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  1. nyum

    2019 Dave Schultz Tourney

    Jordan KILLS them both
  2. nyum

    Kurt McHenry

    Solid first post, you his grandpa or something?
  3. nyum

    Steveson’s Behavior

    You tell me.
  4. nyum

    Steveson’s Behavior

    It has nothing to do with him being a star. Antics don’t need to be called for. I don’t think Gable gives a crap how Cael, Snyder, or Burroughs would act. If he did, he probably would have gone to one of tOSU, PSU, or Nebraska.
  5. nyum

    Steveson’s Behavior

    Nah you can just read it over again. Everyone says wrestling is 99% mental. Part of the mental game is to break your opponents composure anyway within the rules. But then people like you create artificial boundaries regarding behavior and tactics.
  6. nyum

    Steveson’s Behavior

    Plenty of dudes here with a stick up there “you know what” if you ask me. My sophomore year I wrestled a kid in a dual, who had been on my junior high club team. He was wrestling very conservatively with the intent to avoid bonus. I wanted to get him to open up so I crossfaced him HARD. I gave up a point for unnecessary roughness, which was well deserved, he opened up and I went on to secure the major decision. He dropped to 105 and finished second in the state while I went on to win the title at 112. With that said, Gable’s actions are fine.
  7. If you knew they had a long shot then why did you ask the question?
  8. nyum

    Dake - Taylor - My Best Rival

    lol good point.
  9. nyum

    Colton Schultz

    Right. But we are talking about Steveson.
  10. nyum

    Duck of the month club

    You could probably benefit from a lesson (or ten) in reading comprehension.
  11. nyum

    Worst Dual ever?

    I assume the coaches want him to be well prepared, regardless of seed.
  12. nyum

    Start a movement...

    You are absolutely clueless if you think that is a fair comparison.
  13. Housebye posted that days before Yesterday’s match..... it is is obvious he is referring to their freestyle encounter. Gotta love the internet.. lol
  14. Lmao calling out regular people in a message board title hahaha
  15. nyum

    King Dynamite

    Really puts Zahid’s skills in perspective.