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    BobbyGribbs reacted to flyingcement in Cody Chittum   
    It would be pretty crazy to think about them in 2024 if that were to happen.  Imagine this lineup:
    125: Vinny Kilkeary
    133: Nic Bouzakis / Andre Gonzalez
    141: Jesse Mendez / Dylan D'Emilio
    149: Cody Chittum
    157: Sammy Sasso
    165: Paddy Gallagher
    174: Carson Kharchla / Rocco Welsh
    184: Luke Geog
    197: Gavin Hoffman
    285: Nick Feldman
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Hufarted in Death to riding time   
    I don't think eliminating riding time would reduce top stalling that much unless it's a really tight match. There was a lot of riding with few attempts to turn at this years NCAAs which I think could be stopped by putting the guys back on their feet in neutral (no escape point awarded) if the top guy doesn't get a turn within a certain amount of time. I think a minute would be just about right, if a guy doesn't get the turn within a minute they go to neutral. However I think the top guy should receive stall warnings if he isn't actively trying to turn. 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to D3UC157 in Death to riding time   
    Would eliminating riding time reduce top stalling in a noticeable way?
    How many times does bottom wrestler need to get to their feet to constitute top stalling? (In your opinion)
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from fadzaev2 in 2023 Big Ten Championships   
    They will announce it Sunday
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to HawkY in No one ducks D'Emilio and D'Emilio ducks no one   
    Wrestling hasn't figured out how to get people actively involved in youth or hs wrestling interested, let alone the masses. 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Witherman in Is Ohio State a school?   
    correction - THE Ohio State University
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Elevator in Are "old" wrestlers breaking down?   
    Long time ago (> 20 years), wrestlers took more time off from the daily grind in the off-season.  They may have run/lifted to maintain fitness and done some light sparring, but from what I observed did not train and compete as much as many seem to do today.   What works for some may not work as well for others.   
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in Feldman   
    Is that the same Feldman who could always avoid being pinned by shifting his hump?

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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from Michigan wrestling in NCAA Championship tix on sale now   
    1st 3 rounds 40 plus fees, then it went up to 75 per round. I figure keep the cash through a watch party
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to OBXWrestler in MERGED: All NCAA Tickets Asks/Requests/Etc. Go Here.   
    Can’t find any for all sessions. Disappointing 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Mphillips in Ohio State VS North Carolina   
    Ryan said Paddy was keeping his RS until second half at least. FWIW.  Jordan may start the season, but I believe Romero gets the spot. Malik is one of my favorite Buckeyes.
    Looking forward to seeing all the guys. Go Bucks!
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Mphillips in Wrestle Off Results   
    Coming up Thursday in CBUS...
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to MSU158 in Nick Suriano in the transfer portal   
    But it IS political just as much, if not more, as it is viral.  Just like the flu, it is NOT going away.  It is NOT going to be "defeated".  A considerable percentage of people are NOT going to get vaccinated and another percentage are NOT going to keep getting the shot annually.  There just is NO WAY I see, that changes these people's minds and trying to force people to do so would create an EPIC ****storm.  
    Now, to be clear, I have had Covid.  It was NOT friendly to me.  I have been fully vaccinated(Moderna 1 and 2).  I had VERY unfriendly reactions to both shots as well.  Still, I did it and will continue as long as no clear data pops up showing serious, negative side effects.  However, I still believe each person has the fundamental right to refuse putting something into their body and I don't see how you can force anyone to do so.  As long as that is the case, the virus WILL be politicized EVERY SINGLE TIME numbers spike!
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to kgschalhoub in Simone Biles = Zain Retherford   
    In an earlier interview she talked about her growing hesitancy and over-thinking the possible things that could go wrong. She said when she was young she just went for it. So in a way she lost her confidence and nerve. Can you blame her? Look what she does in the air! She deserves to be cautious now - she has grown up. 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Mphillips in Max Dean to Penn State?   
    Shumate #5 and Feldman#1 are coming.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to TheOhioState in Karchla article   

    Head coach when Dr. Strauss was there:  Russ Hellickson.

    Reason for attacks on Jim Jordan:

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    BobbyGribbs reacted to jp157 in Karchla article   
    I really wish more had this attitude to development. Or at least minimized the emphasis on kids competitions. 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to dman115 in Ben Askren to box YouTube celeb in March   
    Is it sad that I think he looks ripped??  
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to wrestlingnerd in J'Den Cox Misses Weight   
    I love J'Den Cox. Might be my favorite active wrestler. But WTF????? He makes 86 kg, 92 kg, but not 97 kg even with a one-year delay from the original date? No words....
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to TheOhioState in Best case scenario for next ohio state coach   
    After all his recent years of success, it's interesting that people are crying "off with his head!" after one 9th place finish.

    It's Ryan himself who lifted the expectations of the Ohio State wrestling program.  No one expected a d thing regarding team placement before Tom arrived.  

    In their dry spell, Iowa went from 2010 to 2020 (almost assuredly) before they won another National Title. 

    Ten years.  That being said, it was absolutely the right idea to hold on to Tom Brands and company.  They've come back, and they're going to be fighting for the title again in 2021-2.

    Ryan is smart, and he is driven.  He knows all about the mat wrestling problems, and he'll figure them out.  There will be changes, for sure, but he'll get things done.

    We can drag this thread out in two years to add to it, but look for Ohio State to be on the podium again in the near future.  If not this coming year, then the next one.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to TheOhioState in Best case scenario for next ohio state coach   
    Backtracking from this year, Ryan's Buckeyes have finished 9, Covid, 2, 2, 2, 3 and 1.  Three Big Ten Championships in that span, too.

    One disappointing year.  

    Would be stupid to even suggest getting rid of Tom Ryan, which explains the original post.
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from stp in What's going on in Columbus?   
    Not even close to true
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from Mphillips in What's going on in Columbus?   
    Not even close to true
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to shieldofpistis in What's going on in Columbus?   
    I think the rest of the big 10 should thank ohio state for the loads of money each school makes from Ohio State football.  Its not like Penn St wrestling is providing the Big 10 with much money. 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to nhs67 in What's going on in Columbus?   
    A guy can't want to move home after being away for nearly ten years?  Anyone consider that he might just miss home?
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