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  1. Michigan's season is starting this week. They are being tested at weighin's, masks at practice, but not during matches.
  2. UPDATED with records Amine still not wrestled Brooks 3-0 beat Weiler Weiler 3-2 lost to Brooks Braunagel 4-3 beat Jessen, lost to Webster Brands 3-2 beat Jordan, lost to Lyon Venz 3-2 didn't wrestle Malczewski 5-0 beat Haas and Harris Webster 4-2 didn't wrestle Poznanski 3-1 didn't wrestle Lyon 2-4 beat Brands, lost to Jordan Jordan 3-4 beat Lyon, lost Nelson
  3. I know we have had a limited schedule this season but I would argue Malczewski has looked better at 184 then 174. The strength he gives up he makes up with his length and athleticism. No way he can ever make 174 again..
  4. At this time good luck seeding the 184! First off Myles Amine hasn't wrestled, who know if he will or what weight. Aaron Brooks limited schedule at this point with wins over Jessen and Drayton. Chris Weiler beat Venz, Lyon, Braunagel but lost to Jordan Braunagel has beat Brands, Jordan and Drayton but has lost to Lyon, Weiler Brands has beat Salazar and Venz and lost to Braunagel Venz has beat Jessen, Cochran, Halvorsen with loses Weiler and Brands Malczewski has beat Jordan, Webster and Cochran, no loses Webster has beat Poznanski, Lyon, Cochran and lost to Haas and Malczewski Poznanski has beat Lyon, Jordan and Walker and lost to Webster Lyon beat Braunagel and has loses to Poznanski, Webster and Weiler Jordan beat Cochran, Weiler and lost Malczewski, Poznanski and Braunagel. thoughts...
  5. Chase Saldote and Layne Malczewski continue to look good for the Spartans.
  6. The only thing good against Minnesota, Caffey looked great and Malczewski grinded out a tough match unlike his teammates.
  7. Actually MSU only won at 184 Malczewski 197 Caffey.
  8. Mars was off the roster last year and I think Nick Freeman was the same.
  9. It's hard to stay in school, when you don't go to class or do any work, for said class!
  10. Tulsa does have a fairly new 19000 seat arena right downtown.
  11. Tulsa-2023 Kansas City-2024 Philadelphia-2025 Cleveland-2026
  12. He also killed a priest in confessional!
  13. Not sure how these sites have tickets, when the NCAA hasn't put them up for sale yet?!
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