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  1. Fix by at least one. At most four.
  2. Main squad has been and always will be the Bucks. Im a pretty big NC State fan as well. With the Staff overhaul at Wisconsin I find myself paying attention to them a lot more. Lock Haven is a school I'd consider myself a fan of too.
  3. Enjoyed the match. Atmosphere was pretty good. Cant wait for the new facility (traffic will be way better exiting. But ill miss the short walk to and from Varsity Club.) I'm a big fan of both schools so it was a ton of fun for me. With that being said, go Bucks. Really bummed for Wilson, his fam/fans were right by us. Win or lose I wish he was able to finish out the match, but safety/health comes first always. I think he's got Pletchers number fortunately/unfortunately. I bet we see these guys wrestle it out for 3rd again - one making the finals wouldnt be a shock either. This weight it more open than its given credit for. Micah impressed me. The coaching staff knows what/who he is and where he can win against elite opponents and he did it here. I still believe Oliver can be a finalist - 149 is such a fun weight now that there is more than 1 realistic champ. Hidlay looks like hes coming back around. I think he's #2 when its all said and done. - Hayes is probably a 7th,8th, or blood round guy still. One of these days he'll be in the right weight. Fausz deserved more backs. I think he finally gets on the podium. - Heinselman was warming up, and word on the street was they were going to pull his redshirt. Before the end of the season I think they will. Martin is unreal to say the least. With that being said, his inability to secure the major was a bit odd. Coach Ryan wasnt very happy after that. Gotta think small things like that will be fixed. - Reenan is very good. Its just hard to show against a guy like Martin, who is pretty far separated from the field. Especially when you have to go into "conservation mode" for your team as he did here. I have no clue what to make of Singletary. He looked good here, and at the front side of Vegas. Gotta hope/think he'll be readu come Big Tens. - Glad to see Lawler's RS pulled here. I think he has potential. Hope this series continues. Great for both programs IMO. Go Bucks, and Go Pack!
  4. What does that have to do with the way that Brand's was speaking to the official? lol.
  5. First off, I love these. Second, I have a lot of respect for Iowa and the Brands' - but wow, the way they're talking to that ref after Wick Marinelli. Holy crap.
  6. Yeah I was pumped when Ben told everyone in the last Trow/Funky that he'd be doing a podcast with Rudis. I really enjoy it. Dernlan is great too, and offers a cool perspective. Side note - I would love to learn/hear more about Ben's role as Badger RTC head coach. I know this podcast is probably not the place for it, but with how many different hats Ben is wearing now Im really curious how it all works.
  7. Yeah, 197 is interesting. I'm a Buckeye homer to preface... IMO, Moore is about as solid a #2 as you can get based on this season, and on past results. Like you said though, based on those same past results theres a sort of shakiness any time you mention him making the NCAA finals. I cant imagine who would/will knock him off, but at the same time it's almost like youre asking all season "who IS going to be the one to beat him?" Im speaking about everyone outside of Nickal of course.
  8. So many at 149 - the two( or 3, kinda) that jump out at me are Oliver, and Gfeller/Lewallen. I think Gfeller could be a finalist, and if the heresay of Lewallen owning the spot via matches in the room are true, then I'm inclined to believe he would have similar or better results than G. 174 - Joe Smith 133 - Tariq Wilson 285 - guys like HIlger and White could sneak in obviously.
  9. INteresting way to neutralize Smith's offence. I was ready to call him Mark Stall, but then that dirty counter for the dub changed my mind. Smith is a finalist contender fasho.
  10. Am I crazy to think that Gfeller is a top 5 guy? We'll find out soon enough but I'm pretty consistently impressed every time I watch him. Not that impressing me means much lol
  11. For sure. Considering the score of the match before the fall occurred, I'd say its certainly a possibility.
  12. Im biased - they are my adopted squad. The next year that I realistically could see them maybe being out of trophy contention is 23 - and by then who knows who will emerge for them. They're doing very well in recruiting - snagging blue chips and still developing the under the radar guys. Pat Pop and the wolfpack staff rock, man.
  13. Im generally really happy with the state of the sport right now. It can be improved obviously, but we're in a decent spot and heading to a better one even still. It used to be a struggle getting my friends to quit whining when I would watch wrestling at my place - but now its easier to get into (helps that they love college athletics in general.). Generally duals have a decent bit of "spectacle" to them, the competitors are exciting, and when it's tournament time the community does a great job of pushing storylines. Same with the kids I coach. Way easier for them to actually become a fan of the sport. And say what you will about small changes like adding the two piece option, but anything to help kids feel a little more comfortable or interested is always a positive to me. Female divisions on the rise in each state is also going to be a HUGE factor - but that has never been a secret.
  14. Joseph/Marstellar for the title. Should that not be the final matchup at 165, my money is on Hall/Zahid.
  15. I dont disagree on most points, but there are several schools that "do more with less" than Nebraska. At least resource wise. Same with recruiting landscape. Lets not forget, they are a Big Ten university. That alone goes a very long way in your recruiting power. Im sure there is no shortage of money in the program's bank either.
  16. White, and Reenan really impressed me. Wheen Reenan is in peak shape he will be a legit contender to make the NCAA finals. Im not ready to close the door on Moisey yet. I think he can still AA.
  17. I wouldnt be too surprised to find out he isnt the most effective coach. No inside info or exact evidence of such. Strikes me as someone who would be overly competetive in the room with kids he's supposed to coach, stuff like that. Im sure he's a great workout partner in any case - as far as pushing guys and teaching technique. Cant knock someone for going after their dreams while theyre still young.
  18. Yes, but he never wrestled in the tournament to have a chance at placing top 8. Thats what I was getting at.
  19. You only need 12-14 or so (depending) to be considered full time. In the right college of a university you can definitely do that every semester and graduate on time (with summer classes I'm sure). I gotta think that so long as you're a full time student, attaining the required GPA, and are on track with your graduation plan and eligibility clock then you'd be good to go. Obviously we're talking about athletes here - but if you're not an athlete, or on scholarship/financial aid, etc you could take even just 1 class/3 credit hours a semester. I dont believe theres a minimum credit hour requirement at most schools if youre willing to pay out of pocket.
  20. Yeah, I think comparing ASU and Oklahoma is a bit much. You can see a fair improvement on the program since Zeke took over. With Oklahoma you're now seeing one individual who emerging as an AA threat. Whereas the Sundevils will more likely than not have a finalist, and 2ish other AAs - give or take 1. I guess I can see a pattern of building and results at ASU - even if its a bit slower than we all anticipated with the talent theyve brought in. At Oklahoma though it just seems like theyre constantly struggling.
  21. Thats whats I was getting at lol - neither have had the chance. Clearly a poor attempt at a joke. Oh well.
  22. Same problem, I pretty much exclusively use chrome. Both on my Personal Macbook, Work PC and work chromebook. SIdebar: Videos flat out wont start on my Chromebook. Just sits there as a still image. Anyone have any ideas on that? Not a flash issue, because the images come up and im not getting any kind of error with flash or anything.
  23. Gable till proven otherwise. Neither HAVE EVEN AA'd! ;)
  24. I think he takes the stance of being a hardcore Hawks fan. If youre a fan of a program and it isnt preforming to expectations you question the coach. I love his posts lol.
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