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  1. Once Micah goes on bottom.....done. Like a blonde and a turtle
  2. The porn stache on these wrestlers is a nice fad...but they don’t compete with the Kid n play fro on Hayes
  3. that was a nice collision. He looked a little stunned
  4. Moore footwork looked terrible along with he was gassed bad. Tomasello looks good today
  5. That was crazy. Never did I think it would have been this year
  6. Imt was a good match and Harvey was 0-4 till last night
  7. Number 8 Bernstein upset by Harvey of Army. Tied up 12 to 12
  8. I know it isn’t as sexy as PSU or Iowa vs whomever but nothing tops a good old fashioned rivalry like Army Navy live on stadium. Navy 12 Army 6
  9. I got actual tickets for each session so I don’t know either
  10. When the tall building comes crashing down on that small house it is a lot to withstand. Coon is a monster compared to Snyder, and I was implying the weight difference and the size difference combined is a lot to overcome. Plus Coon isn’t the slow fat HW that just leans on a guy. He had a plan and it worked against probably one of the best in the world. Kudos to Coon. The next 2 will be awesome to watch.
  11. No. Haha just an observation? But great assumption on your part
  12. The bigs have done a good job figuring out Snyder and now they keep those cankles away. But I agree I think Snyder gets him when it really counts
  13. I knew that part but the actual...we shall just go with 88lbs and a foot taller
  14. Does anyone know the weight difference between Snyder and coon?
  15. Whew maybe Moore is feeling better. He looked sick last week
  16. I agree, more frustration because he has the talent and strength yet just does a good job of disappointing. The frustration is the finishing part of his losses
  17. 3rd place will be a tough one for him to get
  18. Put in Burcher, at least he will put up a fight and not get called for stalling all the time. Hell he even shows he can wrestle a little bit.
  19. I have to agree with this, he looked tired and on the defense which we all know Moore has a motor and always on the attack
  20. I agree but he was the king of disappointment. One moment he shined and the next 10 he just ...did nothing
  21. Maybe someone said it already and I missed it but please for the love of all put a wrestling dummy on the mat instead of Kenny Courts...I mean Campbell.
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