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  1. Word is that he wants to leverage it into everything but his own salary. As in Scholarships, facility, staff $$ (coaches/staff under him that is) Dude should be sought after by any major program that needs a rebuild, he's great. Hope he stays at LHU.
  2. Your ability to admit it is a quality few people on this board have, lol.
  3. 1 - Semis/blood round. Nothing like it. It was awesome (in cleveland last year) 2- Idk if it was the loudest I'v ever heard, but the way the arena erupted when they called Kyle Snyder's name to run out for the finals last year was unexplainable. The wrestling world loves him, and being in Ohio helped obviously I'm sure. Close second when JDJ threw Guilibon to his back for the W at BIg Ten's in Columbus a few years ago. 3- Dew 4- Dip n Dots 5- Hall. Hope he gets another one next year though, sincerly. Just not against Zahid, although it would seem that will be the matchup. 6- Music is awesome IMO. Especially during the warmup time for the medal round. 7- Not in my experience, other than the obvious commercial break. I actually found it to be overstimulating at times. Theres always someone you want to watch out there no matter what round youre in. 8- N/A for my one experience. 9- Everyone I sat by last year for the finals were very friendly regardless of what shirts we were wearing. I was pretty close to a lot of finalists parents/fam, so that was cool. 10- Watching Snyder get his last NCAA Chip. The whole experience was awesome. Mike Mach getting his as well was very cool. Actually met him in Raleigh a few months later and he is an incredibly genuine dude. Noticed I was wearing a USA wrestling shirt and talked to me and my Finance for like 20 min in their training facility lol. NCAAs is the best sporting event I have ever been to. By far.
  4. I like the variety, but I do agree that some teams completely ignoring their colors in favor of having 'cool' uniforms does kind of bug me. Not that difficult to throw some red/yellow on to a black singlet. With that being said... the singlet that Mekhi Lewis wore in the quarters was sick.
  5. Do I think it was a takedown? No. So, Joey should’ve won outright imo. With that being said I’m glad that it(the call) sent it into OT and they had a chance to settle it on it mat. It always stings when you watch the wrestler who initiated offense in OT take the loss, but Joey only used one attack the whole time(albeit he almost scored every time) and against an alien like Yianni, can you expect to continuously score off one shot? Idk, my heart aches for Joey. As a fan It’s been so awesome to have him compete for the bucks. Even in finishing 2nd he represented tOSU in a great way. Congrats to Yianni in any case! I’m a fan if he’s not wrestling a buckeye or a member of the Wolfpack!
  6. White Mueller Fix McKenna Ashnault Nolf Lewis Valencia Foster Nickal
  7. Bresser just dancin' on that 8th place stand. Im really impressed with Foley, and MSU- they had at least 1 other in the blood round, right? Thats awesome.
  8. 125 - Mueller. Piccinnini 133- Pletcher. Micic 141- Yianni. McKenna 149- Ashnault. Jordan 157- Nolf. Berger 165- Wick. Joseph. 174- Hall. Valencia 184- Martin. Foster 197- Nickal. Moore 285- White. Steveson.
  9. He's awesome. Picked him for my fantasy team for NCAAs haha. Despite being the TF leader last year and this year currently he's definitely slept on.
  10. I like floarena when an event is live, or when Im looking through the bracket and want to watch matches - but I definitely prefer the NCAA pdf. Wish they more regularly updated.
  11. I definitely think he's the favorite on paper and in general perception. Similarly to how Eierman's 2nd round match shouldn't fool anyone though Shoop's first round match was not very telling. Eierman should win, but Shoop is very dangerous. Its honestly one of the qtrs I'm looking forward to the most.
