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  1. You guys are in mid season form!
  2. Cornell quick on the bio change! https://cornellbigred.com/sports/wrestling/roster/coaches/mike-grey-11/6678
  3. Is there a community college in Palo Alto?
  4. An underrated aspect of the down year is Covid-19 related. If you look closely, this new crop does not tan as much as the old Buckeyes. That was sort of a secret weapon. Tanning salons in Columbus have been shut down due to virus concerns.
  5. Moore would have been #1 seed. Ferrari would have been #5 seed. Ferrari would have beaten him in the semi-finals!
  6. Hopefully someone hires Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles to derail this guy over the course of the next 4 years!
  7. Love the "I got this" nods to his corner on every restart!
  8. What is his walking around weight? You think he is making 197 and then deadlifting 665lbs?
  9. If he was betting on his matches, he might be ruled ineligible! :):)
  10. It is bad when you have to look up who the #7 seed is...
  11. Um, I just check the 1969 NCAA Tournament. I do not see his name. https://nwhof.org/NCAA-Brackets/PDF/NCAA 1969.pdf Different division?
  12. I would take the NCAA Champ over the other top 5 if this is the case...
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