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  1. I would ask the ref a question, pretend I couldn’t hear him and take my head gear off
  2. That’s not racist. That’s a demonstration of leadership. Head coach is the guy in charge and things should be done his way. And did you ever see Bubba at any of the ASU practices? not the guy I would want on my team if I was trying to build a TEAM culture. And it’s obvious he would never fit in with Cael’s theme of gratitude imo recruits/parents saying that is more of a deflection after being passed up for a better prospect “even if he didn’t recruit me I wouldn’t have gone” .... “Ya ok” *eye roll*
  3. I agree with your post 100%. I don’t espouse to the viewpoints Dake shared and find it laughable that a Cornell grad has fallen for this pseudoscience
  4. Dake didn’t say anyone would have difficult thriving in a country.
  5. What Dake said was dumb as **** but don’t try to twist it. He also said white people do better further from the equator. There was no malicious intent the dude is from Ithaca, where anti racism has been the norm for much longer than rest of country
  6. Dagestanis are great at wrestling. Iranians are great at underhooks. Dam I must be a racist
  7. How many people on here know someone personally that has had covid? Based on posts, my guess is not many.
  8. Is this the same school system that taught you the difference between “we’re” and “were,” or rather, failed to teach you?
  9. nyum

    Ufc 249

    This is my thinking. Additionally, just because you are standing back up does not mean you are sufficiently defending yourself.
  10. nyum

    Ufc 249

    Did you think the Cejudo-Cruz stoppage came early? Personally, I thought it was warranted but could have gone either way. As a fan I would have liked to see it go another round. The gaethje-Ferguson fight on the other hand was getting hard to watch.
  11. nyum

    Ufc 249

    Please quote where I stated that your opinion bothers me. If you want to listen to “experts” then by all means go ahead. But some people haven’t forgotten that experts can have agendas too.
  12. nyum

    Ufc 249

    And you have no expertise in healthcare? Doesn’t keep you from having an opinion.
  13. nyum

    Ufc 249

    Of course not, because: Your taxes don’t pay for my front lawn. Not trying to get into a pissing match. I work in healthcare, I know several individuals who have contracted the virus and been absolutely fine. Others that have had mild flu like symptoms. I understand herd immunity and the fastest way to achieve it. State regulations were imo unnecessary, quarantine the immunocompromised and vulnerable people if they so choose. The economic fall out will affect more families and communities than the virus could have.
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