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  1. His National Championship in college has a giant asterisk next to it due to the clear rule violation (not called for some reason) that lead directly to his "winning" TD.
  2. Agree, it wasn't 2, behind the arms but nowhere near covering the hips. Think about it this way, put them both in the same position in the center of the mat, no one would expect 2 to be called until his hips come behind his arms.
  3. You are certain it was those particular points, not the ones at 61kg, 65kg, 70kg, 92kg or 125kg that made the difference. Yeah, I'd throw it all on the guy who lost to likely the #2 P4P wrestler in the world.
  4. As a Jamestown Wrestling Alum, I am completed astounded but very pleased. This does seem very out of the blue. Does he have some tie to the school/area?
  5. Ok, thank you for clarifying. He is absolutely an invaluable part of USA wrestling's staff, in whatever role he plays. To the point of the question, I did not see him in anyone's corner during OTT's as a personal coach.
  6. Got it. In the clip I saw, I did not see him utter the comment about Jackson Thanks for correcting.
  7. I don't believe so. He is actually not a member of the Senior level USA Wrestling staff, his USA Wrestling role is Developmental coach, which is Cadets and Juniors. In addition to this, he serves as J'Dens personal coach. It is unknown to me if he has this relationship with any other senior level wrestler that was wrestling at the OTT.
  8. Please note the "right now" above. Thanks.
  9. Dake, then Sadulaev, then next topic.
  10. This is actually not true anymore. I saw more people picking Bo going into Saturday nights matches. We can now scratch that off the list along with never making an Olympic team.
  11. If not Bo, I see DT taking Brooks. An outside shot of Cenzo, who has trained with DT previously but may just be too small.
  12. I am as big a Taylor fan as you will find and have been for years but Dake is the best pound for pound wrestler in the world right now and is Taylor's kryptonite.
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