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  1. Anybody here view 165 as an upper weight? And if so do you also view 157 as a lower weight?
  2. I’m glad you clarified, cause I just thought you were bitter.
  3. do 1984 Olympic medalists have asterisk?
  4. Not in the same way. Although they are not competing at Olympic weight classes. The 2018/19 WCs were the premier wrestling event of the year. In ‘16, they were an afterthought.
  5. The issue isn’t the quality of opponent, but the nature of the tournament, how late it was announced, and how it was prioritized.
  6. Brush up on your wrestling history and then we’ll talk
  7. ****** And thats what everyone puts next to his title
  8. It’s ok. Applying to grad schools now. I am very secure in my intelligence.
  9. Woah there. That’s called folk style. Did you not see their last freestyle match? It was not close. Also Kyle Dake is DT’s daddy and he was a 4x ncaa finalist. What do you think about that?
  10. lol. Those 8 dudes so good they couldn’t even qualify the weight
  11. Isaiah Martinez, for starters and Zahid is marky’s daddy
  12. At this point you’re just being hard headed. At 74 you will most likely have two MULTIPLE TIME world champs. At 86 you will have at least one world champ (potentially 2-3) and a host of other people that have recently defeated Hall or demonstrated to be superior to him. Factor in that he is going to wrestle all a collegiate season at who knows what weight and he is a major long shot.
  13. Lol, I’d more confidently wager that Dennis AND Molinaro both make the the 2020 team when compared to Hall. He has horrible odds. And no his previous accomplishments are not relevant.
  14. JB IS DA GOAT. (At least that’s my opinion) Fact is, there are a million ways to spin it and you can be justified in picking either one for goat status.
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