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  1. Let's not insult Snyder by comparing Zane's freestyle results to him. Zane has great top game which has almost zero value in freestyle. He got his doors blown in by that Cuban. The score was in no way indicative of the result
  2. Given his disgraceful conduct I'm for any law that makes Mark Emmert and his cabal uncomfortable
  3. Fanta was created by Nazi's... fascism confirmed
  4. BWI says no child was raped... ever. Their version is that it was one huge money grab by fake 'victims' enabled by a lying former assistant coach, a corrupt attorney general, corrupt BOT, corrupt governor, corrupt prosecution team and corrupt former FBI director
  5. Ira Lubert and Dave Joyner would have fired Koll after a few seasons without a national championship. Kinda how they both worked behind the scene to unseat and fire Paterno
  6. Guys will bet on DT not being the same guy in 2020 - in fact they'll see it in the room before we do and a bunch of them will be lining up to take a shot at him. It's a far easier path than 97kg
  7. No they wouldn't... stop being a snowflake.
  8. Using the word Jap is no different than the rest of the world using the slang "yank" to describe Americans. There are valid reasons to dislike Gilman... this isn't one of them
  9. Flat on his back & decked by Heflin. I guess Nick didn't get the memo to never go upper body with Bo
  10. This notion of him being capable of going up to 97kg for 2020 and being ready to take out the likes of Snyder and Cox is silly. People got carried away with his NCAA success and somehow projected him moving up and dominating world class wrestlers. Plus I've never seen him quoted as saying that was his plan for 2020. His best bet is 86kg and hope that Taylor is not the same guy 9-10 months from now because there is a good chance he won't be 100% & Nickal can beat the likes of Downey, Martin, Heflin etc... without a doubt
  11. https://twitter.com/i/status/1137517648395288577
  12. Yianni initiated that roll... that's 2 and it's always been called 2
  13. Isn't there a time limit on the review process?
  14. The situations are completely different. It took Taylor 2 years to adjust and 86 had cleared out. At 97 Bo will be looking at both Cox and Snyder and no benefit of sitting out until Final X. As for Cassar... his only threat was a cocky true FR who couldn't finish the match in the 3rd.
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