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  1. Not that interesting. That’s not what you meant. Don’t be a rube.
  2. nyum

    Rumor - Beau Bartlett will flip to Penn State

    Dude, I’m not getting into this pissing match with you. I’ve known Andre & Beau since before his first freestyle tourney. When Beau was little he always said he wanted to wrestle at Cornell. His dad taught him a lot of upper body stuff early on, because as he put it “that’s where most kids naturally go, so why not help them be good at it.” And he absolutely tore up the bantam division lol. And I’d see RBY at all of the big AZ-USA events man so don’t act like he wasn’t there. Even though he was a little guy and I didn’t personally know him, he was Bravo’s grandkid so he stuck out. And I actually wrestled at those AZ-USAW events, the middle school tourneys (as a fifth grader I might add) and the weekend wars, but I found a lot better “action” to be in a select few garages. We must just view the phrase “terrorizing local youth tourneys” differently. Can we at least agree that it will be cool seeing them both start for PSU?
  3. nyum

    Rumor - Beau Bartlett will flip to Penn State

    Up until Beau left Arizona, he was at every youth tournament every Saturday. RBY wasn’t as active on the local (as in AZ-usaw) circuit, but they both tore it up. I’m confused as to what you don’t understand about that. Nothing that I posted was incorrect.
  4. nyum

    Rumor - Beau Bartlett will flip to Penn State

    They’re both from AZ and grew up terrorizing the local youth tournaments together. It will be cool to see them both start for PSU
  5. nyum

    Giving PDIII props

    What’s your point
  6. nyum

    Bo Nickal Is An....

  7. nyum

    NCAA Session 2 Thread

    Thank goodness. I guess I should have clued in when there was only one match per weight class
  8. nyum

    NCAA Session 2 Thread

    are they doing consist first?
  9. nyum

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    does espn only have an option for one mat? I am not seeing an option to switch mats...
  10. nyum

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    Beats Xanax tho amiright
  11. Did you watch the fight? He took zero damage on his feet
  12. nyum

    Nick Suriano

    It’s very difficult to come home from a mission in better shape than when you left.... unless you were significantly overweight that is.
  13. nyum

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    Where are you guys watching it
  14. nyum

    2019 Dave Schultz Tourney

    Jordan KILLS them both
  15. nyum

    Kurt McHenry

    Solid first post, you his grandpa or something?