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  1. Best PSU cradle was the one Bubba J put on DT in 2011
  2. If this is your defense, then please go comment on all of the other inappropriate topics littered throughout the forum. It’s not hard to recognize the man for his athletic achievements and competitive spirit. Regardless, of what you think of him personally, his drive to succeed we unquestionable, and there’s nothing inappropriate about a simple tribute to the man.
  3. You know Dake almost always “looks gassed” right?
  4. This whole size advantage argument is so weak. It’s not like they weighed in at different weight classes and then hall bumped up only to lose. Even then a size advantage is a piss poor excuse for losing.
  5. Talk about a twisted perspective. Those are two reasons Zahid did handle him.
  6. Again follow that up with their most recent freestyle match.
  7. See NCAA finals. follow that up with their recent Freestyle match zahid handles him
  8. Maybe a good room guy, but USADA would ban him and you’d never see him compete
  9. In the history of this forum, there has never been a truer statement
  10. @Jaroslav Hasek why no comments on the willie thread?
  11. From my perspective you come across as the geekiest one, but also the most witty. Not it sure why my phone just reposted this.... and yes yes that is ironic....
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