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  1. 125-Barnett 133-Burwick 141-Transfer? 149-Zargo or Sharenbrock 157-Hamiti or Model 165-Wick 174-McNally 184-Weiler 197-Amos 285-Hillger Barnett, Wick, and Hillger are returning AAs. McNally and Weiler are both bloodround guys. Burwick qualified as a freshman. Then you have the freshman in Zargo, Hamiti, and Amos. Austin Gomez was liking tweets about him joining the Badgers.
  2. You should pencil Wick in for the finals! Heard it here first!
  3. He wrestled Dudley and the weight class was 205. He crushed him. I know it’s another 8 lbs, but it’s not that far off and a year away to lean down.
  4. McNally 174 to Wisconsin.
  5. Wick is 2-1 vs Marstellar. I believe that is winning the majority of the matches. I guess your last sentence is correct.
  6. He can't choose top but he can get on top. Just cradled and pinned Marstellar. Think Marinelli who previously lost to Marstellar is the the semis of Olympic Trials?
  7. Can tell what Valencia has been working on.... spent the whole match on his knees.
  8. Appreciate you responding, but you use Who’s #1 to discuss college rankings? Who’s #1 is about high school results and recruiting not college ranking questions right? I agree with the other posters who say that end of year results should match pretty closely to the seeds because it is basd on the entire season . You have Real Woods at 9 while guys like Tristan Moran and Ian Parker are above him with 10 losses combined. Brooks at #6 lol he is a Big Ten champ and avenged his only loss.
  9. Decatur the guy who lost to Sandoval from Maryland?
  10. Quality Wins are most valuable: Gross-RBY, Rivera, Desanto, Alvarez, Lovett, Lamont RBY-Desanto x2, Alvarez, x2, Lovett, Desanto-Piotrowski x2, Gross, Lovett, x2, Todd Small Phillippi-Gonser?, Piotrowski
  11. Phillippi? Come on man. He will slot in after. Desanto has 3 losses to Gross x 2 and RBY. RBY lost to Rivera and Gross. Phillippi lost to Alvarez who Gross and RBY beat and he took 6th at Big Tens lol What a joke
  12. So we count every dual win even if starters, etc don't wrestle isn't that similiar to not finishing a match(Injury Default)? Serious question
  13. That’s also without Sebastian who would have been favored to win if you switch that match to decision it’s 19-16.
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