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  1. Curious to see how these guys wrestle after an hour of all you can eat and drinking for an hour....
  2. I believe he meant qualify academically....
  3. Where can I buy Van Ness stock?
  4. Some random thoughts: 1) Did some new Italian restaurants open up in Stillwater besides The Olive Garden? Piccinni, Mastrogiovani, Ferrari. These names scream out Rutgers to me. 2) How long before this kid is teching some poor kid when the cliche announcer says, "this kid is Ram tough but he is racing against a Ferrari..." 3) What happened to the Okie State can't compete for recruits because of their poor facilities crowd? This class is shaping up to be historic.
  5. I suggest taking spelling at your HS!
  6. I thought the pre-Goodale argument was that Rutgers would do very well if they kept the NJ kids from leaving the state. He seems to have accomplished this goal and they are enjoying unprecedented success.
  7. USA Wrestling hijacked by someone with money only to have to eventually distance themselves from said person? Shocking!!
  8. Dake's strategy completely flustered Dieringer. Let the Cornell intelligence arrogance commence.....
  9. This match would have gone alot differently with an international tournament. That was some serious stalling on Dake's part.
  10. His uncle was a pretty big dude!
  11. The gist of this is that USA Wrestling has been screwing up their own rules for at least 35 years....
  12. Must have been an interesting conversation when Mrs. Blanc found out about this....
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