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  1. By far one of the best "Lee" strings. Big props to Dragula, and the A team van
  2. You would think that FLO would hire some quality nerds to keep the stream going! No wonder people piss n moan about paying for the service
  3. Hahah this had me going... that schedule doesn’t deserve Dual Champs. No PSU, no tOSU, no Meatchicken.
  4. Did you go through Minnesota site for Them?
  5. Not going to lie...this board had me rolling.
  6. The issue with St. John’s is the pipes under it. It has a large hub for much of the steam for the University. For years they have talked about tearing it down, but it is a planning part. There won’t be any sports left in there. Few offices and training facilities
  7. Probably nothing but heating n cooling problems. They keep trying to sell the Schott as a great place to watch key matchups for wrestling. It is a terrible place. Cannot wait for the new center to open in spring
  8. I was there and the fans were into it. The big issue is the awful place to watch wrestling, The Schott is a large multi purpose crap hole...arena.
  9. 25k requests for 16k seats. I am glad to see there is that much excitement for our sport, but a tad disappointed NCAA did not see this coming. Schools cannot even fill half of their requests.
  10. Is someone cutting Onions in here? This is a good read, glad you shared. I saw it a few times but said "oh I will read it tomorrow" so glad I did
  11. I am an Ohio State fan...Alum and former employee. However, I root for Navy just as hard as tOSU, these kids work their butts off and the scholarship they received is an appt. serving this country! Much respect.
  12. 01/06 Ohio State vs. NC State on the Deuce at 1800EST
  13. Wow, I just saw the article was such a fan favorite last year. He had a good run.
  14. When exactly do the next years tix go on sale to public? Is it right when the current Tourn. starts?
  15. He is Greco style more than folk or free. Bronze in U23,i think it was Tbarr who picked up on his footwork being more Greco
  16. And also free to the public if you live close enough to campus
  17. Looks like he is the only one on the roster at that weight.
  18. With Micah at 149 and Mckenna at 141....where does Hayes go and who is Ohio State's 157?
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