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  1. Vasbinder is redshirting, getting bigger this season, than will go hwt next year.
  2. MIcic and Amine are on the roster, no Massa.
  3. You definitely want to try to watch the semis and blood round Friday night. Session 4
  4. Check out this thread and we'll make sure you have a good time!
  5. I'm more leery paying $200 for one session. Btw, my money was refunded two years, so that wasn't an issue.
  6. Btw, Fan Fest should be at https://www.tcfcenterdetroit.com/ which is a easy People Move ride from most of the downtown area. TCF is right across the street from The Fort Pontchartrain Hotel (Wyndham Hotel) and Detroit Foundation Hotel.
  7. They certainly do not offer ketchup!
  8. Yeah, it's less than a mile to the arena from the Westin. A great thing about the Westin, you're right across the street to Lafayette Coney Island!
  9. Some of my favorites, all very close to the hotel. https://www.thebrakemandetroit.com/about/ https://www.detroitbeerco.com/ https://www.yelp.com/biz/pegasus-taverna-greektown-detroit https://redsmokebarbeque.com/ https://goldenfleecedetroit.com/ https://www.basementburgerbar.com/detroit/ https://www.buddyspizza.com/downtown-detroit
  10. From the Hilton Garden Inn, you're better off just walking to the arena. Less than a mile walk. Also, if you want to save money, park your car at Greektown Casino it's free most of the time.
  11. Yes, plenty of places to eat and drink. You can pick up the People Mover on the west end of the Greektown Casino. Get off at the Grand Circus Park Station, then its a 1/2 walk to Little Caesars Arena. It's about 1 mile walk from Greektown, so if the weather is okay, it's not a bad walk. What hotel?
  12. Looks like the first day of Ncaa's is on St Patrick's Day and will be pretty crazy downtown. The https://www.oldshillelagh.com/ will have Irish band playing all day!
  13. https://fowlingwarehouse.com/hamtramck-mi/#how-to-play Some Fowling in Hamtramck is also a good option!
  14. I would prefer any other place than Hockeytown Cafe!!
  15. Above ground rail, that goes around the downtown. https://d3ghsr8ttmydvh.cloudfront.net/dev/2017-11/Printable%20Map.pdf
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