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  1. It was rough watching the final 1:38 of Joe Williams match. Williams was up 5-1 when they tuned in and it ended 5-3. The wrestlers were huge!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hanging out with thousands of fans that love the sport of wrestling as much as I do. I have had great times meeting people from everywhere who root for all different teams. I have not seen anyone come to fist to cuffs, constant banter absolutely. Huge grins and loud laughs... all day long.
  3. This dude was horrible!!!!!!!!!! Nobody in our section had a clue what he was doing.
  4. One problem getting quality arenas with everything near the event is that the NCAA basketball tournament is being held in many of those arenas already. It will be interesting to see how Minnesota works out in the dome. St. Louis is worse than Pittsburgh.
  5. Coach- Columbus, Ohio Pittsburgh administrators had to know the number of fans coming to their city. They did not accommodate. JMHO
  6. I think if PPG would have used the scoreboard correctly, it would not have been as difficult to follow the wrestlers. But, the scoreboard blocked half of the view in front of me and I could not see mats 4-6 as they were listed below my seats. Booooooooo on Iowa State. that was a discussion I heard often Friday morning. Was there even a team emblem or initials on the singlet. I have always and will always love the simplicity of Iowa's singlets. I wouldn't mind seeing it white every now and then, but most the singlets I have ordered were same color with team name on the left thigh.
  7. There is no doubt Demas is an exciting wrestler to watch. The only question I had a bout him was if he would cut the weight in college as it never looked as he was cutting in HS. But he looked great. No way is top 4 his ceiling. If anyone thinks he cant win it in the next three years, I feel you are probably a hater. Congrats to Lou R. for having a nice tournament. I hope this year was a springboard for the programs future.
  8. I was not impressed with the venue. As soon as we crossed into PA, the trash on the interstate was very noticeable. As I got close to the arena I tried to throw a water bottle away. When I finally found a trash can it was overflowing from probably 3 days of trash being thrown away. I don't think I have ever scene so much trash. everywhere I looked trash was all around. I don't understand the issue getting in the arena for the first sessions. They host the Penguins who bring a great crowd as well as hosting numerous concerts. No way do they have this issue every event. Birds in the arena!!!!!! Seriously, Birds flying all around, I can't believe a wrestler was not pooped on. The venue was nice, but seemed tightly set up, even outdated. The fact that they continued to post the team scores on the giant score board instead of the match scores was ridiculous. Some of the friendliest ushers I ever encountered. I loved the comradery amongst wrestling fans. I as a tOSU fan had a great time chatting it up with Penn St fans during one break. Scalped tickets for session 3 in the Iowa fan section. I had a great time with those fans. The food and bar scene was nice, and the people and service were outstanding. I understand the homeless scene and the fact that they are looking for hand outs, but there was a large contingent that you just could not ignore or avoid. I give Pittsburgh a C, as a host of the event. Nashville would be awesome. I have traveled there for a concert and Bridgestone Arena is located at the end of the strip. Plenty of hotels and entertainment in the area. I would also love to see it at Nationwide Arena in Columbus. The Arena District is set up perfect for this event.
  9. Marinelli did dominate the match on Sunday. But myself and a couple others that were watching all said that we would take Joseph in 2 weeks. I will be pulling for the Bull but, will be picking Joseph as my champ in the pick'em contest.
  10. please disperse There is nothing to see here.
  11. I can not see anyone beating Nickal. He is a beast. That being said Go Moore. O-H
  12. As much as I do believe this dual will be close, 5-5 I do not see one match being close. OSU could get bonus points at 133, 149 & 184 PSU should get bonus points in all 5 of their wins. I do not think Moore keeps it close with Bo. I hope he does but IMO Bo is the most dominant wrestler right now. I feel the only other person in the conversation is his teammate Nolf.
  13. This weight class is crazy deep. PERIOD. I put the top 4 as Micic, Fix, Wilson & Suriano in no particular order. I put Pletcher, Phillipi and Desanto slightly and I mean slightly behind the first group. Followed by Gomes, Lisak & RBY. That is 10 very good wrestlers right there. Somebody not mentioned will go on a roll and 1-2 of those seeded in the top 8 will not make the Podium. No doubt about it, this weight class alone makes the trip to Pittsburgh worth it.
  14. Division 1wrestling is the ultimate grind. Injuries are going to happen, no way around it. less cutting weight, limiting matches will not significantly lesson the number of injuries. No way can you lessen the amount of live wrestling to 1-2 times a week. For the most part teams will wrestle in 1-2 tournaments prior to January, then mostly dual meets until the conference tournament. They then get 2 weeks off to get as fresh as they can before Nationals. Coaches can limit the amount of matches their wrestlers get. I think most wrestlers will get close to 40 matches a season. breaks down to roughly 8 matches a month. I don't think that is too much. It is wrestling after all.
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