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  1. At 133, whoever they go with, would have to qualify at the Big 10's. They don't have enough matches. Also at this point Medley looks like a lock.
  2. Finals in the middle of the field? Last year in Pittsburgh got tickets on the street, couldn't get any other ways, so that kind of sucked. I actually had tickets for this before before I got them last year!
  3. For 2, flight $600.00, Hotel $500.00 (2 nights), Tickets $364. Not counting Incidentals. You $2550 Me $1464
  4. Is Joey Silva already ineligible (again)? Why did he not wrestle?
  5. Six freshman won yesterday, 5 for RU and 1 for MSU Malczewski beat Grello at 174.
  6. With no scoreboard, maybe somebody can tell the announcer, we need the score, riding time, and how many seconds are left. That would be helpful!
  7. Any word on any changing to the seating/lay out of the mats at US Bank Stadium? Or how many tickets have been sold at this time? I still can not believe they are going to use the whole stadium!!
  8. That can be said about a lot of the roster. They only took 8 kids to Cliff Keen. Where's Joey Silva as well. Did hear, he was not enrolled first semester. So we will see if he's enrolled 2nd semester in a little bit.
  9. I think Massa is already 24, so I think he and Micic are pretty close.
  10. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2019/October/01/Michigan-announces-four-athletes-to-take-Olympic-redshirt-years Storr, Amine, Massa and Micic. I guess Michigan wants to make a big run 2020-2021. Wouldn't be surprise if Parris and certainly Mchenry redshirt as well. So the lineup could be 125 Assad/Medley 133 Mattin/SIlva 141 Ben Freeman/Silva 149 Ben Lamantia 157 Will Lewan/Van Anrooy 165 Reece Hughes/Cam Amine 174 Max Maylor 184 Embree 197 J Striggow 285 Parris/Ready
  11. MSU https://msuspartans.com/schedule.aspx?path=wrestling
  12. Correct, I would rather be a little farther away from all 8 mats, then close to 2 mats and really far away from the other 6 mats. Is it so they can charge more for the 100 level seats??!!
  13. Ford Field drew 37k for the Frozen Four, using a half field. Ford Field and US Bank Stadium are the same size. So not sure how they can't get 40k fans.
  14. Great point. Don't understand why they can't bring in seats that would be in the field?? Those would be premium seats.
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