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  1. Greatdane67

    Cael said "Wrestling needs more scholarships"

    I was under the impression that Penn State was already at 19.9 scholarships....lol
  2. Greatdane67

    Freshman Champs that never repeated

    Keith Nix lost in the finals as a freshman and was never heard from again. I always wondered what happened to him afterwards. He was extremely talented. I just googled him and saw he died in July. May he rest in peace. https://www.turrentinejacksonmorrow.com/obituaries/benjamin-keith-nix
  3. Greatdane67


    5-Kolodzik 3-Stevenson 3-Valencia
  4. Greatdane67

    McCoy Steps down. It is official

    He has won ACC Championships. Worst D1 coach in history? You need your doctor's license revoked!
  5. I knew he was going to lose as soon as the Big 10 Network played the video of him saying in he wanted to go undefeated in college. New rule, you have to get through at least 2 undefeated seasons before having that type of talk!
  6. Greatdane67

    Shakur Rasheed Forfeit in Finals

    Reason #245 wrestling is still stuck in the stone ages. Imagine Duke forfeiting to North Carolina in an ACC basketball tournament final so as not to show them too much in case they met in the NCAA tourney? When the seeds come out, we will see if there was a punishment here.
  7. Greatdane67

    Joseph just got dominated

    How did it work out for Vincezo the 1st two times he did not win the Big 10s?
  8. Greatdane67

    Is Shakur Rasheed overrated at #2?

    He wrestles the #1 at 165, 174 and 197 every day. That should count for something.......:):):):)
  9. Greatdane67

    Chandler Rogers Odd Man Out....

    Didn't the Cowboys have a similar situation in the 1990's having to sit a returning AA for the NCAA tournament due to a logjam? When you go to a Top 10 school,. one should assume they are trying to replace you every moment you are there. No one is guaranteed anything. It may be harsh, but that has to be the mentality.
  10. Greatdane67

    Lee Threads (combined)

    Bernard Lee, the original M from the Bond movies!
  11. Greatdane67

    Lee Threads (combined)

    Travis Lee!
  12. Greatdane67

    Lee Threads (combined)

    Lee Mazzilli
  13. Greatdane67

    Lee Threads (combined)

    Lee Trevino
  14. Greatdane67

    Lee Threads (combined)

    Tommy Lee Jones
  15. Greatdane67

    Lee Threads (combined)

    Jennifer Jason Leigh