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  1. 3x AA Ken Chertow. Went on to create one the greatest mass marketing email platforms for wrestling camps...
  2. If you were a green martian, tough and good at wrestling, Brands would recruit you. This is a troll thread.
  3. I do not think Martin makes it out of the 1st period....
  4. When Dake flies 1st Class, Taylor is in Economy Comfort....
  5. Is ASU persona non grata with the Valencia family right now?
  6. He is revealing all of his secrets to the general public. Next week, he will be revealing all of his secrets on owning DT.
  7. Taymazov cheated his entire career. He looked abnormal from the beginning.
  8. Retherford and Taylor with 2 Hodge Trophies each. McCoy and Nickal with 1 each. Hard to put anyone over these 4.
  9. He was a bigger lock than Metcalf was against Caldwell!
  10. Waiting for the Sasso can beat Yianni post......
  11. People who want to puff out their chest and post about their team's superiority on message boards!
  12. I meant 3 high schools in 4 years but the question still remains. Any Cali people out there to explain?
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