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  1. Retherford and Taylor with 2 Hodge Trophies each. McCoy and Nickal with 1 each. Hard to put anyone over these 4.
  2. He was a bigger lock than Metcalf was against Caldwell!
  3. Waiting for the Sasso can beat Yianni post......
  4. People who want to puff out their chest and post about their team's superiority on message boards!
  5. I meant 3 high schools in 4 years but the question still remains. Any Cali people out there to explain?
  6. Can any of our Cali peeps explain the 4 high schools in 3 years?
  7. Kelly seems to be bouncing around quite a bit. Is this normal or is there something else going on here?
  8. Um, Zalasky and Brands have the same amount of titles as a head coach. Zalesky subsequently won PAC-12 titles as well. Brands won titles with a combined recruiting class then no more titles. McCoy had 4 Top 20 NCAA finishes, won 3 ACC titles at Maryland and was 3 time ACC Coach of the Year. McCoy also had prior success at Stanford. The move to Big 10 was a killer for Maryland Wrestling. Jackson's teams took 3rd, 11th, 11th at ISU. Jackson also coached some Olympic Champions. There was a reason Cael left for PSU. These 3 were not exactly incompetent coaches. Kolat would sign up for any of these coaching accomplishments right now. Talk about recency bias.
  9. Great article on Kistler's sister back in the day. https://apnews.com/4b0200c1f4b5ad02badc6a7eba2d7c1c
  10. There was nothing like being in the arena for Caldwell-Metcalf. It seemed like there was going to be a Metcalf coronation but Caldwell had other plans that evening!
  11. Watched the documentary last week. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A few thoughts and questions for those with more knowledge on the subject. 1) The wife. Kemp was the Associate Producer on the film. I do not know any of the facts but I go by the old axiom, there are 3 sides to every story. His side, her side and the truth. It appears the film seeks to show jail changed his life for the better but I do not think there was a need for the level of disparagement of the ex-wife, who is portrayed as having a mental illness. Getting a neighbor to talk about her and then having the kids talking about her in the film seems in poor taste as you are telling the story from your point of view. I had never heard of the jail situation prior to seeing this film. 2) Did they even mention the 1976 Olympic cycle? 3) He won a Super World Championship in 1980. Does this count as a 4th World title? Did he wrestle the 1980 Olympic Champion that year or ever before? 3) They talked about him not being the same after the 1980 boycott but he did take Bronze at the 1981 Worlds and Gold at the 1982 Worlds. What type of battles did he have with Dave Schulz prior to the 1984 Olympic Trials? The film reminded me of how great of a wrestler he was. We need more films like this about our great wrestlers.
  12. He also lost in the blood round in both 1993 and 1994. RIP
  13. Not convinced this is a step up for Kolat. Anyone have any insight on the commitment to wrestling allowed by the academy? I am sure he will appreciate the discipline of his wrestlers but they have bigger things to learn and deal with in their lives.
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