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    rocklobsta got a reaction from jon in Yianni Zain Prediction Thread   
    Based on Flo's coverage, I'm not sure why Zain is even bothering to show up.  Yianni's opponent is still Zain, right?
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    rocklobsta got a reaction from wrestlingnerd in What happened to Micic?   
    Don't sleep on Chaz Tucker from Cornell.  He has a recent win over Pletcher and just won the EIWA convincingly.  He is very difficult to score on and can beat any of these guys (beat DeSanto last year).
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    rocklobsta reacted to lu_alum in Midlands Semis   
    bottom of the screen on Flo... there is a little video camera icon, next to the "i" icon.  Click the video camera icon & you have choice of one stream or two.
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