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  1. 4x High School or College? Opens a different route....or maybe a route back?
  2. Frustrated that they are only allowing straight bets and no parlays. I crushed some parlays for Olympics and Worlds.
  3. Compound has great service and designs, but their price point is higher. They do have good packages at the beginning of season to look out for though. Rudis is great but they have a significantly higher price point that my kids/program can't handle. I have to buy/get shoes donated for a good number of kids so expensive team packs isn't in our budget-fundraising covers costs of essentials and travel. Blue Chip has been awesome for practice packs but I've never gotten singlets/2-piece through them.
  4. I ordered a set last year for our high school team from Go Earn It---they were awesome to work with (our gear is on their catalog pages) and price point was low enough to make it worthwhile. $45 for singlets and I think $70 for 2-piece. I initially thought it would help encourage more numbers but it hasn't impacted ours. In fact, most of our kids have turned the fight shorts into a warm up instead of using them in competition so it wasn't a waste of money totally. All of my kids wanted to stick with singlets even when they had they option.
  5. Only if they have unbalanced brackets...
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