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  1. Romero is supposedly returning, and he isn’t beating Hoffman either so that means he would sit another year
  2. The word is Feldman has said all along he is going to RS
  3. Rocky is in the transfer pool.
  4. I am all for doing away with the riding time and adding a push out
  5. He has been battling a shoulder injury
  6. I have an idea. Put more emphasis on duals, tri’s and quads and relax a bit on the all day tournaments for a kid to get 3 or 4 matches. Parents are tired, the wrestlers are tired hell everyone is tired of burning a weekend away.
  7. 1st 3 rounds 40 plus fees, then it went up to 75 per round. I figure keep the cash through a watch party
  8. How many seats? 1 person is not too shabby
  9. Wow...those are some prices for the one end nose bleed
  10. It is just a bun….no man about that hairstyle. Mom had a bun years ago….it was just a bun
  11. I just saw this! The one Match that I was so geeked for was him n Snyder
  12. Chase Singletary is in the transfer portal
  13. Is Ohio State one of the most underperforming teams out there? They just seem so lethargic
  14. I am a Bo Nickal fan, but can he please call the matches without the “my boy” homer comments
  15. Is anyone else having issues with the feed?
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