  12. 125 - Rivera, Mueller (this match could get wild), Lee, Piccinnini (Major upset potential here.) 133- Fix, Phillippi (Picking with my brain here, not my heart.), Suriano (Not sure what the weigh in/out schedule is but this could get ugly.) Micic (He looked fine yesterday, but obviously 7min with most is not the same as 7min with DeSanto) I feel like 133 is pretty clearly the most compelling weight this year. In the consos you've got Tucker v RBY (Ill take RBY). Terao v Gomez (Give me Gomez) and Bridges v Gonser (I'll take Gonser). Tariq Wilson is also looming in the wrestle backs. Looking like he'll have Erneste to AA if he makes it to the Blood Round, which is obviously very doable. 141- Yianni (against anyone but Yianni or Joey I'd probably pick Demas for the upset.) Eierman (I think this can go either way. I really like the loser of the qtr to make the podium either way.) Lee. McKenna. 149- Ashnault. Kolodzik (Interesting match up. Loser should still make the podium.) Finesilver (great quarterfinal. Selfeshly I want Oconner to win, because I think Micah dominates him. Finesilver could present some issues for Mic). Jordan. 157- Nolf. Hidlay (This will be tighter than ever, but I do think its a "match up thing". Loser makes the Podium with relative ease I think.) Deakin. (Young is dangerous here) Berger. 165- Marinelli (Man on a mission). Marsteller (I think Chance goes up by a takedown or two. Wiscy takes top, LHU takes neutral. It'll be close but I think the 1st period decides this one. Very very important match, as the loser will have an extremely difficult blood round match.) Steiert (call it a hunch) Joseph. 174- Hall. Amine. Valencia. Lewis 184- Martin. Bonaccorsi. Foster. Ness This weight started to crumble last night with Ness taking out PSU's resident mallard. I think the quarters will make it explode. 197- Nickal. Brucki. Weigel. Moore. 285- White. Stoll (Yep). Steveson (Dhesi will be game but I dont think Gable is playing those anymore.) Cassar (Im a big fan of Thor, and think he will AA. Cassar is in a separate tier though. He's my second favorite Nittany Lion after Nolf.) Who ya got!?
  13. iGranby


    Love it. I agree with flo, and others that say ESPN does kind of just pick up the best part of the year - but with the resources and everything that ESPN has to broadcast/stream I definitely prefer it this way. Like pamela said earlier, flo's coverage compliments it so nicely, and then you've got the NCAA wrestling social media accounts that have been lights out so far this week. Then there are tons of others who are covering to various degrees. Obvously just as well individual programs posting results and various forms of media are always great at NCAAs.
  14. From the sound of his interview on flo (https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6380576-2019-ncaa-championships/videos?playing=6401735&limit=60) no bad blood on his end. Likely the same on VA's end, especially since it seems as though he went to VA to be with Gavin. I doubt anyone had to fight very hard on this one.
  15. Does anyone have the interactive bracket google doc? Im on the one from last year but cannot find this years.
  16. Whoever runs their sound booth for FRL was a D1 wrestler. Bratke wrestled at Ohio. Then theres Velliquette, but he's not exactly part of the FRL crew.
  17. I really enjoyed the article. Everyone who I recommended it to (who actually read it) also enjoyed. Some points I really liked: Singlets- No need to debate, but yeah. Conference finals- I didnt agree at first, but the more I thought about it the more I'm on board. There can be spectacle and ceremony for the consolation finals, they deserve it and they're awesome- but a conference championship deserves its own stage.
  18. I dont. He's said before he loves the small school deal and he's doing pretty well. Plus admin is locked in to helping the program succeed.
  19. I wont pretend that I called it or anything, but I've been thinking that this was coming for about a month now. Since his surgery Gross has been pretty silent on social media. Not much interaction with team social media or anything. Idk, something just seemed off. I think Hahn will be/do just fine. Give him a few seasons to get his system rolling, and to get his recruits going. Different approach than Bono and that's fine. Just gotta give it some time.
  20. Isnt he in school for game design or something? I have no clue what school(s) have good to decent programs for something like that. I gotta think most state universities would be able to get him in a good masters program to supplement that career path, though. Good fit? Im not sure stylistically what mold you consider him. He clearly has a high ceiling in any case. Who can develop/enhance talent in a short amount of time? Wisconsin? NC State? PSU?
  21. This is my most common stress dream. I havent competed since 2012 lol.
  22. I dont really watch soccer and I've been saying this for years to people who tell me we have the best following in the world.
  23. Jake Herbert later down the line was world class, maybe not at the time. Before they wrestled in the NCAA finals they were considered "equals" before Askren Majored him. The only year that Ben was the 'clear' favorite was his senior year. Even though in hindsight he was pretty far away from the field in both his Jr and Sr years.
  24. I agree, but based on how things have gone at Iowa im just thinking they'd keep moving that way. At least with one more hire.
  25. I think Perry would step in. I'm fairly certain thats why he hopped on the RTC job. Would he do better, or even well? Who knows. Illinois had solid results while he was there and they trusted him enough with HWC, so I gotta think they'd be willing to give him a shot. Or Morningstar, I guess. I just lean someone who is both younger, and was a Hawkeye.
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