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  1. Housebye posted that days before Yesterday’s match..... it is is obvious he is referring to their freestyle encounter. Gotta love the internet.. lol
  2. Lmao calling out regular people in a message board title hahaha
  3. nyum

    King Dynamite

    Really puts Zahid’s skills in perspective.
  4. nyum

    Worlds Day 3 Thread

    When are today’s medal matches?
  5. nyum

    Day 2 Thread

    This is ridiculous. It’s a six minute match. That’s like saying “colon showed his superior skill when he reversed YBR”. Its cherry picking
  6. nyum

    Taylor wins

    When I smoked him at spike ball, for starters
  7. nyum

    Suriano interview s

  8. nyum

    Junior Worlds 2018

    Zahid competed at 84/86kg or whatever it is so it’s not entirely surprising he only medaled one time.
  9. nyum

    JO nagging Retherford

  10. nyum

    JO nagging Retherford

    I’m guessing not many other posters would recognize it’s a twist of MGK’s diss track directed towards Eminem....
  11. nyum

    Sergei Beloglazov new CKWC coach

    This is true. But I disagree with the notion that he only cares to work with the elite. When I was in eighth grade he worked with me on my single leg and taught me several slightly different finishing variations. He also spent time teaching my brother and I various leg turks. With that said, he wasn’t “coaching” but simply teaching technique. But, he taught simply and effectively.
  12. nyum

    Sergei Beloglazov new CKWC coach

    LMAO @ “anyone can coach technique”
  13. nyum

    Buckeye issues

    If this forum didn’t have rules, then I’d tell you to pull your head out of your ass, but it does and I don’t know them very well... so....