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  1. Hi Grappler1999, are you still looking to sell your 2 tickets?

  2. Michigan wrestling

    113 pounders in College

    I think the bigger question when it comes to being to small for 125, is how tall they are. How tall is McHenry? If he has the height, the weight will come.
  3. Michigan wrestling

    UM vs. MSU Last Night

    Great question. One of only of couple of weights where they are not deep, with a freshman and now seems injury prone. I thought 184 could be a rd of 12, but now not looking good.
  4. Michigan wrestling

    UM vs. MSU Last Night

    The Michigan Ohio State dual should be really good. I think Michigan can win, they need to win at 125, 133, 157, 165, 174 and hwt. The 157 mat will be huge, Michigan will give up big points at 184 and maybe 197. Mattin needs to be back, as well. For MSU its not easy to move up the B10 quickly, it takes time. The top 10 in the B10 are very good programs. They have not had an all-american since 2013. So, having one this year would be great, then continue to improve is important. They have a couple of weights that it seems they are not getting better. Adding depth should help that problem.
  5. Michigan wrestling

    UM vs. MSU Last Night

    MSU looks much better than they were a few years ago, but they were terrible under Minkel. They have a couple of holes they need to fill in. Beard did look good against Parris, he moves well for a big guy. He was a 152 160lber in 9th and 10th grade so that probably helps. Hughes is frustrating to watch, not good on this feet and doesn't seem to be getting better. Rayvon Foley should be an all-american this year, Caffey has some work to do this year, maybe a round of 12. They are getting some better recruits coming in next year. They also have a very good 174 Layne Malczewski, not sure where he will fit in next year, but they want him in the lineup next year.
  6. Michigan wrestling

    NCAA Wrestling Television Viewership

    As crazy as it sounds, that basketball game was on CBS not ESPN2 and that is a big difference. If that basketball were on ESPN2 the rating would have been pretty similar.
  7. Michigan wrestling

    Mason Parris to Michigan

    After not getting accepted to Michigan, he went to Muskegon Community College for maybe a semester, from what I was told, never went class. Wrestled at MSU open, place 3rd or 4th in the Freshman division. A couple of months ago I saw a flyer for a wrestling camp with him and Taylor Massa.
  8. Michigan wrestling

    2017-2018 Projected Line Ups and Potential AA's.

    U of M 125- Assad. Should be a qualifier 133- Micic. Possible finalist. 141- Fisher/Freeman. Can be a qualifier 149- Malik Amine. Also should be a qualifier 157- Pantaleo. Top 4, possible finalist 165- Massa. Same as above ^^ 174- Myles Amine. top 4 again, not sure if he can jump the top 3 184- Abounader. should be AA 197- Beazley. should AA again Hwt- Coon. Top 3 should be finalist As a team, should be able to compete for Top 3, if healthy.
  9. Michigan wrestling

    Texas HS Wrestling

    Would SMU be a better option to start a college program??
  10. Michigan wrestling

    Bleise to Minnesota

    Two national qualifiers in 2 year that Northern Illinois has lost (transferred). What's going on there?
  11. Michigan wrestling

    Is it time to get rid of the escape point?

    I say 1 point for an escape and 3 points for a takedown.
  12. Michigan wrestling

    NCAA final 2019-2022

    Good geography lesson?
  13. Michigan wrestling

    NCAA final 2019-2022

    For all the people that are complaining about the host cities, particularly "the Midwest" and I will only include Ohio Michigan and western PA. Remember this, Cleveland has not hosted since 1998, Detroit 15 years between hosting and Pittsburgh has never hosted in i'll say the modern era of division 1 wrestling. So I don't see where these areas have a Ncaa bias. The Ncaa will go where the best bids (money) is. St Louis has hosted numerous times in the 15 years, probably they bid the most and could make the most money for the Ncaa.
  14. Michigan wrestling

    D1 Sites

    Correct, they did consider themselves West in 1898!
  15. Michigan wrestling

    D1 Sites

    If Pittsburgh is MIDWEST then they should really use a different term than Midwest, because there is nothing MID or WEST about Pittsburgh. If you drive due south from Pittsburgh you will hit Miami Fl and I don't think Miami would be considered West.