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  1. Appreciate you responding, but you use Who’s #1 to discuss college rankings? Who’s #1 is about high school results and recruiting not college ranking questions right? I agree with the other posters who say that end of year results should match pretty closely to the seeds because it is basd on the entire season . You have Real Woods at 9 while guys like Tristan Moran and Ian Parker are above him with 10 losses combined. Brooks at #6 lol he is a Big Ten champ and avenged his only loss.
  2. Decatur the guy who lost to Sandoval from Maryland?
  3. Quality Wins are most valuable: Gross-RBY, Rivera, Desanto, Alvarez, Lovett, Lamont RBY-Desanto x2, Alvarez, x2, Lovett, Desanto-Piotrowski x2, Gross, Lovett, x2, Todd Small Phillippi-Gonser?, Piotrowski
  4. Phillippi? Come on man. He will slot in after. Desanto has 3 losses to Gross x 2 and RBY. RBY lost to Rivera and Gross. Phillippi lost to Alvarez who Gross and RBY beat and he took 6th at Big Tens lol What a joke
  5. So we count every dual win even if starters, etc don't wrestle isn't that similiar to not finishing a match(Injury Default)? Serious question
  6. That’s also without Sebastian who would have been favored to win if you switch that match to decision it’s 19-16.
  7. Man those Badgers beat the crap out of Nebraska. Wrestled a backup 174 at 184. Moran injured during the match almost majors/pins Red. Martin went full middle school mode and cowcatchered Purinton.
  8. Thought this was an absolutely great dual with both teams battling hard! I am not a fan of either team but felt stalling was called AWFULLY. Hoffman layed on his belly and attempted basically nothing and was not called for stalling. Hall pushed Traub all over the mat in the first period and Traub was never called for stalling. Then when the match was basically over they start hitting Hall for stalling.
  9. Update on the Seth Gross is overrated train: He is 6-0 with 5 bonus point wins(83.33%) with wins against 3 ranked opponents(66% bonus).
  10. Minnesota used to be a power in the area after Iowa. Recently Wisconsin, Nebraska, and SDSU have been stealing a lot of recruits and the headlines from the area along with a couple kids leaving for the high profile programs. Minnesota is no longer a top 10 team. The loss to Rider wasn't a fluke. Patrick McKee got pummeled by his opponent and Skatzka got turned multiple times.
  11. Suriano just started(he’s been training freestyle since last season). Gross is coming off back surgery and a huge cut. Gross is the only one who scored points in that match. It was a 1-1 criteria match with caution and 1s. Not like Suriano was dominating and he got lucky. Gross scored the points that’s why he won.
  12. I’m no Dr. but typically the farther you get away from a weight cut the more hydrated you get.
  13. Wait? Did Gross get outscored by Suriano? There were two caution and 1s don’t act like Suriano dominated the match. Gross scores points that’s why he won.
  14. Don’t know whether Rider looked that good or Minnesota looked that bad... McKee looked like he was reverse wrestling-zero shot defense. Not a good look for Minnesota- lose to Rider, potentially lose Gable, Winston transfers.
  15. Yea he is only 4-0 with a 75% bonus rate while beating two ranked opponents already all while spending his time preparing for the Bill Farrell and making 57 kg.
  16. Anthony Robles tweeted that Dwayne the Rock Johnson is producing a movie based on his life. Hopefully it will make it on the big screens and give wrestling some good publicity.
  17. Wisconsin has Gross, Moran, Cullen, Cole Martin, and Sebastian money all coming off the books after this year as well. That is 5 starters. They also have a gaping hole at 141/149 after Gross/Moran/Martin are done.
  18. Wisconsin with the Askren connection. As far as world/Olympics goes he can train with Bono, Askren, McDonough, Gross, and Reader. Also have money in the RTC to make a splash.
  19. So his first matches back from injury are the measuring stick for how he would do? Lol long season. See how he does at Midlands then judge.
  20. So you and him can both read Craig Sesker articles like when he didn’t know Iowa and Oklahoma State were wrestling. You keep saying Flo isn’t growing the sport. They are literally the biggest reason the sport is growing. You can watch college, high school, and international tournaments weekly. Coaches get technique to help develop wrestlers. Young athletes get to watch guys who can be their role models. But yea $150 is too much for all these benefits.
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