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  1. Kellen Russell, 2x NCAA champ from New Jersey also should be included. He won Preps that year for Blair
  2. Agree, and the out of state recruits are beginning to come. Two weeks ago, A junior heavyweight (Kyonte Hamilton) from Maryland committed. That’s huge for an out of state junior to already see Rutgers as choice 1. Certainly not easy, but this year, an all NJ team could have won NCAA’s. Sea bass-3, Suriano-1, McKenna-2, ashnault-1, skip, Lewis-1, McFadden-5,Martin-3, skip and Casser-1.
  3. I agree somewhat. Out of state AA blue chippers are starting to arrive. Presently therebare tough wrestlers about to begin from California, pa, Ohio and Virginia. Rutgers just got a huge commitment from a Maryland junior at heavyweight. However, the Suriano-Ashnault victories are just beginning to take root in NJ. Rutgers has room to grow from within and has not tapped fully into its in-state talent.
  4. Fix had 16 minutes this season and could not take Suriano down. Colon could not take him down either. If Suriano wrestles next year he will be a tough out for anyone here or internationally. He has world class strength and defense.
  5. Yes, he and teammate Stephan Glasgow (Rutgers) we’re both studs at Bound Brook high school in central N J. Each winning 2 titles a weight class apart. NJ knew they were good.... but world and ncaa title??? Wow.
  6. Thanks again. Where have I been? Cuesta, older Abas (one of all time great) etc all went thru there I think. Would be great if 8 cal studs stayed together along with a few out of staters.
  7. Thanks. Cal- Bakersfield same as when Steven Neal won everything? I thought they dropped program? Also, I always thought that was a shame since they have the Clovis powerhouse kids to stay together.
  8. Fresno State did well. I’m from East coast. Who are the Div I schools in Cal? Stanford, Fresno State...????
  9. Port Jervis , New York. Interestingly, the family did live in Sussex CountyNew Jersey. In 8th grade or so, they had a house fire. No one hurt and family moved across Delaware river to Nee York. Earlier in this thread I pointed out that the Banach’s should be in New York’s top four.
  10. Good research -facts. Thanks. Those stats are big time. The brothers who wrestled for Gable were animals.
  11. Tough to leave the Banach brothers out. One was our Olympic rep in 84 I believe, ncaa champ, aa. Possibly him over Nickerson?
  12. Yes, Georgia, Texas, Colorado are growing stronger each year.
  13. New Jersey- First two are set. Bruce Baumgartner and Jordan Burroughs. Gene Mills, 2x ncaa champ, 4xAA, Olympian and unscored upon at Tbilisi Tournament, Steve Mocco , 2x ncaa champ, 4 time finalist, Olympian. Other olympians and NCAA champs to consider. Mike Frick, Chris Campbell, Darryl Burley, Damian Hahn, Don Pritzlaff, James Green, Frank Molinaro etc.
  14. I think Cox is an exceptionally smart wrestler and athletically World Class. It’s a chess match and he had a conservative plan for match 1
  15. UFC has proven that our sport is also a martial art. The lopsided success by wrestlers (SeaBass) just wrote about this, has proven that wrestling is a great advantage. In fact, UFC president Dana White was asked , if a kid is just beginning, where would you recommend he start? White said wrestling. If it’s true that the guy did wrestle in college, and it’s true that most street fights end up on the ground, then I am going to respect the college wrestler.
  16. Otherworldly strength. Zain was asked right after his win over Frank Molinaro to make the World Team two years ago if the @Hukk” was the strongest wrestler he ever faced. Retherford, weighing 2 or 3 weight classes over Suriano didn’t hesitate a second. He quickly answered that Suriano is the strongest wrestler he ever went against.
  17. Look at the rise of a Georgia and Texas. One big name can start things really rolling over there. I’d bet if Alabama Crimson Tide had one rich person with influence, who loved wrestling, and got the sport going D1 there, your youth would follow.
  18. What is the town like? I’m from the east coast and have never been to the Dakotas. Is their town farm land and sparse or nicely populated?
  19. CA- Abas (4-1-1-1); Varner (2-2-1-1); iMart (1-1-2-2) That’s powerful from the West Coast. Abas one of the smoothest takedown machines.
  20. Jones was phenomenal. I still see Ruth with a college career of 3-1-1-1. (Freshman year injured to 3rd)
  21. Top 3 in college; high school and international excluded, 2000 to present. I am probably wrong on this quick throw, but for example: New York- Dake, Nickerson and Gwiazdowski (Yanni has to wait two years), Pennsylvania- Ruth, Retherford and Nolf. NJ- Mocco, Hahn and Burroughs.
  22. In college, no doubt the Hawkeyes and gophers have been dominant and tuff for many years. But in high school talent, Illinois and California have had more success in high school and in college... slightly. Bob Preusse, the national high school writer for amateur wrestling news has said a few times the the nations high school wrestling belt runs from “new jeresy, through Penn, into Ohio and ends in Illinois. This year, almost half the all Americans in college came from those four state. I just don’t see statistically how the second tier you mentioned stacks up. For me, name recognition has been earned by the upper echelon states.
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