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  1. The University needs his transcript from Cuba.
  2. Does anyone else think that hairdo resembles a rooster?
  3. Because a few matches he has won in the last seconds.
  4. I emailed the ticket office and haven’t gotten a reply yet.
  5. Anyone have any extra BigTen tix this year at the RAC?
  6. https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-wrestling/2020/01/111222/wrestling-chase-singletary-like-out-for-season-jordan-decatur-burning-redshirt here we go
  7. Well he will jump ship again when his daddy doesn’t feel his baby is the number 1 guy in the room and whines about getting his rear thumped everyday by a veteran. Yes one of the reasons he shipped out was because he was getting whooped daily in the room by Dhesi
  8. You mean Conel is not good? Way overrated.
  9. I have gone to the last 6 and never know until the end day.
  10. They announce the next site during the current Big Ten Championships
  11. The rumor is his fiancé is enrolled in grad school there. Plus let’s be honest a change of scenery is needed. He will need anything he can get because I don’t see him touching Sadulaev and needs to get by Cox also
  12. I am way onboard for a push out being a pt. Keeps the action in the middle
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