to win it, but they clearly understand it doesnt mean a ton other than seeding at NCAAs.
  6. I dont think they really care that much about Big Ten titles, or at least not enough to make those NCAA titles mean any less. Its still really cool when the Bucks win Big Tens, and its a great accomplishment.
  7. Long shot, but not out of the realm... Oklahoma.
  8. I think Hilger will get at least 1 win over Stoll this season.
  9. oh noooo. not maryland, nooo coach. But really, as others have pointed out - I dont think timing has much to do with it other than "this needs to be addressed now" DeSanto strikes me as someone who loves competing. So, the fact that hes missing any competition likely hurts him, even if it doesnt hurt the team exactly.
  10. Close dual - as much as I want the Bucks to take it I just cant call it. It would seem that the Bucks victory lies in being able to get bonus, and being able to hold Dec's. Obviously. If Malik couldnt get bonus here I wouldnt be too surprised. Off chance that RBY straps up - I think Pletcher wins by Dec. McKenna is not a lock for Major vs Lee, but it wouldnt shock me. It would appear we need it, though. Moore very well could get decked. He could also hold it to a dec. Cassar is built like a panzer, and I could see him maybe squeaking in some bonus. Would PSU be bold enough to bump Hall up to try and negate points from MyMar? I doubt it seeing as how Shakur is game, but who knows. A lot of things need to happen, and things rarely play out exactly as needed.
  11. The schott is cool for a lot of things, but it's not ideal for a dual. The state tournament is AWESOME there. I think it would be perfect for Big Tens. As BobbyGribbs said, the new center will be a welcomed change for duals.
  12. Hard to say. I gotta think they'd be looking to next year. Moving him up to 133 could help make things easier on him, which may in turn help him keep the rest of his picture together. Who knows.
  13. Man, Megaludis was fun to watch. His run at NCAAs his freshman year was so cool.
  14. Hope he ends up at Lock Haven
  15. Winning your conference is going to be especially important in this weight. Most conferences have at least 1 top tier guy at this weight. Gotta think the Big Ten Champ will be the #1 seed. You could argue that unless something crazy happens then the ACC champ will be a top 4 seed. If Fix wins the Big 12 he'd likely end up seeded anywhere from 2-6th based on what happens with his past opponents. Gomez will be in his way but obviously Fix would be the favorite. Gomez could end up not being even a top10 seed. wild weight.
  16. I dont care either way, Im a fan of him, but how isnt it hands to the face in that situation? Watch the exchange at 8:10-ish and watch Micky's hands. All up in that face. Again, I truly do not care either way, but to me thats so much more clear than what did in Suriano when he wrestled Fix.
  17. Right. And an additional 2x AA is out for the season. Then think... Austin Gomez, Ethan Lizak(HES AN NCAA FINALIST!), Erneste, Terao, Bridges, Louie Hayes. Not all on the same tier as those mentioned before, but still. For the likes of these guys to kind of be on the outside looking in? Wow.
  18. As of right now- Micic. At this point you can make a serious argument for Him, RBY, Pletcher, Phillipi, Wilson, Fix, Suriano, and DeSanto. Whats crazy is- no way all of them AA.
  19. For "MY" teams... tOSU: Pletcher, McKenna, MyMar NC State: Wilson, Hidlay
  20. Credit to both of them for just recognizing the abnormality of the match - and not putting it on each other. Not that I expected anything else. At a neutral site I think that match gets reffed much better. Not an indictment on Rutgers, or their fans or anything - just saying that it probably had an impact on the refs.
  21. To completely disregard his ability to coach is absurd - he's clearly one of the best to ever do it. Is the gap that wide between he and everyone else? I doubt it, but he's one of, if not the best right now. He/PSU are bar none the best at nearly everything else though - Recruiting, Financial support, etc. With that being said, one could argue (and I am in this realm of thinking) that those all fall under what it means to coach.
  22. There will be some type of conduct, or bench warning in this match. Whatever it should be - it will revolve around Steveson, or the Brands. Possibly DeSanto(Who I low key think will win).
  23. Its categorized as sport - but I gotta think J.Smith would be a professional Fisher.
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