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  1. The individual i quoted misspelled it, I was copying his spelling as I responded.
  2. Apparently my memory is awful. Totally going from what I recalled. Unfortunately, I cant watch the upload. looked it up on my phone. But I am confident I was right about the point of my statement, which is Snyder wrestled as a true freshman. The following year both Myles Martin and Snyder's RS were pulled midway through the season. Absolutely messed that one up. Snyder in deep on a single leg and lost position then Gadson hits a nice inside trip to his back. MSU- dude I mean no disrespect and I am not a troll. I go by my memory because I really don't feel like looking things up. I am sorry I cant nail down every thing that happens in NCAA wrestling over the last 20 years. There is a better way to prove your point than being negative. You easily could have said that it has been a few years but that is not an accurate account.
  3. I have heard through the grapevine that tOSU is not counting on him enrolling. They would love to have him, but there seems like there could be too many obstacles to overcome. I did not see too many recruits going to the Buckeyes next year, so they could be holding a scholarship for him but I don't know.
  4. The following year I do believe Ryan pulled his ORS his sophomore year and he won the title. He wrestled as a true freshmen and knocked off J'Den Cox in the semi's before losing to Gasden trying a high risk move and got stuck.
  5. I think AD's behavior his freshman year will follow him throughout his wrestling career. In my opinion he has not done anything since that would involve discipline. That being said, I am not in the room or around the program. Perhaps Brands is trying to get AD to focus on a couple smaller aspects as the post season approaches. I think AD is definitely an exciting wrestler and by all means has the potential to win an NCAA title. I do not see him beating RBY however. AD is a very eccentric individual, and as someone inquired earlier has qualities of individuals who may be autistic. I do not know, but could see it being a part of the equation. If this is the case, when it is all said and done we may look at the individual in a new light. I will say, it is very possible the Brands brothers are reaching a boiling point with an athlete, or he could be using his own methods to get AD to focus during the final month of the season. I don't think anyone but Tom knows the answer to that.
  6. I am pretty sure the plan was to RS Pletcher his freshman year. However an injury to Ke'Shawn Hayes resulted in Pletcher taking the mat at 141 for the Buckeyes.
  7. I would say after leaving UTC Terry was fine with being an assistant to his brother. I am sure Terry does his share of admin work as he has the knowledge and HC experience. There is definitely something special about coaching with your brother and at your alma mater. I don't see Terry leaving and when it is time for either of the Brands to call it a day, I expect the other to follow suit. JMO but I believe there is some validity to my post.
  8. This is a hot topic among posters on tOSU forums. Tom Ryan is famous for putting his best team on the mat. I remember the debate when he pulled Martin and Snyder's Red-shirt. They each ended up winning the National Title, but the Buckeyes still finished second to an unbelievable PSU team. The debate is the Buckeyes could have won another title if he would have held on to those RS's. Ryan did RS NATO, BO as well as someone else that year and RS Micah the following. I know Pletcher would have benefited by a RS his freshman year but with an injury to Hayes he had to wrestle. Pletcher was a round of 12 guy up a weight and the move likely cost him the notoriety of being a 4X-AA. No doubt Malik and Decatur would have benefited from a RS season. But, as was mentioned prior JD still has 3 more years and I could definitely see a RS in his future but time will tell. If Malik never gets above 130 lbs in thew next 6 years a RS would not help him. He is solid but undersized to say the least. Tom Ryan is every bit a top 5 head coach in D1 wrestling. I do not know how one even asks that question. The Buckeyes have knocked off PSU three times in the B1G Tournament in years the Nittany Lions won the NCAA tournament. Along with his 2015 title the Buckeyes have been runner-up what seems like every year since 2007.
  9. I am interested to see how they use the huge video boards. If they are utilizing the board for actual matches, it might not be too bad. The Stadium is almost brand new and is definitely state of the art. There are a ton of questions and I hope they get it right. It is nice that tickets are easily accessible, but we shall see how it goes.
  10. Boompa, Are you saying numbers are dropping because of singlets???? Not that wrestling is one of the hardest sports there is. It is also an individual sport so there is no hiding in left field. I have heard the singlet argument for years, it is an excuse. That is it. There are now many HS teams wearing two piece outfits. I believe those teams are still having issues getting kids out. Most wrestlers prefer singlets. That is the truth. I have talked to many HS wrestlers about it.
  11. I am pretty sure if the wrestler starts the match and can not finish due to injury, it is counted as a loss. But, in a tournament setting. If wrestler is injured and Med FF's in the consi's I don't think it counts.
  12. I don't know which is worse, The gear or the team. UGH. I don't know of any other NCAA team that sports the 2-piece gear.
  13. As a child growing up in the 80's, Hulkamania and the Four Horseman running wild, I don't think I would have had the interest in wrestling had it not been for Rasslin'!!!!!!!
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