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    Official List: Who is taking Moore over Nickal?

    Moore takes the cheese and gets caught in the mouse trap. Nickal with some sort of MMA sh!t he's been scheming up just for this match. Jim Gibbons told me so and therefore it's true
  2. Pennsy Kraken

    If you are Zahid Valencia....

    It's implied in the 10lbs over weight statement. Same nonsense when Dake wrestled Molinaro except the conjecture was that Dake was around 165 by the time the finals rolled around and poor Frnk was a spot on 149. It's complete bull sh##. There is nothing stopping Mark Hall from putting on weight by Saturday. The fact is that Zahid is just a better wrestler. He should have two NCAA titles by now.
  3. Pennsy Kraken

    If you are Zahid Valencia....

    Frankly this is same tripe that a certain fan base always seems to spew when their guy ends up on the losing end. First it was Kyle Dake, then Bo Jordan and now Zahid Valencia.. probably a few others I missed. It's complete nonsense. There are rules, everyone knows what they are and can make choices. There is no "unfair" advantage.
  4. Pennsy Kraken

    Flowrestling. You absolutely suck

    Flo's knows three things: The people that invest in these matches are a captive audience Flo is the only game in town with no real competition other than Track Wrestling is a niche sport and will never be mainstream enough to support a mainstream value driven business model Therefore Flo can choose their own time table to upgrade their transport and production layer with no real penalty incurred from the customer
  5. Nick is now free... free to wrestle for 3rd by winning 6 more matches
  6. Pennsy Kraken

    Updated Rules Needed for Torqued Knee in Neutral?

    Just don't hit the reply key next time, dip****
  7. Pennsy Kraken

    Updated Rules Needed for Torqued Knee in Neutral?

    That's not even partially correct. There is a crossface or claw being applied at the same time the foot is being torqued so bailing out is not an option. Most of the time Zane (and others) are applying it they are grabbing the foot and more specifically the toe area and torquing it over at the same time they have a claw in. It a miracle that there aren't more pulled quads from that move. No wonder they ban it at the HS level. It's the definition of a submission move
  8. Pennsy Kraken

    Updated Rules Needed for Torqued Knee in Neutral?

    If we are talking about eliminating grabbing a foot or ankle and applying side pressure it should not be legal whether it's happening in neutral or on top. You can't draw some arbitrary line and say that you can't grab and ankle/foot in a scramble because it potentially dangerous but then allow it in other positions.
  9. Pennsy Kraken

    Updated Rules Needed for Torqued Knee in Neutral?

    How is the bow and arrow technique that Zane is using even legal? The refs invariably are spending their time looking for the turn instead of watching to see if the knee is being wrenched sideways - which is often is. There is way too much leeway given to how the knee is torqued in that position.
  10. Pennsy Kraken

    Myles Martin

    Bo built a false rep on "don't go upper body on Bo of you'll pay". The truth is as soon as he wrestled someone who had half an idea what to do in that position he got tossed to his back. Watch Hefflin throw him around like a rag doll and pin him last summer. Yes, he was pinned for like 4 seconds... twice.
  11. Pennsy Kraken

    NaTo vs Lee... Who ya got?

    People forgot just how good Nato is at 125. He wins by 5-7 points. Lee doesn't sniff back points
  12. Pennsy Kraken

    Rate the PSU 149 thru 184

    The greatest lineup in the history of college wrestling along with the greatest coach
  13. Pennsy Kraken

    Dagestan prepare for Yarygin

    Good info