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  1. 30 days... WTF are you getting the extra two weeks? Is this a proprietary calendar that only those in the know have access to?
  2. PSU is expert at getting 6th and 7th years. Trust the process
  3. He's no threat should he happen to luck into to an NCAA spot. Best strategy... get him ready for 2021
  4. Berge just got beat by a guy wrestling up 2 weights
  5. Carl throwing an out of shape Berge out there was unwise
  6. Hall was gassed in the 2nd. You could see it in his eyes
  7. Maybe Mike Evans was Sasso's idol growing up? That could explain a lot of things
  8. Give him an eighth year. Why does anyone really care? Ira Lubert is footing the bill regardless
  9. Let's not insult Snyder by comparing Zane's freestyle results to him. Zane has great top game which has almost zero value in freestyle. He got his doors blown in by that Cuban. The score was in no way indicative of the result
  10. Given his disgraceful conduct I'm for any law that makes Mark Emmert and his cabal uncomfortable
  11. Fanta was created by Nazi's... fascism confirmed
  12. BWI says no child was raped... ever. Their version is that it was one huge money grab by fake 'victims' enabled by a lying former assistant coach, a corrupt attorney general, corrupt BOT, corrupt governor, corrupt prosecution team and corrupt former FBI director
  13. Ira Lubert and Dave Joyner would have fired Koll after a few seasons without a national championship. Kinda how they both worked behind the scene to unseat and fire Paterno
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