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    Top Freshman 2019/2020

    When's the last time Harvard was relevant on this board? They won't beat Cornell or Lehigh next year, but they will be much stronger. In addition to Conigliaro, they're bringing in a HWT who won Sr Nationals this year. They also have one of their better wrestlers returning (149) from a competitive gap year.
  2. rocklobsta

    Top Freshman 2019/2020

    He will be a freshman. Took a gap year after tearing ACL Sr year.
  3. rocklobsta

    Top Freshman 2019/2020

    Why would you include Travis Wittlake in this list without including Phil Conigliaro, who recently beat Wittlake twice at the Open and then took second (losing to Berge) at the Trials.
  4. rocklobsta


    Any update? Anyone know when he'll be back?
  5. rocklobsta

    What happened to Micic?

    Don't sleep on Chaz Tucker from Cornell. He has a recent win over Pletcher and just won the EIWA convincingly. He is very difficult to score on and can beat any of these guys (beat DeSanto last year).
  6. Anyone else notice JB stalling to get back to the middle? Is 74 a big pull for him?
  7. rocklobsta

    Mizzou Lineup?

    Never saw Smith at 141, but he was a very full sized, long 133. Have a hard time believing he can hold 125 for the year.
  8. Been a big fan of Nahshon since his early college days. Seems like a good kid, has overcome more than most of us will ever know. Beats Colon with a statement in match three when it seemed like Colon had his number. Looks like he's starting to put together a par terre game. Terrific athlete who seems to still be getting better. Don't understand why so many of these boards give him no shot at a medal.
  9. rocklobsta

    Why no love for Nahshon

    Not sure why you think he has such a low ceiling. He's fairly new to FS and has made tremendous strides in the past year alone. Give him a little experience and I think he'll be able to go with anyone. Not only that, but he's quickly becoming must see given the number of points that are scored in his matches. We need more wrestlers with this mentality.
  10. rocklobsta

    Best Unseeded to AA

    Wouldn't be shocked to see Prince knock off a less than 100% Sorensen.
  11. rocklobsta

    At Large Bids Announced

    149. Wrestlestat has Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) at 43, Michael Sprague (American) at 41. Against common opponents, Ladnier is 19-14, Sprague is 16-18. Ladnier is 2-0 lifetime against Sprague and just beat him 7-3 at EIWAs for 5th place. NCAA takes Sprague?!?
  12. rocklobsta

    Midlands Semis

    Any way to get multiple matches per screen with this split Track/Flo setup? In FloArena when you click on a match from the dashboard two matches automatically appear. How do we do it now?
  13. rocklobsta

    New scrambling rules & Finishing TDs

    Biggest loser with this rule change - Dean Heil.
  14. rocklobsta

    Isaac Jordan

    Do any of the Jordans wrestle freestyle? I know Bo wrestled a tournament or two a few years ago, but other than that they're almost exclusively folk, aren't they?
  15. Any way to watch these? Have been to the ESPN site, and they don't appear to be available.
  16. rocklobsta

    2017 NCAA Championship Videos...

    Any way to see the earlier rounds? You would think ESPN might make these available.
  17. ...has to be Nahshon Garrett. I loved watching this kid in college. What has Zeke done to him. He used to be a relentless attacker, reshot after reshot. He now looks like a very ordinary wrestler. He needs to move back to Ithaca!
  18. rocklobsta


    He needs to go back to Ithaca. Not even close to the same wrestler he was in high school. Did we see a single reshot from him today?