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    coachwendell reacted to scribe in 2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals   
    They shut down illegal fists to the back, and you never hear of it anymore. 
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    coachwendell reacted to JasonBryant in Mason Manville OR   
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    coachwendell reacted to Mphillips in Cassar’s Lip Tattoo   
    To be fair, it does have a bullet hole in it.
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    coachwendell reacted to ConnorsDad in Who will Maryland hire?   
    Do you really think Damion Hahn has applied after only one year at South Dakota State? I'm not saying he hasn't I just don't know. Assuming he has, do you think this first year of his with the Jackrabbits would be a strike against him? They did not have a great year.
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    coachwendell reacted to ugarte in Singlets at this year's tournament   
    Cornell - Nebraska was even more confusing when one of the guys was named Red. 
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    coachwendell reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in 2020 Tickets   
    Any chance we can get the funzone set up as a big open mat so drunk fans can reconcile their differences in a civilized and honorable manner?
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    coachwendell reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in The Short and the Tall of It   
    He usually lost 2 or 3 inches when he'd make the cut down to 125.
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    coachwendell reacted to WillieBoy in FLOwrestling is an absolute disgrace   
    If you get it over a computer - why would you think it would work all the time. For all the expectations these electronic hellboxes still give us fits with their unreliability.
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    coachwendell reacted to unbiased in FLOwrestling is an absolute disgrace   
    Well it worked after the PSU OKST match but then they increased their subscription price to cover up for their error.
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    coachwendell reacted to StallWarning in Todrank   
    They have to buy them by the case.
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    coachwendell reacted to gromit in Todrank   
    after re-watching this sequence several times now I'm left with one final thought....how many spit soaked microphones does Jeff Byers go thru in a wrestling season?
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    coachwendell reacted to Gantry in WI State Champ out of states for 2 unsportsmanlikes   
    It's almost like these words cover an arbitrary area and don't have a concrete meaning. 
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    coachwendell reacted to steamboat_charlie v2 in RTC's - Wild, Wild West   
    People talk about lack of parity like it's a new thing... can someone please point out to me this golden age of parity when any team had a chance to win?  
    RTC's will not bring down college wrestling, ruin the sport, or destroy competition.  What, was Mark Hall headed to CMU if not for that sweet sweet NLWC funding?
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    coachwendell reacted to jchapman in Experimental NCAA dual meet match order: The Citadel vs. Gardner Webb   
    Can you imagine the anticipation as the 10th fan makes their pick?
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    coachwendell got a reaction from JasonBryant in Seeding all 33   
    Only if they have unbalanced brackets...
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