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    BobbyGribbs reacted to ionel in Heading to Columbus Gents for the Meat   
    Pretty sure he meant the "Meat," been around much? ;)
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to silver-medal in Iowa at Ohio State   
    In fairness to Pletcher, his arms and legs are so short he has no choice but to wrestle his style.  
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to treep2000 in Gross vs Meredith Thursday night   
    I find it interesting that folks (including myself), across so many industries and verticals, use this one word incorrectly... "illegal".  We're ALL guilty of it!
    So... if Gross started the dual at 141, and then ended it at 133, would any laws be broken?  Would anyone go to jail/prison?  Nah... it's just against a rule/regulation, put together by an agency that has zero law enforcement capabilities.  Now, if they violated rights along the way.. different story... someone's in trouble... 
    Fun times... 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Serial_Thriller in Iowa at Ohio State   
    I watched Snyder uproot a huge oak tree once. No way does Stoll beat him.
    (*correction* It was not an oak tree, it was Connor Medbery, but same diff)
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Aviator12 in Iowa at Ohio State   
    Crazy saying that about a 197 pounder but I guess that's a testament to why Moore is so special. His activity is insane for a 197.
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from Cletus_Tucker in NaTo just beat the brakes off the Backpack.   
    He is referring to the program and their source of funding via the pharm sales...I think
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from Peso in NaTo just beat the brakes off the Backpack.   
    He is referring to the program and their source of funding via the pharm sales...I think
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to madcat11 in NaTo just beat the brakes off the Backpack.   
    was too busy watching NaTo tech Lizak.
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from TheOhioState in Kyle Snyder the pinning machine?   
    I see a ton of naysayers against Snyder for some odd reason. I do like Nolf and Zain but one thing I want to say is all 3 are worthy but what makes Snyder impressive is he is at 220 in a heavy weight division....he is giving up some serious weight. He is wrestling nobody his weight. He dominates these big guys and he does it with skill and strength.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to stp in Caption this   
    I'd title the caption as "29-11"  

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    BobbyGribbs reacted to gowrestle in Georgia - Alabama   
    FYI, neither school has a wrestling team. Good reason to turn the TV off.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to PSUMike in I really enjoyed the KE-SHAWN HAYES at 149 era   
    Can we start banning every dip**** who starts a "I really enjoyed the ... era" thread?
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to treep2000 in Ryan seed protecting   
    I see no issue in this... The same people that are crying that Ryan is a "blah blah blah" are those same people who believe that Ryan forced Hunter Stieber into wrestling too soon from his surgeries.  
    Gimme a break, get a life.  Move on, and let's see how things pan out in March. 
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to redblades in Ryan seed protecting   
    So he's been injured all the first part of the season?  Just wrestling his first match this weekend?  And Ryan is going to ease him back into things?
    Good coaching move, IMO, I've got no problem with that.  Added bonus - the PSU fans will all cry "Seed Protection"!  (Fake News?)
    BTW, number of wins and quality wins all factor into seeding - so holding him back may not necessarily be best for his seeding, although it may be the right thing to do.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Coach_J in Tom Ryan will be accused of blatant seed protection   
    Dude is a former national champ and needs to get some bouts under his belt and test where his knee is.  Would be totally dumb to wrestle Suriano this soon.  All comes out in the wash in March anyways, so who cares?  tOSU will throw out sacrificial lamb Mead to Suriano so fans will get to see Nick compete.  Much ado about nothing.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to ionel in DATON FIX MEDICAL FORFEIT??   
    perhaps he and Joe both had the fish?

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    BobbyGribbs reacted to hammerlockthree in who else thought heil just got tired?   
    no wonder meredith leads the NCAAs in home runs....
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to nom in Reno brackets   
    Anyone watch the Pats game. Woah! Great game. Ben Rothlisberger is a bone head for that last play. No reason to force it like that. Way too much coverage to throw into.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Toss4Five in Poster of the year   
    I still remember when this
    got some major buzz on site......ENJOY!!
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to treep2000 in Tomasello #1, no matches this year and last at 125 was 3.19.16   
    Take it up with the pollsters and rankers.  It's a "view" of what the "pundits think" about who is ranked and where.  As we know, every year, rankings matter very little, except for helping project seeding at NCAA's.  I see it as no big deal, as he has the intention of wrestling at that weight, very soon.  Should he be #1?  From the outside looking in, his credentials exceed everyone on the list at 125, finishing 1,3,3 in 3 years.  I know this doesn't factor, but at the end of the day he's also a National Team member.  
    So... am I butthurt over it... NOPE.  Do I think Suriano could beat him?  Yep.  Should he be ranked at all?  Don't really care.  Results on the mat will play itself out...
    Next topic... 
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    BobbyGribbs got a reaction from NYWRESTLER94 in Cliff Kleen thread   
    Bo can def beat Zahid, that was some Mark Hall shyt there. Stall stall. March will be so much fun this year.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to treep2000 in Cliff Kleen thread   
    Bo clearly closed whatever gap people thought existed.  Valencia was gassed... BoJo got caught with the suckback... other than that... Bo won that match... this is gonna be fun as the season progresses.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to wrestlingnerd in Cliff Kleen thread   
    I don't understand how the son of one of the best HS coaches in the country can be so bad from bottom.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to sgallan in Cliff Kleen thread   
    Well I hope Yanni, or somebody beats him, but if I had a dollar for everytime somebody sold Heil short I would be in Kauai following the wrestling at the beach.
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    BobbyGribbs reacted to Fishhook in Cliff Kleen thread   
    Myles lays the hammer down
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