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  1. The only thing good against Minnesota, Caffey looked great and Malczewski grinded out a tough match unlike his teammates.
  2. Actually MSU only won at 184 Malczewski 197 Caffey.
  3. Mars was off the roster last year and I think Nick Freeman was the same.
  4. It's hard to stay in school, when you don't go to class or do any work, for said class!
  5. Tulsa does have a fairly new 19000 seat arena right downtown.
  6. Tulsa-2023 Kansas City-2024 Philadelphia-2025 Cleveland-2026
  7. He also killed a priest in confessional!
  8. Not sure how these sites have tickets, when the NCAA hasn't put them up for sale yet?!
  9. Hey, lets not tell everybody about this! At least until I get me tickets!
  10. Yes, The Palace was easy in and fairly easy out, but it's gone never coming back. Downtown isn't bad if you know where to go and can walk a little bit. You can park for free at either casino or pay $5.00-10.00 somewhat closer.
  11. Don't forget the Iltches are truly awful people. The Palace I believe would give us a deal because it was a high school event. The Iltches have taken advantage of every tax breaks, even money that was directed towards Detroit schools.
  12. Do you think that the NCAA will award Minneapolis (US Bank Stadium) to be a host city again, when the next 4 host sites are announced in a year or so??? Seems like the NCAA really want to test wrestling in a football stadium!
  13. I'm tired of people complaining about Ford Field. Eastern Michigan could host, but there is no chance that we are going to host a tournament at EMU (will never happen unless they bring back wrestling). MSU and U of M doesn't want it, they both host basketball games this time of the year. Little Caesars and Van Andel also are charging a lot more than Ford Field (I think double). If you're complaining that you can't see all the divisions, the only other solutions is to split up the tournament, which means you're not going to be able to watch all divisions. For the kids that are wrestling Ford Field isn't bad compared to The Palace. Kids have room to warm up and relax, the 2 day event is great. Their are pluses and minuses to any faculties So you might as well embrace it!
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