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  1. Raise your hand if you participated.
  2. Support your favorite college wrestling program by going on twitter and joining in on #WrestlingShirtADayinMay. Take a picture in your wrestling shirt and post with the hashtag #WrestlingShirtADayinMay. Let's flood twitter with positive wrestling posts and supporting all of the amazing programs we have!
  3. If you have been on Twitter, there is a little bit of a movement with college wrestling fans with the #WrestlingShirtADayinMay challenge. Idea is to post a picture of yourself in a wrestling shirt and send a little thank you to the athletic dept/AD/School etc... for supporting wrestling. Even if you don't have 30 days worth of shirts, any bit helps! Any wrestling shirt counts and if you include @jimdutrow or #WrestlingShirtADayinMay I will retweet a thank you to the school!
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