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  1. I think that both McKenna and Yianni would both be very difficult matches for frank.
  2. I think RBY could make some serious jumps but the weight is just so deep.
  3. Yeah, relative to wrestling. In Ohio. It's a pretty big number youth-HS. He will have no shortage of athletes wanting to learn from him.
  4. Might be a bit of down-talk in there, but you are correct. The market Logan will serve in Columbus, and Ohio in general will be huge.
  5. Clemson would be a good hire. Win/Win on all parts IMO.
  6. Look at Askren, and David Taylor's models/facilities. This is moreso how it is in Ohio as well. I imagine he will have a standalone building of some kind at some point. With a name like his it will certainly be lucrative. There are individuals who are far less reputable in the area who make good money doing stuff like that, and without a facility of their own. Add that with his oRTC salary, and keep in mind this is doing something he is very passionate about. I'd say he will be fine with his choice. With all of that being said, to say he'll make more money than if he were in the corporate route might be a bit of a stretch lol.
  7. He's sticking around in a position with the Ohio RTC.
  8. He's joining the Ohio RTC staff. Now, if you really want to reach/read tea leaves... Jaggers rumoredly applied for this job. Whether he got it or not, Logan joining the coaching totem pole at tOSU/oRTC would make a little more sense if someone was on their way out soonish.
  9. This. Just didnt want to type it out. I understand the allure of a big ten job, but its not everything. Another example: NC State. (1.) Pat Pop did/does not need a Big Ten School to be successful. (2.) That job will now be highly sought after once it opens up.
  10. Ill take JB by either tech, or a 3ish point win.
  11. Lewis already qualifies for trials right? I wouldnt be shocked if he waited. Gives it a shot there. Then hits U23s again if he doesnt make the sr team.
  12. Or he got a face to face look at the situation and wants to hold out for something better. I dont think thats out of the question.
  13. Im basically assuming that anything outside of Moore, and Pritzlaff are 'hooey'. Theres at least 1 troll on this thread stirring the pot. With that being said, coaching moves are one of my favorite aspects of the sport to watch.
  14. I think it would have to be a jackpot deal. Total admin support, great pay for him and his staff, etc. With it being a Big Ten School I think he would at least consider it. He has younger kids, so now would be an ideal time for them to move if they're going to. It would seem he's next in line at tOSU, but who knows when Ryan will be done. He's not exactly 'old'. Plus, I would imagine that if J does well at UMD he would certainly still be a front runner for that job when it opens up.
  15. I will be a very sad Buckeye if Jaggers leaves. I would rather them snatch up Moore, lol. UMD will have a solid new fanbase, though.
  16. Right, it's everything together. Difference at MD is/was (I am assuming here) he didnt want to be part of a rebuild, or deal with the prospect of being part of a rebuild. I do wish that he wouldve waited and seen who landed at UMD. Especially if it ends up being Jaggers or Moore.
  17. Gotta think 3 things played huge factors in this, 1- Full ride 2- being "the guy" 3- Big Ten Just as well, having Delgado and IMar as coaches/training partners has to be very impactful. Im sure it 'felt' right to him, and all the other things he listed in his statement as well. Im excited to see how he does.
  18. Yeah, I posted then walked away from my desk and a few moments later I thought of Tommy. I blame the fact that Jaggers was the first college wrestler I really looked up to, and Tommy was before my time (as in before I really paid attention.)
  19. I agree to an extent. I dont think he'd really try to hold him back, I simply mean he'd try to sweeten the pot at Rutgers to see if he'd be willing to stay. If he's bent on leaving then sure, I bet Goodale would be happy for him to land a job, but I'm sure he'd like him to stay.
  20. Logan - 1,1,1,1 Taylor - 2,1,2,1 Jaggers - DNP, 7th(maybe 8th, idk). 1, 1 O-H...
  21. He raises some fair points. I will say though- things didnt work out for Suriano at PSU, but he's doing just fine at Rutgers. So to say that because Teasdale couldnt hack it at PSU means he wont make it anywhere else is maybe a bit of a stretch. Different situations, I know but still.
  22. Idk if he'd be the right guy to bring into a rebuild. Plus, I'd imagine he wants to see through Suriano's career. Just as well, I think with the year they just had Goodale would do anything within his power to keep him around, he has to be a huge pull for recruits.
  23. I dont believe he cares, or wants to be hired by those programs anyway. With that being said, if he has that kind of mindset why not report or name names? Idk. Tough spot for him, other coaches, journalists, Flo (If you dont throw them in as journalists I guess).
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