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  1. VAERS is the official government system for reporting adverse events. Feel free to mock the data, but do you have a better source? Also, we know that these numbers are significantly under reported. For perspective, there have been more reported deaths from the Covid vaccine than all other vaccines combined in the past 20 years.
  2. Should these adverse events from the vaccine be ignored? Government data: https://openvaers.com/covid-data
  3. Gilman has a great tournament - looking his best ever. Snyder looks like he's been reborn. Just coincidence or has NLWC just lapped the field?
  4. Almost as good as her run was her post match interview. She should be a face of American wrestling! What a refreshing contrast to the womens' soccer team and others. Let the endorsements rain upon her!
  5. How 'bout Mark Grey? Was a killer throughout his youth/HS days - 4x prep and Beast champ. Was competitive in college, but don't believe he ever got to the podium.
  6. Competition is awful. Should have challenged a local High School team and saved the travel money.
  7. Was watching his qtrs match on Track and as the time hit zero he was trailing 4-3, looked as though he had lost. This is two very tight matches for him. Cut too much? Assuming he makes it to the finals, what do you think he'll weigh Saturday night?
  8. To add to John's post... Often times the cameras are unattended and the only option is to zoom out so as to cover as much of the mat as possible. Unless the tournament is major, camera operators are not paid. Each of these cameras is connected to a computer that is on an internal network. For stability/bandwidth reasons these computers are almost always hard wired, not run on wifi. As for placing the camera high and zooming in, would require double the networking (keep in mind that each table also has a scoring computer) and locations that you could place a camera that wouldn't get disrupted/blocked by spectators - not always an option.
  9. Spoke with a coach and he said his wrestlers are out. Assume that applies to all Ivy wrestlers.
  10. This is awful. I'll be coming from 7 hours away and was planning to head home immediately after the finals. To make matters worse, not easy (impossible) to find a flight home at 11:00. Was really looking forward to this and now may be looking to sell my tickets.
  11. Now that Jordan has been named to the Intelligence Committee in the impeachment inquiry - look for this story to have a rebirth in the MSM
  12. Based on Flo's coverage, I'm not sure why Zain is even bothering to show up. Yianni's opponent is still Zain, right?
  13. When's the last time Harvard was relevant on this board? They won't beat Cornell or Lehigh next year, but they will be much stronger. In addition to Conigliaro, they're bringing in a HWT who won Sr Nationals this year. They also have one of their better wrestlers returning (149) from a competitive gap year.
  14. He will be a freshman. Took a gap year after tearing ACL Sr year.
  15. Why would you include Travis Wittlake in this list without including Phil Conigliaro, who recently beat Wittlake twice at the Open and then took second (losing to Berge) at the Trials.
  16. Any update? Anyone know when he'll be back?
  17. Don't sleep on Chaz Tucker from Cornell. He has a recent win over Pletcher and just won the EIWA convincingly. He is very difficult to score on and can beat any of these guys (beat DeSanto last year).
  18. Anyone else notice JB stalling to get back to the middle? Is 74 a big pull for him?
  19. Never saw Smith at 141, but he was a very full sized, long 133. Have a hard time believing he can hold 125 for the year.
  20. Not sure why you think he has such a low ceiling. He's fairly new to FS and has made tremendous strides in the past year alone. Give him a little experience and I think he'll be able to go with anyone. Not only that, but he's quickly becoming must see given the number of points that are scored in his matches. We need more wrestlers with this mentality.
  21. Been a big fan of Nahshon since his early college days. Seems like a good kid, has overcome more than most of us will ever know. Beats Colon with a statement in match three when it seemed like Colon had his number. Looks like he's starting to put together a par terre game. Terrific athlete who seems to still be getting better. Don't understand why so many of these boards give him no shot at a medal.
  22. Wouldn't be shocked to see Prince knock off a less than 100% Sorensen.
  23. 149. Wrestlestat has Hunter Ladnier (Harvard) at 43, Michael Sprague (American) at 41. Against common opponents, Ladnier is 19-14, Sprague is 16-18. Ladnier is 2-0 lifetime against Sprague and just beat him 7-3 at EIWAs for 5th place. NCAA takes Sprague?!?
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