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  1. Little known fact about Carlton. He actually went to LHU his freshman year and was behind Rick Peterson out of Renovo who was the top ranked HWT at the start of the 1984-85 season. Peterson later got beat early at NCAA's and I don't think he even placed. Regardless, Carlton didn't see eye to eye with Thad Turner and transferred to UPJ mid year. The rest as they say is history
  2. Actually you can't read either. There is nothing in this bylaw about religious service, military duty or any of what the other post contained. Go back and re-read the post because this isn't even related to the original comment. Guys play pro baseball for 3 years and then go to college and have 4 full years of eligibility in football. It happens all the time. When did the clock start in that scenario? Where is that exception in the above bylaw? Lastly there is not shred of real data to show AE attended "college" in Cuba nor that he is 23 or 24 years old. Mark it down, AE will have 4 full years to complete at OSU
  3. Keep doubling down. Wrong again. This is his first enrollment in a college. Clock begins now. Everything else you posted is a strawman
  4. Incorrect. The clock starts once you begin competing in college. This is a simple fact but gets butchered time and again.
  5. They're big on vigils up there followed by rioting and then more vigils
  6. Cael was recruiting Kerk right up the last minute he signed with OSU fully knowing he had also signed Seth long before. In fact Ryan mentioned that there was a lot of last second drama right before signing day. So I don't think Teske's "decison" had anything to do with it. But it's reasonable to speculate Kerk was re-recruited at U23 by PSU staff. I don't think that can be ruled out at all and if people find that to be dirty or accusatory so be it.
  7. 30 days... WTF are you getting the extra two weeks? Is this a proprietary calendar that only those in the know have access to?
  8. PSU is expert at getting 6th and 7th years. Trust the process
  9. He's no threat should he happen to luck into to an NCAA spot. Best strategy... get him ready for 2021
  10. Berge just got beat by a guy wrestling up 2 weights
  11. Carl throwing an out of shape Berge out there was unwise
  12. Hall was gassed in the 2nd. You could see it in his eyes
  13. Maybe Mike Evans was Sasso's idol growing up? That could explain a lot of things
  14. Give him an eighth year. Why does anyone really care? Ira Lubert is footing the bill regardless
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