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  1. When exactly do the next years tix go on sale to public? Is it right when the current Tourn. starts?
  2. He is Greco style more than folk or free. Bronze in U23,i think it was Tbarr who picked up on his footwork being more Greco
  3. And also free to the public if you live close enough to campus
  4. Looks like he is the only one on the roster at that weight.
  5. With Micah at 149 and Mckenna at 141....where does Hayes go and who is Ohio State's 157?
  6. It means they are working out the severance
  7. No charges were filed. Is Zach Smith a douche? Yes. Did Urban know? Probably. If proven he did know then there is a violation of title 9 and he is probably gone. I would also have to say take a look at the Athletic Director also.
  8. I am leaning towards Hall. Watching him pound his chest after he won his first match at this years big ten...really you were supposed to win that one. Confidence is good, arrogance is stupid
  9. I am a Buckeye through n through but I like Bo Nickal
  10. All good man. Took me a moment to find it bc I almost bought a few more tix
  11. All, let’s have a great weekend of the best sport in the world! Be safe in travels
  12. The crap tickets were gone in moments
  13. if you go to the NCAA website https://www.ncaa.com/championships/wrestling/d1 Click on tickets/Hospitality-----get tickets----you can see it on the chart
  14. I believe it is the Promenade section which is at the end and on the floor
  15. Has anyone been able to order them? I keep getting the locked need a code message
  16. Fantastic, so true. But you forgot the plethora of mma shirts
  17. Check out panini sandwich home of the overstuffed sandwich
  18. Ok who is going? And who are you rooting for? And most important where is the fun after the matches? Is this not the most exciting time of year... ok second to Christmas with kids or grandkids.
  19. If you don’t get hooked up in the next 2 days let me know. But I will onY have fix for Friday and sat.
  20. Forgot to mention that Ohio State has the largest alumni base so the networking is there also. It all comes down to what profession you are in. Stanford is a private school as OSU is a public school. One can be selective, one has to offer everything. Size does matter here also. In the end graduate and get in the real world where to be honest we all know many don’t care where it’s from.
  21. Anything is better than another Nolf, Suriano, Penn State thread
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