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  1. Wasn't he expected to be in the lineup 2nd semester though? Not quite the same as somebody verballing as an underclassman in high school and opening it back up months or years later.
  2. We spend four years with increasingly more ridiculous posts about how Taylor is actually better than Dake if you think about it.
  3. I disagree, I think it would have a larger impact in wrestling than in football/basketball. Imagine a Penn State that doesn't even have to pretend to be in alignment with 9.9 scholarships, and an Oklahoma State, Iowa, Ohio State, Minnesota, etc trying to keep up. The only thing that would keep any semblance of balance intact is that only one guy per weight per team would be able to compete in the postseason. This isn't about Rudis being able to cut a check to the Kyle Snyder's of the sport while they're still in school to be part of an ad campaign. This is about boosters being a being able to hand recruits, above board and with no risk or crime involved for anyone, as much as they're willing to pay out to get them on campus and keep them there in exchange for an autograph. I think the end result would be a lot of lower level programs dropped as they're unable to stay competitive since the one thing they can offer, a full ride scholarship vs. walking on or a partial at a bigger school, gets negated. And also anybody they have who does wrestle well as an underclassman would be even easier to pick off by a school with boosters willing to pay.
  4. I don't think wrestlers are outside the current norm for college athletes on that, honestly. In the last 10-15 years the FCA has been enormously successful with getting their Tim Tebow brand of evangelical Christianity installed among a large number of athletes across just about every college sport. Whether they're getting more or less religious I don't know. But they're definitely getting louder about it.
  5. I do think they need to be careful with how they word anything about RTCs paying athletes just to make sure they don't prevent them from helping college kids travel to compete internationally. Like Yianni or Fix - I hope that they aren't getting paychecks from FLWC or whatever the OSU RTC is called, but I don't have any issue if their RTC buys their plane tickets, pays for their hotels and entry fees, and so on.
  6. I feel the same way. I'm not a Brands or Iowa fan at all, but I think it is cool that they are supporting multiple women athletes with the Hawkeye Wrestling Club.
  7. When people post 'X All Americans' are they meaning that many of the wrestlers in that bracket were All Americans at some point in their careers? Or counting multiple honors like 8 guys all being three time AAs as 24 All Americans?
  8. "potential" yeah. But all four guys who finished ahead of him are coming back next year plus Bravo-Young, Phillippi, WIlson, and Gomez. He's a potential finalist but also could potentially not AA.
  9. If Lee had faded to 7th like Marinelli but Iowa had still gotten 4th (from Stoll or Wickle AAing, bonus points, whatever, how that would happen doesn't matter unless it's another guy in the finals) Brands wouldn't even be able to sit down because of how hot his seat would be. Having an individual champ really takes the sting out of a lessened team finish.
  10. I think Brands is safe at Iowa for as long as Lee is there. Iowa has lowered their expectations and as long as they have somebody win an individual title every year that'll keep the wolves at bay even if they don't finish in the top 3.
  11. That's the whole idea - guys were putting themselves in bad situations and then holding on hoping for a stalemate. The danger rule is to force them to make a decision to bail out rather than hang on. I'm actually surprised that it ends up getting awarded more than once in a blue moon and I bet it'll decrease in the coming seasons as guys adjust.
  12. Agreed - I think that looking at placers is the right way to start and tells most of the story but looking at the blood round guys helps as well. 133 for example, also returns most of their blood rounders. That weight class is going to be absolutely brutal against next season.
  13. Well, for one, you can't pay a recruits dad to be a resident athlete. You can pay them to be an RTC coach.
  14. 13/80 = percentage of All Americans that are not top 100 recruits 13/1000+ = percentage of not top 100 recruits that become All Americans.
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