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  1. I cannot do off the rack singlets any longer, I always go custom!! :):)
  2. After staying at a Holiday Inn Express last evening to garner wisdom on this topic, I have concluded an injury did occur. The injury was to his psyche. He was jumping around just fine during the heavyweight match. His coaches seem perplexed by his default. They might protect his psyche by claiming injury and sitting him out a minimal amount of time to bolster this stance but he will be fine for the Big 10s and NCAAs.
  3. A few takeaways from these videos: 1) Greg Schiano seems frustrated in his 1st season coaching Rutgers wrestling.... 2) Dresser going to the five and dime for a malt wearing that sweater? 3) How long before Colbray enters the transfer portal? 4) Iowa State has underachieved since you know who left. This is a legacy program. If this is what it takes to kick them into gear, then the snowflakes can leave. Love it publicly as a fan but do not cry when the kids bash Boomer on social media..
  4. Bo Nickal when he helps me up after teching me........
  5. Womack of Cornell was a 6 time state champion in Alabama. That 7th grade title must have propelled him over the top! :)
  6. I just checked Intermat's HS rankings. They rank the Top 20 in every high school weight class. Unless I am missing something, not one kid in the Top 20 of any weight class is committed to Maryland. It is extremely hard to be even an average team in that conference without the talent. The move the the Big 10 was not a good look for the Terps' wrestling program.
  7. The 19 division Virginia state wrestling championships are a sight to behold......
  8. KFC was holding Colonel Sanders auditions after the match.....
  9. The smart farmer population is thin in the current recruiting cycle...
  10. We ever find out what happened at ASU? HEW alert!
  11. I honestly believe Zahid miscalculated the score and thought he had the tech fall. He seemed perplexed looking at the scoreboard after the match.
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