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  1. oh please no....no Kenny Courts....oh please no
  2. So true I blew mine out and it was just a hot burning pain, then adrenaline kicked in and I felt nothing. Only to realize after surgery I had torn meniscus and a dislocated kneecap.
  3. i watched it and he was fine till he leaned up and in. I get it I wrestled for years and never did I want to be malicious and hurt someone. But injuries are just a part of it all...the chance as in any sport. But we don’t know the heart of those guys in that moment
  4. Oh man that is not cool. It is wrestling and it was an injury, unfortunate yes, dirty? No.
  5. Looked very frustrated and then looked as he was either gassed or just conceded
  6. Interesting to see that Kindig and Stieber on the same. Make sure they both don’t advance
  7. Yianni D. Anything Snyder Can anyone stop the 3 headed beast of Zain, Nile and Nickel?
  8. it is pure solid gold. My son and I can’t stop quoting it to one another
  9. Oh come now everyone knows you never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line
  10. ROUS Rodents of unusual size? I don’t think they exist
  11. Yes I am talking out of my arse. It is what most call sarcasm. But then again the proof was there that he tried to cover up, and knew about the...er...um...you know.....drugs
  12. Be careful what you say... someone will get worked up
  13. Blood pressure meds for this cat. Relax man, breathe.
  14. He is referring to the program and their source of funding via the pharm sales...I think
  15. Wow NaTo beat him like a rented mule. Looked real good
  16. I was scammed. I thought you meant a much more relevant dual with the real OSU and Iowa next Sunday.
  17. I see a ton of naysayers against Snyder for some odd reason. I do like Nolf and Zain but one thing I want to say is all 3 are worthy but what makes Snyder impressive is he is at 220 in a heavy weight division....he is giving up some serious weight. He is wrestling nobody his weight. He dominates these big guys and he does it with skill and strength.
  18. Anywhere not downtown. If looking for inexpensive
  19. I agree he did beat him and he did have the flu I do believe it was a 2 to 1 match
  20. Well except for that Steiber guy that dominated Zain.
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