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  1. The rumor is his fiancé is enrolled in grad school there. Plus let’s be honest a change of scenery is needed. He will need anything he can get because I don’t see him touching Sadulaev and needs to get by Cox also
  2. I am way onboard for a push out being a pt. Keeps the action in the middle
  3. after practice he works 3rd shift down at the mill. Been there going on 20 years
  4. Does anyone know what they do with the Mat from FinalX? Is it auctioned off? Given to school in need?
  5. Yianni seems to be involved in some bad call matches....Joey and now Zain...
  6. I hear ya. I do. I am for making it optional and not mandatory. I always wore them and am glad I can wear ear buds.
  7. How many wrestlers at the NCAA level don’t have cauliflower ear by the time they step on campus? I bet it is a small number
  8. I have to say I always encourage the use of headgear. I even try and promote the forehead protection especially in the youth. But, at the collegiate level why is it mandatory and not at the international? I just advocate for safety but if a NCAA wrestler doesn’t like headgear he or she shouldn’t have to wear it
  9. Oh I understand your point...but I am stating a point about many parents and wrestlers. I run into many parents that look at Wrestling as the gateway to MMA for their youth and the parent to live vicariously through. It is not an all statement. And really toughness comes in many forms, as a former wrestler and a Veteran I have seen some tough Cooks, tough supply people, tough Mechanics, tough plumbers, etc. I don't understand the conversation we are continuing?
  10. I see your point. But parents that let there kids wrestle enough to get cauliflower ear don’t care that much if they get it. It’s a badge of honor. It says I am a bad dude. Parents don’t let there kids wrestle because they think it is too violent and they don’t understand it. They think it is safer to play basketball.
  11. It’s an easy win for all. Wrestlers don’t want to were it, we won’t have to see matches being ruined by a grab
  12. for the love of all things Wrestling....get rid of Headgear, and have a neutral 3rd party review video challenges. Those are 2 definite easy wins
  13. @madcat11 never a truer statement. Yes I have my team and yes I have favorite wrestlers, but I am through and through a fan of the sport and want nothing but the best for these guys...and gals.
  14. @Zebra now that is a funny post. I mean I had only known about Internet rules 1- 99473848. Guess I should have turned to the next page.
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