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  1. Eat what? Oh National Championships, I get it. I do like to watch some good wrestling and the sun does shine on a dogs arse every once in a bit. I must admit Zain is a beast and Bo might be my favorite wrestler not named Kyle Snyder right now. YAWN so tiring YAWN.
  2. All fun n games until someone's fragile ego is shattered and then it is " let's fight" or "no you are dumb, me only right" or " I am telling mom" etc. etc. This should be an enjoyable place for us all to come and enjoy some chat about the greatest sport. Try not to troll each other.
  3. I was stating what happened with my injury and recovery. I did not make a personal attack on you. Do you need a hug?
  4. I have had ACL surgery with a cadaver and I was in rehab within the month, they had me jogging lightly after 7 weeks. In 6 months I was back to normal activities easily. I am many years past 20. Haha.
  5. I so agree I am not a Basketball fan at all! Actually it may rank up there with Golf and other "games"
  6. No wrong. I respect the PSU program a lot. As for the whole lot of other sports...meh mediocre athletics. But your opinion is yours and as wrong as it may be, it is yours.
  7. Jose Rodriguez transfers because he was running from Johnny law. Assault charges.
  8. Where did you see this info of him transferring?
  9. Also NCAA's are not at quicken but at Cleveland states arena
  10. Ohio State! As an alum and a current employee. Naval Academy is 2nd, gotta love kids that get no scholarship, just have to pay Uncle Sam with blood, sweat and tears Go Bucks Go Navy
  11. Logan Stieber. Dominated in folk and now world champion in freestyle
  12. What's awkward is Jordan is only one year younger.
  13. He can redshirt and be 30 when and if he graduates
  14. Get rid of quint and the awful interviews
  15. I do agree that was some bad officiating there and I have to admit I am a buckeye, but don't leave it to the refs. Get your points, constantly push. And one other thing enough of the true freshman kid talk, Hall is 20 years old. He is no fresh out of high school kid.
  16. I totally enjoy watching PSU wrestle. I am a Buckeye all the way but wow those guys can get it done. One thing I want to point out is that everyone keeps referencing Mark Hall as a true freshman yada yada...remember he is 20. There is something to say about age and experience.
  17. Hey Kasper you asked for him, now enjoy the arse whoopin
  18. Not true, he loves it at tOSU and has stated many times he loves wrestling here and wants to stay here. How do I know. Standing right next to him last Tuesday while he was on the phone giving an interview
  19. The only thing stopping Zain is the the guy who last whooped him...Logan Steiber
  20. Can these commentators learn the names before the tournament...or even the match?
  21. Down goes Gilman. So sad....said nobody
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