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  1. Greatdane67


    His uncle was a pretty big dude!
  2. The gist of this is that USA Wrestling has been screwing up their own rules for at least 35 years....
  3. This must have been a July Fools Day joke....
  4. Greatdane67

    Obe Blanc to NDSU

    Must have been an interesting conversation when Mrs. Blanc found out about this....
  5. Greatdane67

    52 Minutes With Robbie Howard

    Can we get the cliff notes on this one? 52 minutes a little much? I watched one minute and counted 11 hair adjustments.
  6. Greatdane67

    Jordan Burroughs Final X weigh-in

    He might have been training with a weighted singlet.....
  7. Greatdane67

    Way too Early 2020 Olympics Team Picks

    This might the greatest US Olympic Trials we will ever see....
  8. Greatdane67

    Is Cassar a favorite to repeat?

  9. Greatdane67

    Kamal Bey

    The shop called. The Ferrari is not ready to drive yet................
  10. Greatdane67

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever beaten?

    I beat Bye 5 or 6 times....
  11. Greatdane67

    Gross to Wisconsin *almost* a done deal

    I am hearing the girlfriend is now transferring to South Dakota State! :)
  12. Greatdane67

    Threatened by "College Wrestler"

    Usually a quick glance at the ears acts as a deterrent.....
  13. Greatdane67

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    Make an argument that I am wrong instead of a clownish blanket statement a 5 year old would make. You want to debate facts, I am here. Zero titles since the VT kids left. Let me know if I am missing something. I am more than willing to admit I am wrong if presented with facts.
  14. Greatdane67

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    Ignorance is if you do not know any better. I have watched every Iowa match and every NCAA tournament since Brands has taken over. Every single one. How many titles have they won since their combined VT class graduated? Keep this defense of Brands up and get used to not winning a team title ever again until a change is made.
  15. Greatdane67

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    These are not your grandfather's Hawkeyes. I am not sure why Brands has such a long leash. I am sure Gable still has tons of input and it appears he either has extreme sympathy for his former wrestler or he revels in the fact that no one can surpass his coaching accomplishments. Their style of wrestling now is non-offensive, borderline stalling. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT GABLE THE COACH WOULD EVER BE COMPLACENT WITH PENN STATE'S DOMINANCE. Hard truth: A change needs to be made for the good of the Hawkeyes and for the good of the sport.